The Best of Both Worlds- From Stay At Home Mom To Work From Home Mom
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The Best of Both Worlds- From Stay At Home Mom To Work From Home Mom



In this free guide I share with you valuable insight on what it takes to be a successful work from home mom...

In this free guide I share with you valuable insight on what it takes to be a successful work from home mom...



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The Best of Both Worlds- From Stay At Home Mom To Work From Home Mom The Best of Both Worlds- From Stay At Home Mom To Work From Home Mom Document Transcript

  • The Best of Both Worlds: From Stay AtHome Mom To Work From Home Mom copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • Before I knew what a tickle-me-Elmo, I never gave much thought to being a stay at home mom.I was a corporate professional with a degree in Biochemistry and never thought I’d be spendingmy days doing dishes, changing diapers and loading laundry. But when maternal instinct kickedin after I had my first baby, Joe, moving up the corporate ladder just didn’t have the same appeal.The very first moment I saw my little mans smile, my priorities in life made a shift andpermanent shift.It’s funny how you never really realize the whirlwind of emotions new moms feel until youexperience it for yourself. I have tons of friends with similar experiences but it just didn’tresonate until I was holding my own little one in my arms. Stay at home moms come in all shapesand sizes, from the CEO of a growing company to a freelance graphic designer but what unitesus all in our commitment to being there for our babies every step of the way. But while thisdesire not to miss a thing is rewarding, there are some challenges and tough sacrifices that mustbe made along the way.While the decision to become a stay-at-home mom may be an emotional one, transitioning from“stay at home mom” to “work from home mom” is a more practical one. Especially once youfind yourself in a place where you want or need to become financially independent, or yourealize that you’ve been suppressing your needs to satisfy your own passion and purpose as itrelates to the outside world.Becoming a Successful Work From Home MomWhen I had my son, my husband and I thought very little of how we would replace a 6 figurecorporate income. We had some savings and figured we’d just figure it out as we go. We simplyhad the desire to have me home with my son and we just went for it. We look back today andsaid “Hmmm, maybe we should have mapped out a better plan” – but through those experiencesI am able to share with you what I think will be valuable insight on what it takes to be asuccessful work from home mom.To become a successful work from home mom you need:A Working Plan:Jumping head first into the fire is not the way to go and winging it will have you wishing you’djust gone back to work. Many women do not have careers that allow them to stay at home andraise kids while working on the side. It’s you go to work and make sure you have somewhere tosend those kids for 8 hours.So how do you adjust? You must map out a working plan that allows you to get in the hours youneed to pull in the income you need to cover your lifestyle expenses. That may mean working onthe weekends and spending your weekdays at home or choosing a profession that allows you to copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • stay at home and raise your kids on the side. Your husband may need to adjust his schedule soyou can work while he takes care of the baby.A solid support system:I don’t know what I’d do without my husband, family, and friends. Luckily, my hubby workednights and has a schedule that gives him 3 days off during the week so he was able to pick up theslack when I had to meet with a client or finish up a project. If you find you don’t have that typeof flexibility, you may need to budget for sitters or a nanny or even consider hooking up withother stay at home moms to do baby swaps.  The most important thing to realize is that you cannot do it alone, nor should you. Find help and you’ll stay sane! A realistic schedule:With kids, anything goes and you have to be willing to adjust. My little one so so inconsistentwith  his nap times, that I often found myself working at odd hours just to get things done. Takefull advantage of any nap time you get and learn to be efficient and productive. I became amaster at maximizing my time, because I knew that if I didn’t get it down now, there was notelling when I wold be able to get back around to it. Me and my Pomodoro Timer became best offriends.Your own work space:Be it a full sized office or your kitchen table, you must claim an area in your home that everyoneknows  is “mommy’s work space”. My husband and I turned a fourth bedroom into an office.When I enter that room, it’s all business and when I close it, every one knows it’s family time.The right mindset:Working at home is not easy. In fact it can handicap your business if you let it. You have accessto the coach, the fridge, the tv and a million and one other distractions that you just don’t haveworking in an office building cubicle. Work from home is still work and to make money, buildsuccess and live out your dreams you have to be accountable. You are your own boss. There is noone there telling you what to do, looking over your shoulder making sure you complete yourwork…it’s all on you!The key to success is being driven, self-motivated and moving with purpose. You have to bedisciplined enough to stick to your schedule, even if it means waking up at 4am to get in a fewhours of work before the baby wakes up or staying up till midnight after the baby’s been down.Every work-from-home mom will be different and have different circumstances and experiences.You’ll quickly find that what works for another stay at home mom may not work for you. Knowwhat works for you, work your plan and be the best work from home mom you can be! That isthe only way to have the best of both worlds.Are you work from home mom or mompreneur that has successfully found balance betweenbusiness and baby? Share with us your comments and suggestions. We’d love to hear how youpull it off! copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • To our success,Andrea BolderGold Medal Olympian & World Class Online Marketing TrainerPS. If you want to learn how bloggers are earning 6 figures a year from social media, then checkout this viral blogging system! copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved