Ready for a rebrand? the first steps to refreshing your online presence
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Ready for a rebrand? the first steps to refreshing your online presence



REFRESH your BRAND! How you present your brand online is the equivalent of your first meeting with a customer & first impressions matter more than ever.



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Ready for a rebrand? the first steps to refreshing your online presence Ready for a rebrand? the first steps to refreshing your online presence Document Transcript

  • Ready For A Rebrand? The First Steps To Refreshing Your Online Presence Social media is a place to SHINE… It’s were you can be creative, inspiring and free to be your true and authentic self.   So why is it that when we want to build a business online so many entrepreneurs try to put out a cookie cutter version of someone else! In an increasingly crowded space…the more you stay out the more of an impact you can make. Your online presence = money…if you know how to position yourself as resource that provides solutions from a unique point of view. Look, how you present your brand online is the equivalent of your first meeting with a customer…and first impressions matter more than ever. The Internet is full of so much information, so many people selling and pitching the same stuff, that if you don’t copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • catch the attention of your audience the first go round, it’s pretty fair to say you won’t be getting another chance…They’ll be on to the next. Most people today are technologically savvy and you better bet they are checking for you online to see if you have credibility in the marketplace. Even if your products, services and opportunities are the BOMB!!! if you Internet cred is weak…you are missing out on precious profits. The world is connected more than ever and that makes for some stiff competition. If you want to be SEEN in your industry then it may be time for a REBRAND…and I’m going o help you out with that right now… The First Steps To Refreshing Your Online Presence Creating a profitable online brand presence is about connecting with a group of people who need what you have to offer… That means you gotta tap into your target audience. People want to know who they are doing business with…and they are not going to buy from, partner with or refer anyone they od not know, like and trust.  That’s why it’s important to share your story – nor from a business perspective but a personal one. Show people there’s a person behind the brand and not just some marketing machine trying to make a sale! Ok, so here we go: 1. You Are What People See: What do people learn about you when they read your content or watch your videos or click on your Facebook timeline. What do you want copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • them to see, know, understand? Are you putting out hobby marketer or influential expert? On social media platforms, people form an opinion about you based on what you put out into Internetland…so if you are attracting the wrong time of clients – broke, busted, can buy your products and services, then wither your target audience sucks (meaning you haven’t clearing defined who you want to attract in the market place) or you suck and you need to tighten up your overall marketing approach – be it through your message or the vehicle in which you deliver that message. I am currently refreshing my brand myself so that I can begin to attract more “red carpet” clientele and partnerships. Which means I need to make sure every video I do is not in a baseball cap…LOL!! Yes, building a business, being a mom, and running a household can be time-consuming but if I took the time to make sure my hair was whipped, put a little make up on and add a little bling around my neck -just a cute necklace and some earring would do – I would begin to more consistently attract the type of people I want to work with and that understand the value of what I can bring to them… That’s why it’s important to know what your business is really about so you can match the value you bring with the people who appreciate it the most. 2. Be Everywhere: It is very important to be consistent in implementing a strategy that maximizes your visibility across all online channels. This creates brand recognition and helps to reinforce the value you bring to your industry. So if you want to be everywhere you have to make sure you have the following: 1. An optimized, good-looking website that drives traffic, converts leads and makes money for you. copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • 2. Several social networks -Facebook, Twitter and Youtube – a must. Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn – preferred. 3. Landing pages you can direct people to through your marketing efforts 4. Email autoresponder so you can continue building relationships 5. Leverage video marketing – Businesses of all sizes can make a killing online from video marketing. Posting branded videos relevant to your niche is a very effective way to promote your business, drive traffic to your website, and get your brand noticed in front of a targeted audience. 3. Solutions Matter. It can be hard for people to distinguish the good from the bad online so make sure your online presence is represent and or associated with high quality products and services. DO not promote crap. Doing so can get you a one way ticket to Internet hell!! Your brand is your reputation and that’s all you got online so make sure you promote things you believe in, that are sold with integrity and that deliver on what they promise. PERIOD. And remember your content = product too…Be it free (a Facebook status update, blog posts or free report) or paid (a program of opportunity you sell) make sure you’re creating quality content. It’s essential to any successful marketing strategy today. So let’s wrap this up….The moral of the story is if your brand sucks, your profits will too. So if your business is not moving in the direction you want it to go or seems to be stalling…it is definitely time to refresh your brand. Don’t attempt to create your online brand like any other in the market. Be authentic. Be real. Be true to you. Now that’s real value! As a special offer click here to get access to the free video that helped me tap into the online marketing and branding strategies that have allowed me to quadruple my monthly income on the Internet. - copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved