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YouTube Traffic Guide- 15 Ways To Increase YouTube Traffic

YouTube Traffic Guide- 15 Ways To Increase YouTube Traffic



2013 is the year of the video and YouTube traffic is some of the highest converting traffic on the internet. So how can you maximize your ability to make money online and increase YouTube traffic?

2013 is the year of the video and YouTube traffic is some of the highest converting traffic on the internet. So how can you maximize your ability to make money online and increase YouTube traffic?



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    YouTube Traffic Guide- 15 Ways To Increase YouTube Traffic YouTube Traffic Guide- 15 Ways To Increase YouTube Traffic Document Transcript

    • YouTube Traffic Guide: 15 Ways To Increase YouTube Traffic www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
    • YouTube traffic is some of the highest converting traffic on the internet. Driving over 4 billionvideo views per day, YouTube is a goldmine for attracting new followers and leads your youronline business. The third most popular site in the world is also the world’s second largest searchengine, only after Google, who owns YouTube. Because of this partnership Google favors videocontent heavily often putting YouTube videos near the top of its results.So how can you maximize your ability to make money online and increase YouTube traffic?Below, I’ll share with you 15 ways you can capitalize on YouTube starting today.#1 Get The Right EquipmentIt doesn’t take a lot to shoot a video and upload it to video. If you are budget conscious start witha simple flip cam. Smartphones and some digital cameras will double as cameras. Just make sureyour lighting is good and the video is viewable. One of the biggest turnoffs with YouTube videosis poor lighting. So shoot video outside during the day whenever possible. You can also invest inlighting equipment but a well-positioned lamp will do just fine. Just make sure there is an even,continuous source of light on you throughout your video shoot.#2 Keep Your Videos Short and SweetPeople have short attention spans and many times you only have a few seconds to catchsomeone’s attention. So to maximize the viewers experience, keep your videos concise, short andtoo the point. People are more likely to watch and FINISH shorter videos. So be brief. A video 3– 5 minutes in length is ideal.#3 Edit Your VideosBe prepared to shoot more than one take of your video. Unless you are a master of perfection,you will more than likely not be able to shoot a video all the way through. As an expert in yourfield you want to present yourself in the best light, as someone who is knowledgeable andcredible. If you make one mistake that’s ok (we’re human) but if you find yourself stuttering andtripping over your words throughout the video, get ready to re-shoot.If you want to increase your YouTube views, make sure the video you put out is edited properly.Remove any long pauses, or irrelevant content. Video editing software like Movie Maker,iMovie, and VirtualDub are all free and easy to learn. Want to get a little fancy use videosoftware such as Camtasia, which is designed for both PC and Mac users.#4 Brand Your VideosYou want your videos to be synonymous with a successful brand. It’s important that your videosare in line with your blog design and other marketing materials. You also want to let peopleknow who you are within the videos themselves. Begin and end your videos the same way, witha quick shot of your logo or domain name. You can include your YouTube channel name or a www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
    • tagline that gives insight into the value you are about to share. If you want to really impress yourviewers, hop on fiverr.com and order a $5 gig to have a short animated intro created along with aunique jingle. If you need to find background music check out this free music archive.#5 SEO Your Videos with High Traffic KeywordsWhat good is it to spend time shooting and editing a video that no one sees. Your goal with everyvideo is to attract target viewers who have the potential to buy from you in the future. Choosingkeywords for your video is essential for ranking well in the search engines. Just as you SEO yourblog posts, the same keyword research can be applied to your videos. I recommend that you getfamiliar with YouTube’s keyword tool. This will help you decide which keywords and phrasesyou should target. Quick hint: If there is a video in you niche that is getting a lot of views, pullthe URL of the video, plug it in to the YouTube keyword tool and simply copy and paste thesame tags in your video.#6 Put a Link in your DescriptionThe goal with every video is to drive YouTube traffic to your blog or capture page. This is howyou capture leads and gain new subscribers. So if you are looking to build your email list thenyou’ll need to give people a way to get there. It’s not good enough to mention the name of yoursite in your video. The very best way to drive YouTube traffic to an outside site is to add a link inthe description directly underneath your video. Make sure to start with http:// or it won’t berecognized as a link. You’ll also want to put the link in first, so it will be seen. If you don’t dothis the description is hidden unless the ‘show more’ button is clicked.#7 Put Keywords in the DescriptionIn addition to adding the link in your description you always want to increase your chances ofranking in the search engines by doing a little more search engine optimization. Write out akeyword rich description that will help YouTube and Google rank your video for the keywordsyou’re targeting.#8 Optimize Your Video TitleTo increase YouTube traffic, make sure you include your keywords in your video title. In fact, ifyou can fit them in twice, you’ll double your chances of ranking eve higher. You don’t just wantto cram keyword into your title, but create a title that gets peoples attention and promises abenefit to the viewer. Your title is the gateway between you and your targeted viewers so makesure you capture the most YouTube clicks by explaining why someone should watch the videoright away. Do this well and watch your YouTube traffic explode.#9 Create AnnotationsAnnotations are a great way to interact and interlink additional videos you want to drive viewersto. You can add annotations that link to a previous video or the next video. Annotations can also www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
    • be utilized to create a menu screen at the end of your video. The viewer is presented with aselection of other videos and the viewer gets to pick whichever one they would like to watchnext. This makes it easier for people to navigate between your videos and increases the chancesof people watching more than one of your videos in a single setting. So whenever appropriateconsider using annotations to point users to a playlist or a page where viewers can subscribe toyour channel.#10 Pick and Eye-catching ThumbnailMany people don’t think to optimize their video thumbnails. YouTube will give you threechoices for your video thumbnail: one at the 1/4 mark, the ½ mark, and the ¾ mark. Just likechoosing a picture for your blog, pick the thumbnail that is going to make people want to click it.#11 Create a Blog Post around Your VideoIf you have a blog in the same niche as your video (and in a perfect world you do) then youshould make a separate post for each video you upload to YouTube.Optimize this page for search using the same title and keywords as your video and your video ismore likely to show up at the top of Google’s results.#12 Use a Strong Call to ActionDon’t assume people will know what to do after watching your video. To convert more trafficinto leads, sales, and subscribers, end with a strong call to action. Simply asking your viewers todo something greatly increases their chances of doing it. Here is a list of call to actions you canuse: • “Subscribe to my YouTube channel.” • “Please share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.” • “Click the like button below.” • “Add this video to your favorites.” • “Leave a comment.” • “Click the link below for more information.”By not asking your viewers to take the next step you can missing out on an opportunity to turnthat viewers into income.#13 Promote with Social MediaSocial media is the catalyst to all videos that go viral. Facebook is an awesome platform to shareyour YouTube videos. All you need to do is grab the embed code and drop it into your Facebookpost. But it’s not the only platform you should be using. You can also upload your videos to othervideo sharing sites like Dailymotion, Viddler and even Slideshare. You can also post video toPinterest and social bookmarking sites like Reddit. www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
    • #14 Be ConsistentThe best way to get repeat viewers and grow a following is to keep the fresh content coming.Update your YouTube channel often and commit to uploading a new video at least once a week.Then stick to it. If you post on a regular basis, your YouTube viewers will get into the habit oflooking out for your content.#15 Use Video ResponsesThis is not a strategy I use a lot but I know other online marketers that swear by this tactic as oneof the easiest ways to increase YouTube traffic.  When you use your video as a “video response”to a popular video, your video will show up underneath the original video and also possibly inthe sidebar adjacent to it: that could mean thousands of additional views to your video.Bonus: Become a PartnerIn the past month or so I have been playing around with YouTube PPC. One of the steps tomonetizing your videos is to become a partner. This allows YouTube to put advertisements in oralongside your video and then link your YouTube account to a Google Adsense account. It’spretty simple to set up.  Go to ‘Settings’ in your YouTube channel and select ‘Monetization’.Now this is not some money windfall. In fact you aren’t going to make a ton of money unlessyou are getting crazy amounts of views, but hey it’s passive income and every little bit counts.If you want to see more Marketing.Mindset.Money videos check out my YouTube channel andsubscribe, click here.To our success,Andrea BolderGold Medal Olympian & World Class Online Marketing TrainerPS. Many times you only have one chance to make a good impression. Lead with great content,provide awesome value and over-deliver at all times. Going above and beyond in a competitivemarketing space will always out you on top.PPS. If you want to learn how bloggers are earning 6 figures a year from affiliate sales, thencheck out this viral blogging system! www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved