How To Work With A Recruiter


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  • How To Work With A Recruiter

    1. 1. How to Work With a Recruiter 11 tips to make your experience with a recruiter a happy one
    2. 2. 1. Choose the Right Recruiter When choosing a recruiter make sure you feel comfortable telling him/ her your opinions. You do not want a recruiter that pushes you to make a decision that is in their interest instead of yours.
    3. 3. “Develop a relationship with your recruiter before you do business with them. Interview with your recruiter before you meet with the client and always dress to impress.” - Lecrecia, Technical Recruiter
    4. 4. 2. Tell Us About Your Job Search So Far Let your recruiter know what other opportunities you are pursuing. When an offer is made the recruiter wants to help you make the best decision, but your recruiter can not do so if they are not aware of what you really want.
    5. 5. “Tell your recruiter if you have any offers pending or of any that you receive. Keep in contact with your recruiter as much as possible and make sure to tell them of any changes in your contact information or your feelings about the job opportunity.” -Alisa, Recruiting Manager
    6. 6. 3. Honest Communication Keep your recruiter informed of any changes that have been made, including contact information, new opportunities that you are pursuing, or changes in your sense of urgency. Check your messages frequently and return phone calls from your recruiter in a timely manner.
    7. 7. “Be honest about your pay rate and what you are really looking for. Be sure to tell your recruiter when you will be on vacation as to prevent a conflict when scheduling an interview.” - Judy, Recruiter
    8. 8. “If possible, come by and meet your recruiter. It can help you and your recruiter to sit down face-to-face and understand what your needs really are.” -Tina, Recruiter
    9. 9. 5. Keep Track of Your Resume If you are working with more then one recruiter make sure that he/she is not blindly submitting your resume. If this occurs, your resume could be submitted several times to one company, and this shows companies that you have no control over where your resume is being submitted.
    10. 10. “Being submitted multiple times to one client can knock you out of consideration. Always get the company’s name prior to submittal so you can keep track of the companies names and positions that you are applying for. If the recruiter will not give you the company’s name (after you sent the resume) that is a red flag.” - Linda, Recruiter
    11. 11. 6. The Interview Remembering what happened at the end of your interview can give your recruiter insight into how the interview went. Recruiters nowadays have relationships with companies which means you are not the first submittal. Your recruiter will be able to tell you if there will be a second interview.
    12. 12. “Interview like you want the job and it is your top priority. Make a lasting impression on the hiring manager by being prepared. Do your research regarding the company and ask questions.” -Judy, Recruiter
    13. 13. 7. Your Salary Before you start working with a recruiter make sure you have decided on a salary range. Having already made the decision on what salary you are willing to take helps you make a better decision when an offer is made.
    14. 14. “Discussing your salary expectations with your recruiter before being submitted is very important. If your salary requirements are way off from what the client is budgeted at, then it probably isn’t a good match. This avoids confusion and conflict when the client is ready to make an offer.” - CD, Recruiter
    15. 15. 8. After the Interview After the interview call your recruiter, regardless of whether it went well or not. Sometimes a company contacts the recruiter after an interview and your recruiter can give the company feedback on how you think the interview went.
    16. 16. “Listen to the manager and make note of how he ended the interview. Detailed information about the job may be disclosed and the more information you remember about the interview, the better your recruiter can help you make the right decision.” - Van, Recruiter
    17. 17. 9. Be Ready to Make a Decision Your recruiter will help you in every step of the job search process, but you must also help your recruiter. Tell them when you are really interested in a project, so when the time comes to accept an offer your recruiter can help you make the right decision or accept on your behalf.
    18. 18. “Rate your interest level for the position that you interviewed for, this gives your recruiter an indication whether he/she should proceed to sell you to the client.” -Dee, Recruiter
    19. 19. 10. No Surprises If things change before an offer has been made tell your recruiter. For example, do not wait until the client has made an offer to tell your recruiter that you are having second thoughts about relocating. Remember, they are working to make you happy.
    20. 20. “Your recruiter is working for your best interest. Therefore you should always feel free to let them know of any concerns or thoughts that you may have so that they can better represent you when speaking to the client.” - Jeannette, Recruiter
    21. 21. 11. Referrals Tell your recruiter about anyone you know that excels in their field even if they are not looking for a new job. They are always looking to expand their database of talented people.
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