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Twitter Marketing Guide



In this free guide learn how to:...

In this free guide learn how to:

Optimize your professional Twitter profile for brand awareness
Tips and strategies for getting found
Jump start your Twitter lead generation strategy
My favorite marketing tools for scheduling updates
How to automate your Twitter marketing
Tackle the Twitter lingo

Learn How Your Small Business Can Tweet Your Way To More Customers and Sales on Twitter



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Twitter Marketing Guide Document Transcript

  • 1. twittermarketing guide
  • 2. Twitter Marketing Guide ForSmall BusinessBy Andrea BolderAndrea Bolder is a Gold Medal Olympian turned social mediaexpert, consultant and strategist. She has used internetmarketing and social media marketing to build successfulbusinesses online and coaches small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs simple strategies on how to use Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogging to find new customersand increase revenue.Follow me on
  • 3. ContentsWhat’s Twitter? 4Setting Up Your Twitter Profile 9Customizing Your Profile 12Your First Tweet 15Automating Twitter 22Increase Your Twitter Following 23Twitter Marketing Campaign 29Measuring Your Success on Twitter 32Final Thoughts on Twitter
  • 4. What’s Twitter? Each day millions of small businesses and solo- entrepreneurs use Twitter to connect, share and build authority online. Twitter is without a doubt one of the most popular social networking sites in existence and it helps brands quickly target their ideal customers or prospects, share information, and gain authority within their niche all while building relationships with customers, partners and other people who are interested in their company.If Twitter is not at the top of your priority should be.Why?Because Twitter can help you generate leads and increase your revenue stream.How?That’s what this guide is designed to show you. How small businesses just like yours areleveraging Twitter for lead generation.After reading this guide you will know: • The key reasons why your company or brand should be using Twitter • How Twitter adds value to your business • A marketing map you can use to begin driving leads and increasing profits with Twitter today. • Twitter is no longer the online playground for adolescents. In fact it is the savvy marketers power tool to an unlimited pool of
  • 5. Twitter is a legitimate and proven communication medium that has been embraced bysmall and large companies alike. From mom and pop shops to pop stars, presidents tocorporate giants...all have flocked to Twitter, devoting time and resources to supportingtheir social media efforts, and for good reason as we’ll see in the following sections.What is Twitter?Launched in July 2006, Twitters popularity has grown exponentially over the last fewyears. Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service thatenables its users to discover and share information in real-time. At the heart of Twitterare small bursts of information called Tweets.Each Tweet is 140 characters long, but don’t let the small size fool you—you candiscover a lot in a little space. You can see photos, videos and conversations directly inTweets to get the whole story at a glance, and all in one place. These messages ortweets are sent by Twitter users to a group of interested followers. Followers receiveevery one of your messages in their timeline, a feed of all the accounts they havesubscribed to.A Twitter username, known as a Twitter handle, is marked by the @ symbol. Forexample Andrea Bolder is @andreabolder.What Can Twitter Do For Your Business?When you combine messages that are quick to write, easy to read, public, opt-in, andaccessible anywhere, you have a powerful, real-time way of communicating.As a business, you can use Twitter to quickly share information, gather marketintelligence and insights, and build relationships with people who care about
  • 6. Here are just a few ways to use Twitter for your business: • Drive more traffic to your website or blog • Build A Loyal Fan Base • Scout The Competition • Announce Events • SEO • Testimonials • Establish Authority • Promote Specials • Metrics • Direct Marketing • Marketing Research • Create Community • Enhance Customer Relations • Increase EngagementAs you can see Twitter can be great for helping you get traffic to your websites, blogs,articles, and improve your SEO as well as help you build an online presence.Twitter is also a great way to promote products and company culture.People these days prefer buying online from someone they trust and in many cases,someone they connect with, so small business owners can use Twitter not just topromote their products and services but also as a social site to show their personality,company culture and provide links to interesting, re-tweetable content.As with a blog, Twitter is about helping people solve their problems and its about beinginteresting to the people who follow you.  The more value you provide upfront, thebetter you’ll do.Always keep the following in mind before Tweeting anything: “What value am Iproviding to my
  • 7. Twitter LingoTwitter has a language of its own.  Here are the terms you need to know!Direct Message/DM: If you want to privately Tweet to a particular user whos alreadyfollowing you, start your Tweet with DM or D to direct-message them, eg: "DM@timtebow what is your order number?"Follow: The act of connecting with someone on Twitter. People who have elected tofollow you will see your tweets in their timeline. You are not obligated to follow peopleback and you have the ability to block followers (usually used only for spammers) fromseeing your posts.Following: Electing to see someones tweets in your own timeline. Follow people andcompanies that youre interested in hearing from.Handle: Your Twitter username is referred to as your handle, and is identified with the@ symbol. For example, Andrea Bolders handle is @andreabolder. The @ is used torefer to a specific person and link to that account on Twitter within a tweet.Hashtag: Users often prepend # to words in their Tweets to categorize them for otherseg: "Check out our new Facebook Training (link to site) #fbwebinar" Think of hashtagsas the theme of your Tweet. Twitter automatically links all hashtags so users can searchfor other tweets using the same tag.Lists: A way to combine select people you follow on Twitter into a smaller feed. A listcan be made up of friends, competitors, people in the same state: anything you want.Lists let you view a slice of your followers at a time and are a great way to focus onspecific folks when youre following a large number of
  • 8. Mention: Once youve signed up and chosen a Twitter username, you and others canmention an account in your Tweets by preceding it with the @ symbol, eg: "Glad yourshipment arrived @timtebow!"Retweet/RT: This is the Twitter equivalent of forward-to-a-friend. When someone postssomething you find interesting, you can retweet it and share it with all the people whofollow you.Search: Since the majority of tweets are public, you can use Twitters search feature tolook for tweets containing a keyword or phrase. The search results will update in realtime with any new tweets that contain the word or phrase searched on.Timeline: The chronological listing of all tweets in a given feed, be it your own, in a list,or another users.Trending Topics: Along the right side of the main web interface, Twitter lists 10 topicsthat are "hot" on Twitter at the given moment based on certain algorithms. You can seetrending topics for all of Twitter or for certain geographic areas.Tweet: What posts are called on Twitter.Tweetup: A term for in person events (i.e., meetups) that spring from Twitterconnections. Tweetups are typically informal gatherings that let Twitter followers meetin real life, and coordinators often use a hashtag to unite tweets related to the event.Unfollow: By unfollowing someone, you no longer receive their updates in your
  • 9. Setting Up Your Twitter ProfileStep 1:Go to in your favorite browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari,FireFox, or Opera.Step 2:Click on Sign Up For TwitterEnter Full Name, Email and
  • 10. Step 3:Check the availability of your desired username and Click on Create my account.Step 4:You will be taken through a 60-second getting started tutorial which teaches you what atweet is, let’s you pick your first people to follow by choosing categories and topics youare interested
  • 11. Step 5:Once you’ve gone through the initial set up Twitter will take you to your page and askthat you confirm your account via the email address you used during the sign upprocess. By doing so you’ll have complete access to all the features, Twitter has to
  • 12. Customizing Your ProfileStep 1: Upload Your Profile PictureLet’s start customizing your Twitter profile. First we’ll add a profile picture and a shortbio. Click on Settings, then Click the “Profile” tab Upload A Profile
  • 13. From here, you’ll continue on to select an eye-catching photo that represents yourbusiness. Make sure you upload a friendly professional picture. Choose the photo or logo that you’d like to use from your computer’s desktop for your Twitter Profile. Click Choose or Open. Double-check to make sure that your photo has been selected.  Click Save.Step 2: Updating Your BioWhy Add A Bio?The more your visitors know about you, the more likely they will be to follow you. So it’simportant to add a descriptive, meaningful bio to your profile.Be creative with your bio and make sure you include your website link. and anyhashtags that define your niche (i.e. #social media, #facebook, # author) and helppeople find you when searching.You want to relate to people, so don’t put anything in your profile that categorizes youas a salesperson. A link to your blog is recommended but if you don’t have a blog uselink to your YouTube Channel or Facebook
  • 14. Step 3: Customize Your Twitter BackgroundTo customize your Twitter Background and make it your own Click on ‘Design.”Twitter has a number of pre-made themes you can choose, or you can upload aprofessional Twitter background of your own. In either option, you can update the link and sidebar colors to match your background.  Click on Change Background Image. Want more options use free tools like http://, http:// or . If you want something a bitmore customized check out, or to outsource thecreation of your page. There are tons of free and paid services that can provide you withthe background so there is no reason not to have
  • 15. Your First TweetNow that you’ve got your profile set up it’s time to start connecting and being “social”.For many who are used to Facebook or other social media platforms Twitter can be alittle confusion at first. So let’s outline some basics when sending your first tweet! Click On “The Blue Button with the feathered pen” to compose a new tweet. A pop-upbox will appear in the center of the page. Work your 140-character magic and Click “Tweet.”What To Tweet About?Sending a Tweet is simple. But what should you say? Twitter is all about conversations,and nobody likes someone who just talks about themselves. That’s why werecommend following Social Media Expert Chris Brogan’s 12-1 rule. Tweet about otherpeople and events 12 times as often as you tweet about yourself or your owncompany. 1. Information Related to Your Field 2. How-To Videos and Tutorials 3. Motivational Quotes and Success
  • 16. 4. Blog posts (your own as well as content from other blogs) 5. Questions 6. Events 7. Company Milestones 8. Special Offers or Deals 9. Product Launches 10.Fun Facts 11.Guest Stories 12.Testimonials 13.Promote Company Causes 14.Customer Updates and Solutions 15.Webinars or Conference Calls 16.Lessons you’ve learned that can benefit others 17.Fun pictures  ( ttp:// h 18.Funny and Unusual (People love humor!!)You can even re-syndicate content that you like from other people.,,, and are great places to find good content.Whenever you find good content share with others. Do not spam your company links,affiliate links or sales page links…Twitter success for your business is dependent on yourability to share valuable content and information with your target audience. Shareanything educational, empowering or entertaining!How Often Should You Tweet?It depends. ..How much time do you have?  If you have committed an hour a day to your SocialMedia strategy, we recommend spending 10 -15 minutes of that hour reading
  • 17. sending tweets. You may even find it works for you to set aside a few minutes severaltimes a day for Twitter. Let your industry niche dictate your Twitter schedule? Industries that naturallyhave a lot of content - photos, news stories, videos, blog posts, etc. – are great forTwitter. Think of social media managers, bloggers, photographers or eventmanagement companies. However, if you sell a commodity, like kids sandboxes, youmight still want to have a Twitter presence for customer service or product support, butyou probably won’t be as active in sharing content.What kind of return are you looking for? Social Media works by engaging withpeople and building relationships. The more often you engage, the higher your successrate. Whether you can send 2 or 20 tweets a day, remember that consistency matters.Twitter Search 101Who you follow on Twitter is just as important as who follows you.With Twitter Search you can: 1. Monitor what people are saying about your business and industry. 2. Keep track of things that are interesting to you and find new and interesting people to follow. 3. Research and monitor your
  • 18. Twitter Search is one of the best real-time search engines out there. Were going toshow you how to use it like a pro.Step 1:In a Browser Go To:!/search-home/Step 2:From here you can find people talking about specific topics, events and happeningsrelated to your search term.You can use this information in 3 ways: 1. Find and follow interesting people based on your search criteria. 2. Interact with people already talking about your search topic by sending them an “@” message. 3. Use the info as market research to find out what others are saying about a particular topic… including your competitors.Want to get more specific - Let’s take our search to the next level!You can search by words, people, places, andmore– just type in what you want to search on.Click Search.What if you wanted to just search for people talkingabout social media within 20 miles of Los Angeles? Use can use the Twitter Advanced Search featureto narrow down your results.In a Browser, Go To:!/
  • 19. In our example, we did a search for the word “social media consultant” within 20 milesof Los Angeles, California.Want to get even more specific? You could look for tweets about social mediaconsultant including competitors, or your own company.One of the best features of Twitter Search is the ability to save searches.Make sure you’re logged in to your profile, and type in your search term, like the nameof your company, on the search bar at the top of your profile. Once the results appear, you can choose to Save This Search. Finding & Following People?We know you’ve got a lot of things to do, so following people on Twitter may seemunnecessary at first. But it’s not!Here are just a few reasons why you should take the time to follow someone onTwitter: 1. Get feedback from customers 2. Learn from leaders in your industry 3. Grow your network and audience 4. Discover interesting, shareable content 5. Keep tabs on
  • 20. There are a number o different ways to find like-minded or targeted people to follow onTwitter. While you can easily begin with Twitter Search, you can also use tools such asTwellow or TweetAdder. 1. Twellow -  Twellow is a directory of public Twitter accounts, like a Twitter Yellow Pages, with hundreds of categories and search features to help you find people who matter to you. 2. Wefollow, founded by DIGG founder Kevin Rose, is a Twitter Directory where users can list themselves by topic. 3. Another powerful tool that is not FREE, but highly recommended is TweetAdder. This is a simple and easy tool you can use to automatically add Twitter friends. If you’re on a budget, just add friends manually by finding others in your same niche. 4. Twitaholic is another service that allows users to find influencers to follow. Twitaholic keeps lists of the top 100, 200, 300, and more Twitter Users. 5. Oneforty offers a whole list of services and apps to help you find users to follow.From your search results, find a tweet that sounds interesting, and Click On that person’s profile. When you search by Twitter location, you can find people to follow in your area, and identify local influencers. If you like the bio and profile of the person who’s name you’ve clicked on, Click Follow. While you’re on their profile, see who they’re following – it’s a great way to find someone else that interests you. Twitter also has some ideas about who you might like to follow. To see, Click On @connect at the top of your profile
  • 21. From this screen Twitter shows you suggestions for people to follow. If someone looksinteresting, Click Follow next to their profile.You an also browse by categories such as sports, entertainment, family, business, etc tohelp you find additional people to follow.Want to find friends who are already on Twitter or invite your friends to join you?Use the Find Friends feature to search Twitter using a person’s full name or@username. You can also search your email contacts to find friends who are also usingTwitter.Not Getting Followed Back?If you find that people you are following are not following you back, you can manuallyunfollow those who don’t follow you with this free tool: (If you buy the TweetAdder, you can set parameters where you automaticallyunfollow anyone who does not follow you back within a set amount of
  • 22. Automating TwitterYou do want to automate following those that follow you. You want toautomate your direct message. You want to automate notification ofmentions. But you DO NOT want to automate your tweets. It’s not enoughto just add new friends, you must actually INTERACT with them.Twitter ToolsSocialoopmh allows you to automate following someone who follows you,direct message of new followers (i.e. when someone follows your accountSocialoomph will send them a direct message with a thank you or shortnote you’ve created), and it sends you an email notifying you every timesomeone mentions you!Hootsuite is another great platform for automating your online marketingefforts. Hootsuite allows you to pre-schedule tweets to be posted at thespecified date and time you want them to go out.Holding an event? Automate tweets to go out during the event thatpromote all the fun things going on.Here are some other great Twitter tools: • • •
  • 23. Increase Your Twitter FollowingAre you one of those small businesses that want more Twitter traffic? Of course you do.When someone follows you on Twitter, your status updates are sent directly to theirstream. Similar to when someone opts to join an email mailing list, this means that theyhave opted to receive your tweets.Bottom line? The more Twitter followers you have the higher your chances of exposingthose people to your website, products and services.Here are some quick tips on how you can increase your Twitter followers and drivemore leads.Create a Kick Butt BioSince Twitter’s all about connecting with people and businesses that are important toyou, an accurate, meaningful Twitter bio that highlights exactly what you’re all about willhelp potential followers find you.It’s important to be yourself! We recommend including something about your personaland professional life. Help People Find You With Badges, Links, and More Take advantage of your existing networks and add links to your Twitter Profile every place you can – including your blog, website, Facebook profile,
  • 24. LinkedIn profile, Business Cards, Shop Windows, and other print media.   The more places you let it be known youre on Twitter, the easier it will be for people tostart finding you!EntertainBeing a great “Tweeter” is a lot like being the life of the party  When all else fails, makethem laugh, smile or cry!Some of the top influencers on Twitter have learned how to entertain their followers in140 characters or less. A Pic Is Worth A Thousand WordsSharing photos on Twitter can make your content more interesting to your followers. There are lots of things you can share photos of, like company events, what you eat,people you meet, inspirational quotes, a new product, or even your Employee of theMonth.Rock The CauseHave a cause you are passionate about?  You can use Twitter and Hashtags (forexample #stopworldhunger) to get your message out. You can also use Hashtags toraise awareness about upcoming events and company promotions.Some examples of popular Hashtags include: #FollowFriday,#threewordstoliveby, and #FBWebinar.Bonus: If enough people get excited about your cause, you could become a TrendingTopic on the Twitter Home
  • 25. Make The Connection RealSince you want to connect with people with like-interests on Twitter, one of the bestways to grow your Twitter following is to attend local networking events, meetups,Tweet-ups, and conferences.If you’re ever a public speaker, trainer or coach, be sure to plug your Twitter handle.Chances are your audience would love to follow you!Integrate TwitterIn this section well show you how to integrate Twitter into your website, blog, andFacebook. Promoting your business both inside and outside of Twitter can help toincrease your Twitter following and brand awareness.Step 1:In a browser Go To You’ll have a lot of optionsfor how you want to integrate Twitter. Click on Twitter Buttons, Widgetsor
  • 26. Twitter Buttons: Add buttons to yourwebsite to help your visitors sharecontent and connect with you onTwitter.Twitter Logos: Add official Twitter-approved logos to your websites, print media andother projects.Twitter Widgets: Display Twitter updates and lists on your sites.Step 2: Adding a Widget To Your Website or Social PageSelect Widgets then choose “My Website” from the Navigation sidebar. Select the MyWebsite link, since this is where you’ll put the
  • 27. Choose the widget to add to your site. For example Click on Profile Widget.  Enter your username and Click on Preferences. Decide how you want your widget will appear on your blog or many tweets do you want to show? Want to see avatars? Offer polls?  When you’re happy with your preferences, Click Appearance. Next, give your widget some color!  With the range of options, you can match your website’s color scheme with your widget perfectly, or you could go for something neutral.  When you’ve put some color on your widget, Click
  • 28. Have a specific spot in mind for your widget? Set the dimensions for it.  Or, set the width to “auto”. When you choose auto, the widget will expand or contract to fit perfectly into your site’ssidebar. When you’ve got the dimensions just right, Click Finish and Grab Code.The code appears! Now copy this code and place it into your website or blog. If youhave a web developer or someone who helps you manage your website or blog, it’seasy to email them this
  • 29. Twitter Marketing CampaignTwitter is a great FREE way to build brand awareness for your company or business.Twitter will help to up your brands mentions and keep your brand top of mind withcustomers BUT to maximize your effectiveness and reach you must have a smartmarketing plan.Let’s go through the steps you’ll need to take to create and implement an effectivemarketing campaign.Step 1: Know Your BrandBefore you can introduce your brand to others, you’ve got to know your business insideand out! Ask yourself just how well do you know your brand? 1. What’s your companys message?  2. What’s your vision? 3. What are your core values? 4. Why do you do what you do? 5. What’s your company culture? 6. What value does your company bring? 7. Who is your target audience?Always start with Why. When you know exactly why you’ve built your business and howit can help others the achieving your goals becomes much easier.Step 2: Become An ExpertTwitter is a great platform for demonstrating your expertise in a specific niche andestablishing yourself as the go-to resource in your industry. This means you have toknow your business, know your industry and know your target
  • 30. For example, Wine Enthusiast Gary Vaynerchuck built an online empire by first startinga daily video podcast, and then using tools like Twitter and Facebook to engage with hisaudience and share his passion. Step 3: Build An AudienceBefore you can use Twitter to increase profits, you’ll need to build an engaged audienceof followers.We discussed this in detail in our section Increase Your Twitter Following.Make it a habit to search and follow 20 Leaders on Twitter Per Day. Here are two FREEmethods that you can use to find industry leaders. 1. (like a Twitter Yellow Pages) 2. Search.twitter.comYou can search company name, twitter username or keyword and easily find 20 peoplein your industry you can follow.Step 4: Promotions and SpecialsYou’re building an audience, now it’s time to start offering specials and promotions tofollowers, and finding unique ways to showcase your brand using Hashtags and catchphrases. You can run contests, offer discounts on your own products or services, or simply giverecognition to increase awareness and follower participation. Get creative.Step 5: Break The MoldA great way to increase revenue through Twitter is to spotlight what differentiates youfrom your competition – particularly when it links directly back to sales. What
  • 31. your company unique? How can your company use Twitter and other social medianetworks in creative ways to build credibility, exposure and buzz?Make your Twitter followers feel special by offering promotional deals and discountsexclusive to your Twitter followers. Step 6: Be ConsistentWhat makes social media work is consistency and like any other legitimate marketingeffort, it takes time to build a raving community of customers, followers and fans thatpromote your business and brand on your behalf.The most important aspect of social media is paying attention to what your potentialclients and customers want. If you can provide for them products, services, andsolutions that make their life easier you’ll have a loyal fan for life.Step 7: Use Smart ToolsImplement tools that not only make your social media engagement easier but savesyou time in the process. Your goal as a business owner is to make money and the moreefficient and productive you are the more you can focus on things that matter.Take a few minutes a week to pre schedule your updates for the week, but also makesure to set aside time to reply, respond and engage your community. Nothing is worsethat posting an update then not being around to respond to comments, questions andfeedback.Remember, tools are great but real connection is what makes social media
  • 32. Measuring Your Success onTwitterHow will you know if your marketing efforts are successful on Twitter? Let’s run throughthe metrics and measurement tools that matter so you can make sure the time youspend on Twitter is paying off for your business.MetricsFollowers:  Think of followers like your audience.  The larger your audience, the greateryour potential influence.  But keep in mind that you don’t just want any followers. Youwant targeted followers that are receptive to your content. It’s better to have 1000engaging followers than 10,000 inactive followers. Keep track of your followers. Is yourcommunity growing? How fast are you gaining new followers. Are new followersengaged, are they sharing your content, how are they affecting your profits?@ Replies:  One way to gauge whether your followers are paying attention, is tomeasure the number of @ replies, also called mentions.  @ replies are responsesdirected towards your brand. RTs: RT, or retweet, is when someone quotes or repeats one of your tweets. If yourfollowers are actively connecting with your content, they will retweet (or share) thatmessage to their followers spreading your reach and influence. Click here to learn more about how to Increase Your Retweets on TwitterTracking Your ContentGetting your message into 140 characters can be a challenge – especially when youwant to add a link to your website, sales page or blog content. Use third party serviceslike, Hootsuite or tinyurl to shorten links. Not only can you customize your
  • 33. they are trackable as well. Simply go to any web address, copy and paste the URL, andthe url shortener application will do the rest.  Once the shortened link has beengenerated you can copy and paste it in your tweet. Check your account at any time tosee how many people have viewed your link.Using Twitter To Scope The CompetitionA great way to know if your business is on the right track when it comes to social mediais to compare your marketing strategies and results to what other companies aredoing. Twitter makes it easy to see exactly what modes of marketing and engagementyour competitors are using to grow their business.Want to know what your competitors are saying to their customers? Or how muchcustomers are talking to them? Twitter lets you in on what your competitors are up to.When you can get insight on what’s working and what’s not, you can develop acampaign that really drives the results you want.Step 1: Monitor Your BrandUse Twitter to find out what people are saying about your brand - and use thatfeedback to improve your products and services.Monitoring is really easy: 1. Go to 2. Click on search 3. Enter your brand or company name 4. Save the search 5. Don’t forget to search for different variations of your brand, since people will mention you in different
  • 34. Step 2: Monitor Your CompetitionKnowing whats happening in your industry can be a huge advantage. You can useTwitter search and tracking tools like Twitter search and Hootsuite to keep tabs on yourcompetition.Just like you would search for yourself, save searches for your competitors’ mentions.Even consider following them to see what they’re saying. Final Thoughts on TwitterTwitter is one of the best ways to spread the word about your content. It’s not a place tospam irrelevant, self-serving content but a place to connect with people and share thequality content related to your business or niche. If you are providing valuable content on Twitter, you will drive traffic to your blog orwebsite because people will naturally want to know more about you and yourbusiness.Once you attract them to your external sites you have the opportunity to get them onyour email list, where you can then build a relationship with them and turn them intopaying customers and potential business partners. This is the way to get REAL results!So there you have it! Your step by step guide to Twitter success. There are many otherTwitter tools out there you can use, but if you follow this simple Twitter marketing plan,there is no way you won’t find new prospects and customers. There is no way you won’tincrease your brand exposure and there is no way you won’t make money!To Your Tweeting Success!
  • 35. share this ebook! SHARE ON SHARE ON FACEBOOK TWITTER............................................................................................................................Learn more about generating leads, increasingcustomer engagement and making more moneyonline. Check out our social media resources...