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When I started blogging about 3 years ago, the biggest mistake I made with my online business was…Not Building My Email List Sooner! ...

When I started blogging about 3 years ago, the biggest mistake I made with my online business was…Not Building My Email List Sooner!

I didn’t really focus on list building until I was almost a year into my online journey.

That is 12 months of lost time, lost subscribers, lost money. So to help you not make the mistake I made so early on I wanted to share my 30 day blueprint for building your email list FAST….



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List Building Cheat Sheet List Building Cheat Sheet Presentation Transcript

  • List Building 30 DAY BLUEPRINT This BLUEPRINT is designed to show you exactly what you need to do to build your list in the next 30 days. Have you ever wondered why marketers ask for your contact information whenever you request their help? Are you a marketer yourself and ever thought of the importance of building your own email list?  Why is building a list so important?  Building a list of followers or subscribers is one of the most powerful tools to growing a successful and profitable business, especially 4 STAGES OF LIST online! BUILDING Building a lists will solidify a relationship between yourself and your customers.  Establishing a good relationship with your followers and providing valuable content, products and services BASIC LIST BUILDING 1 allows you to get more referrals for your business. When someone has benefited from email INTERMEDIATE LIST BUILDING 2 that has helped them in some way, they will not be quick to forget you! ADVANCED LIST BUILDING 3 Effective list building is one of the most important pieces to network marketing success online. If you are not building a list or not taking care of the one you have you might as well be throwing PROFITABLE LIST BUILDING 4 money out the window. Your number 1 priority as a marketer is to build a reliable and responsive list. Once you have mastered list-building and how to effectively monetize that list, your potential for profits is unlimited.
  • Week 1: STRATEGY: Decide Purpose of Building A List BASIC LIST BUILDING: o Determine Niche & Focus WEEK 1 o Determine Avatar WHY Are You Building A List ? o Solution to Problem to attract AvatarDAY 1 :  Think about what you want to sell and what your niche will be o 3 questions to consider  Is this a market where people are actually buying stuff?  Do people want what it is I have to sell?  Can I offer value to this niche that will make them want to buy from me?DAY 2 :  Determine who your ideal avatar is o Write out a physical description that answers  What is the name of your customer?  Where does he/she work?  What kind of money does he/she make?  What do they like to do in their spare time?  Do they have a family? If so, how many kids and what is their spouses name?  What is their struggle/problem?  What would be the 3 ideal ways that they would want this problem solved?  How much are they willing to pay for that solution?DAY 3 :  Think about 4-5 ways that can solve your Avatar’s problems and list them o How could you provide these 4-5 solutions as your “red velvet cake” blueprint?DAY 4 :  Determine what your FREE Offer (Red Velvet Cake) will be: o E-book o Blueprint o Checklist o Video Training o Secret Strategy o Audio o Free Report o Worksheet  What will your ethical bribe be? o If you _______________ then I’ll do ____________!
  • DAY 5 :  Outline free offer (red velvet cake) o What exactly are you offering? o What are the pressure points for your Avatar o How can we incorporate those pressure points into your follow up messages?DAY 6 :  Put Free Offer together o If shooting videos, follow your outline and divide the content up into sections covering 3-5 days of purposeful FREE training videos o If it’s an e-book, you have several options o Purchase an already written PLR product and edit it o Write it yourself o Hire someone to write it for you o Use an ebook template and fill in the blanks o If it’s a checklist: o Map out specifics of what they need to do to solve the problem based on the niche you’ve chosen and the content you know they’re surfing for to assist them with their struggle o If it’s a FREE Report:  Use the template added to this training o If it’s a Blueprint:  Show them a step by step plan covering a certain period of time, 7 days should be max offer for free, charging them an upgrade fee for the rest of the offer o If it’s a worksheet:  Put simple questions they should as themselves to assist them with determining how to set things up within that niche o If it’s a secret strategy  Use a screen capture tool like Jing to “show them” how to use that ninja techniqueDAY 7:  Get graphics designed for products o o o
  • Week 2: SET UP: Automating Your Follow UP BASIC LIST BUILDING: o Activate Blog WEEK 2 o Setting up List using Aweber and Setting Up Your Sales Funnel o Link Free Offer o Squeeze Page Set Up o Sign up Page & Plug-insDAY 8 :  Set up Blog / Tools Needed o Domain Name o Host Gator o Name Server o Add on via Host Gator o Fantastico o Theme o Set up Pages o Add PluginsDAY 9 :  Set up Aweber o Get Aweber o Create ListDAY 10 :  Outline Auto-Responder messages and set them up o Lay out specific outline of things that you’d like to cover regarding the niche that you’re focusing on. o Consider one tip per day that you can give your readers, even throwing in a few “Ah Ha” moments with the content  Consider the following: o Use the first 2-3 email messages to connect with them and build a relationship o DO NOT put any links to buy anything in the first 2-3 messages. Remember, this is strictly to build trust and confidence  Use Stories: o People love stories, and storytelling is the secret weapon behind selling from the stage or through email messages. o Try to give them a reason to open up future emails by giving cliffhangers that indicate future segments that will play off the current content that you’re reading o A good training program that introduced me to this concept was Auto-Responder Magic 2.0. – You can opt in for his free training and see exactly how he does this to have nearly a 25% closing rate for nearly every offer he sends out to his list
  • Day 11:  Try to write out at least 10 messages to start out with and you can come back later and add moreDay 12:  Set up Your Lead Capture Page  Recommended Tools o Wordpress o Optimizepress o Hosting o Go Daddy o Aweber  Set up Web FormDay 13:  Incorporating Membership Site  Recommended Tools o Optimizepress  Launch Page Set-up  Goal for this set upDay 14:  Offering Monthly Bonuses  Keep your list engaged by offering exclusive bonuses
  • Week 3: ATTRACTING VISITORS: PromOting Value & Build RelationshipS w/ List BASIC LIST BUILDING: o Promoting your articles, videos and blog posts WEEK 3 o RSS Syndication / Feedburner Driving Traffic o Monthly Bonus to ListDay 15:  Consider your marketing plan for how you’re going to connect with your target market  Think about o Where does your target market hang out? o How can you connect with them? o How can you win them over in the social space?Day 16:  Set up RSS Feed  Social Bookmarking  Use Blog Syndication Tools o Social Oomph o HootSuite o Only Wire o Article Submitter o Tribe ProDay 17:  Social Meida o FB PPC (Optional) o Linked In Group o Forums o Set up a FB Fan Page w/ an opt in option (Bonus)Day 18:  Content Marketing o Ezines / Article Marketing o HubPages o Squidoo Lenses
  • Day 19:  Video Marketing o Instructional Videos o Tube Mogul o PixelPipe o Traffic GeyserDay 20:  Partnerships o Guest Post o Webinars o Tele-Seminars o Host Guest WritersDay 21:  Podcasts o o
  • Week 4: RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Begin DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS so that you BASIC LIST BUILDING: build a responsive list. This will increase your conversions and sales. WEEK 4 o Selling before you start selling....Sell on: Effective Email Marketing o Why they should do business with you o Why they should visit your site o Why they should read your info o Why they should opt-in for your offer o Why they should open your email o Why they should click on your linkDay 22:  Build Credibility / Position yourself as an expert / Visibility o Connect with your list daily, but offer value o Link list to valuable resources o Don’t spam o Be a man/woman of your word o Host Webinars / Tele-SeminarsDay 23:  6 Step Sales Cycle of Email Marketing o Relationship o Personality o Suggestion o Pre-Sale o Sale o Last CallDay 24:  Create Call To Action Blatantly o Tips for Call To ActionDay 25:  Nurture Your Leads o Connect immediately o Consistent communication o Email Segmentation o Encourage Referrals o Find cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • BASIC LIST BUILDING: WEEK 4 Effective Email MarketingDay 26:  Ask them what they want and give it to themDay 27:  Create Sense of UrgencyDay 28:  Educate Prospects Week 5: PROMOTE AFFILIATES: Monetize your list and bring JV partners on to cross BASIC LIST BUILDING: promote products for increased exposure and clout. WEEK 5 Promote To Your List!!Day 29:  Promoting affiliate Programs o Affiliate Program Promotional Cycle o Where to find great affiliate program - Empower Network o Lace Free content with affiliate linksDay 30:  Hosting Joint Ventures o Creating partnerships to help promote productsDay 31:  Monetizing Every Click o Creating Weekly Newsletter