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When you are done reading Andrea Bolder's Into To Video Marketing Guide you’ll know how to do the following:...

When you are done reading Andrea Bolder's Into To Video Marketing Guide you’ll know how to do the following:

Create video content that gets people to pay attention
The video hotspots for posting your video content
Effectively promote your videos using popular social media outlets
SEO your videos to gain massive
Strategy that helps you attract your target customer to drive sales
Sneaky little tricks to explode your leads and views



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Intro to Video Marketing Intro to Video Marketing Document Transcript

  • intro to video marketing
  • Intro To Video Marketing ForSmall BusinessBy Andrea BolderAndrea Bolder is a Gold Medal Olympian turned social mediaexpert, consultant and strategist. She has used internetmarketing and social media marketing to build successfulbusinesses online and coaches small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs simple strategies on how to use Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogging to find new customersand increase revenue.Follow me on Twitter@andreabolder
  • Table of ContentsWhy Video? 4Promoting Your Videos 5Getting Started With YouTube 7Creating Your First Video 8Uploading Your Videos 11Customizing Your Channel 12Moderating Your Comments 15Embedding Your Video 16Adding Your Video to Facebook 18SEO Your Videos 19Tips For Video Marketing Success 22Conclusion 26
  • If you are a small business owner building your business with social mediayou are more than likely doing a video here or there. If youʼre a smallbusiness owner and youʼre not using video marketing you are missing theboat!This FREE Video Marketing eBook will show you the simple strategies youcan use to create powerful online videos to grow your small business andbrand.Why Video?Video is currently one of the fastest growing marketing strategies for smallbusinesses. Why? Video marketing is one of the most powerful methods forrapid lead generation. Adding video to market your business can help you: 1. Generate Leads 2. Raise awareness 3. Generate viral social proof 4. Improve search rankings 5. Increase sales 6. Personalize your brandEffective video marketing is about showcasing your companyʼs personality,providing solid solutions to your viewers while inspiring them to take actionon whatever it is that you are selling.When you create and share your videos, you create a subconscious bondwith your viewerʼs lives. The secret is in your ability to provide helpfulsolutions to the problems your target audience have. There is no need tosale your product, service or business opportunity when you can providesolutions.Solutions equal sales.
  • This is powerful because not only are you providing useful tips but you areeducating them, which automatically puts you into a position of authority tobe seen as an expert in their eyes.What makes video marketing attractive is that you dont need to be aHollywood producer to get started.  In fact, some of the most popularvideos are simple, straightforward, and shot with inexpensive pocketcameras. In this guide I want to reveal simple techniques, which will show you how tocreate short, powerful and professional looking videos, that aim to put yourbusiness on the map, generate more highly qualified leads for your emaillist, attract more traffic and ultimately make more sales in your onlinebusiness.So letʼs get started!!Promoting Your VideosBefore jumping head first into video marketing you will want to know youroptions. YouTube YouTube is currently the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google. and YouTube videos get high SEO rankings with Google (Google owns YouTube). YouTube is not just for posting videos, it
  • is a great way to be social with other people in your industry. People cancome by and check out your page, communicate through messages, andeven rate and share your videos.Quick Tip: To create some serious buzz and great exposure try tocreate and upload 2-3 videos each week.YouTube helps your videos get viral exposure and massive attention. If youare sharing valuable content to your target audience you have the potentialto build a huge loyal following!YouTube is a simple and easy marketing strategy that any small businesscan use and it can be a significant part of the content you promote to attractpeople to you and your business. You can reach a much bigger audienceby posting your videos to YouTube compared to other sites, includingiPhone and iPad users. Plus, youʼll benefit from YouTube search. Facebook Facebook, undeniably the hottest website on the planet, can be a great place to host your company videos. Not only is your target audience likely already on Facebook, you can tag Facebook friends and colleagues in videos as well. This will send them a notification,encouraging them to watch and share.While Facebook has over 850 millions users, video sharing is the mainfocus on Facebook, so your videos wonʼt reach as wide an audience as onYouTube, and people wonʼt be able to find your videos using Google.
  • VIMEO Vimeo is great for high-end videos such as documentaries, short features, and full-length movies. While Vimeo is not as popular as YouTube, you can post videos longer than 15 minutes and Vimeo also accepts High Quality HD video but if you want to take advantage of all Vimeoʼs features, you might have to purchase a premium account.Getting Started With YouTubeStep 1Go to Create Account.
  • Note: Since Google owns YouTube, if you already have a Gmail (GoogleMail) Account, setting up your YouTube Account will be really easy.Step 2Follow the simple instructions YouTube provides to set up your profile. Werecommend checking the box to let other YouTube users find you if theyhave your email address.Read through the Terms of Service and Click I Accept.If you already have a Google Account, we are going to merge our YouTubeand Google Accounts.To do this, put in your google account info and Click Sign in. Your account is now created!Creating Your First VideoRecommended Equipment and Software1.Flip Camera or Kodak Zi8 http://amazon.com2.Camtasia for Mac - Open Source for PC - for Mac - http://apple.com5.Jing: Get the right equipment: You do not need anything fancy, a computer with a webcam or a handheld camera will do. Most handheld cameras can be found for under $200 and if you are serious about building your
  • business using video marketing purchasing a good camera will be worth every penny.2. Good lighting: Make sure you have light shining on your face. It makes your videos look professional and it allows you to shoot anytime of the day. You don’t need light- boxes or anything special equipment, just make sure lighting is good.3. Before you sit down: Brainstorm what your title is, what your video is about and make sure it is powerful and catching.4. Keyword targeted video: Keywords are words or phrases that people use when searching for information online. They do this when searching for content on Google and on YouTube. It is important that you research specific keywords using a keyword tool such as Google Keyword Tool or Market Samurai. Find out what people are searching for and use those keywords or phrases in the title of your video, in the description and in your tags, so that you get higher rankings on Google and YouTube.5. Make sure you convey the benefits of the video in your title: In addition to being keyword specific, what is the benefit to the people watching this video? You always want to make sure as an internet marketer the benefit is articulated and communicated before the viewer even clicks play.6. Make an outline of your key points: Write down the main points you want to get across. I don’t suggest you have a script because you dont want to come across like you are reading something. You want your video to be organic and free flowing but it is always recommended you have a layout of your video.7. Make a good impression: You only have about 15 seconds to make a good impression, to get people hooked into watching your video. First 15-30 seconds give them the benefit, "here is what I am going to give you". Show them how the information you provide can help them solve their problems.
  • 8. Look at the camera at all times: It is so important you come across as trust worthy and credible. You need to look people in the eyes, you need to make an impact. Think of the camera as your friend and speak as if you are having a conversation with a friend. One key I found that helps you to connect better with the viewer is to put the camera at eye-level.9. Be authentic and transparent: Be yourself! You don’t have to act like anyone else. Let your personality shine through. What makes video marketing so effective is that people want to see that you are just like them. They want to be able to connect with you. So be real!10.Have a clear call to action: Telling the viewers what to do next is one of the most important things you can do. At the end of each video encourage them to do any or all the following: 1. Rate your video 2. Leave a comment 3. Share the video with their friends on the social media outlets 4. Connect with you on facebook or twitter 5. Visit you at your website or blogYou want to do this at the end of each video. You have to tell people exactlywhat you want them to do, if you don’t they probably won’t do it.For example: If youve done a video and you are going to upload it toYouTube, make sure to say the following: “If you liked the video pleaseleave a comment, weʼd love to hear from you and for more valuable tipsvisit me at”Quick Tip: “If they are looking at a video on your blog or website, tell themto share it, tweet it or comment.”
  • Uploading Your VideosStep 1Click Upload from the top menu.Step 2On the next screen, ClickSelect files from yourcomputer.Step 3Choose the video youʼdlike to upload from yourhard drive. Click Open.
  • Step 4Your video will start uploading to YouTube. Once it has been uploaded andprocessed, youʼll be ableto view it online.On this page you can alsoadd details that will helppeople find your video:Title, Description, Tags,Category, Set the Privacyfor the Video andChoose License andownership rights. Click Save Changes. Step 5Youʼve added your first Video to YouTube.Customizing Your ChannelStep 1From your profile pageClick on Edit Channel.
  • Step 2We will start by editingyour YouTube Channel byupdating the Appearance.From the appearance tabyou can customize yourAvatar (profile picture) aswell as select abackground image for yourchannel.If you donʼt choose to upload a backgroundimage you can still customize yourbackground color by choosing from the colorpalette. With an unlimited number of coloroption you are sure to find one that matchesthe colors to your website.Step 3From this tab you can seeyour custom ChannelURL, you can also set theTitle for your channel, anddecide whether or not toM a k e Yo u r C h a n n e lVisible.Finally you can set your Channel Tags and decide if you want others to beable to find you via email. 
  • Step 4Choose Your Channel Type.Under the Featured Tab you can chose the format you want your videos to be displayed in. The options include: Creator, Blogger, Network or Everything. Choose the format the best suits your style.Once your settings work for you, Click Save Changes.Step 5 To create and edit playlists click Playlists in the navigation tab under the Video Manager section. Here you can add, edit and arrange your playlists. Choose your Playlist Thumbnail, Privacy settings, and choose to let visitors embed and like or dislike your videos. Edit your Playlist title, description and sort your videos within your playlist.
  • Step 6YouTube allows you to edit your existing videos with their video editor. The Video Editor is a free tool on YouTube that allows you to edit your own uploaded clips and others to produce an entirely new video. With the Video Editor, you can: 1. Combine multiple videos youʼve uploaded to create a new longer video 2. Trim your uploads to custom lengths 3. Add a soundtrack from our library of approved tracks 4. Customize clips with special tools and effectsUsing all of these tools, you can put together clips to Create new videoswithout worrying about file formats, and publish the new video to YouTubewith one click (no new upload is required).Moderating Your CommentsTo manage your comment settings:Navigate to your Channel Page.Select the Feed Tab.Click the option to view CommentsOnly.
  • Hovering over any comment will allow you to take action on a comment (forexample, like deleting or flagging for inappropriate content / spam).Embedding Your VideoHosting a video on YouTube doesnt mean thats the only place people canview it. By embedding a video on your website or blog, you can let people view thatvideo - and any other videos you might have on your YouTube channelright form your site.
  • Step 1First, youʼve got to go to YouTube to find the video youʼd like to embed onyour website.Below the video, there will be a button labeled “Share”.Click on the Embed Button.
  • A section will expand revealing the code youʼll need to put on your site,including options for size and privacy. Set your options and copy the code into your website or blog. You want tomake sure you are posting your videos to your blog, this will build upbacklinks and you will also want to share your videos on Facebook andTwitter like you see underneath this video.Adding Your Video to FacebookNow that you know how to upload and embed your videos yo YouTube,why not let your videos be seen wherever people are finding yourbusiness?If youve already got a Facebook page set up for your business, its easy toshare your YouTube videos with your Facebook fans as well.Step 1Log on to the Facebook pagewhere youʼd like to share avideo, and on your Timelinewall, Click Upload Photo/Video.Step 2Select a video file on your computer. Include a commentary or a descriptionof your video. In your video description make sure to add a link back toyour website which helps you drive traffic back to your site.
  • Click Post when you are finished uploading.Congratulations! Youʼve added a video to your Facebook Page.You can automatically add YouTube videos to your Facebook page byusing Facebook applications such as YouTube for Pages by Involver. Tolearn more about YouTube for Pages visit Your VideosIf you are using or want to use video marketing for your small business todrive traffic to your products and services, people need to find your videosfirst and you need to know how to optimize your videos for MAXIMUMexposure.
  • Small business owners using video marketing will typically upload theirvideos to all of the popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, Viddlerand Vimeo but pay little to no attention to their title, descriptions and tags.Then they wonder why their videos arenʼt getting viewed and generatingany traffic.When you upload your video and you do it properly you only have to SEOyour video one time and  youʼll find over time your views will continue togrow.Whatʼs so awesome about video is that it works for you 24/7, 365 days ayear and when you can get your videos on the first page of google you areable to generate leads for free because you took a few extra minutes tooptimize your video for maximum exposure!So in this section of our video marketing training youʼll learn how to landyour video content on the first page of google by optimizing your videoʼsdescription, title and tags. Youʼll also learn how to monetize your videosand the exact blueprint to getting your company videos seen by morepeople.How-to videos are probably the best way to start generating traffic and I ʻllshow you how you can find hot keywords related to your niche.When doing keyword research there is a tool many online marketers usethat will analyze and choose the best keywords for you - keywords that willget you clicks and traffic to your site and donʼt have a lot of competition.You can also use this tool when creating a blog post, article or video thatyou want to get ranked on the 1st page of google for. The tool is calledmarket samurai and you get a free trial by clicking the link here.Letʼs walk through a few ways you can upload your videos to make surethey are SEO optimized.Step 1Title: Create a title that invokes curiosity and also includes the keyword orkeyword phrase you are targeting. (Use google keyword tool or a tool like
  • market samurai to choose a keyword that will get you traffic but does nothave a lot of competition)Quick Tip: Put Brackets, stars or quotations around your keywordphrase.Step 2Description: Add a link to wherever you want to direct your traffic. Ideallyyou want viewers to go to a sales page where they can check out a relatedproduct or service.If your video is about a product that you are an affiliate of, you can put youraffiliate link, but the best place to send your traffic to is a capture page soyou give them the opportunity to enter their contact details in exchange formore information. This allows you to convert that viewer into a lead andbuild up your email list, because that is really where the value is.Then you want to add a keyword rich, content rich description sharing whatyour video is about, that includes your target keywords and a few relatedkeywords.You also want to make sure that you are asking your viewers to rate orcomment on your video in your call to action at the end of your videosbecause this will also boost your rankings on the search engines. Whenpeople are commenting and leaving feedback google sees this as relevantcontent.Step 3Tags: Make sure you put in keyword rich tags, put in your main keyword,and any related keywords. Also include your name and company name asa tag so that you and or your company pops up when people startsearching for you.In addition to putting a link to your website in your description, give yourviewers a way to connect with you on other social media platforms such asFacebook ad Twitter. So make sure you are leveraging the social networks.
  • Tips For Video Marketing SuccessStep 1: Pique InterestThe first step in building your brand and generating leads through video isto get peopleʼs attention. You must trigger curiosity and to do that you mustdo something unexpected. We need to give your viewer a jolt, somethingthat they will remember long after they have finished watching your video.Quick tip: use Theme Music - Having a signature theme song, tagline orphrase that you kick off every one of your videos with makes youmemorable. Memorable = MoneyMusic is universal and it creates an emotional response. We want to createthat same response every single time someone watches one of yourvideos.Step 2: Switch Up The SceneWhen you are able to take your viewers on a visual journey you are able tohold their attention much longer. Instead of shooting your videos insideyour office or behind your desk, explore different locations. Shoot yourvideos anywhere there is a great view, go outside, go to the park, or to alocal beach or restaurant. Switch up the scene and your viewers will notonly want to watch the rest of your video but youʼll keep them wonderingwhere you are going to be next!Step 3: Rediscover UnpredictableWhen you can keep things moving, infusing your videos with unexpectedangles, scene changes or even walking or driving while you keep theviewer engaged. It is easy for viewers to get bored when they see thesame static format everyone else is using. When you can change the
  • background, the lightening, the color schemes throughout your videos, youkeep your viewers interest.Step 4: Elevate CredibilityYou want to be seen as an expert, so how do you do this? By sharing yourknowledge and the valuable information that relates specifically to yourniche.The more your viewers can relate to you the greater your results. Video is agreat way to highlight what makes you or your company unique anddifferent. There is nobody in the world just like you, there is no companyjust like yours and you should not be afraid to share your uniquepersonality, style, character or company culture. This is what helps youmake a connection and cultivate relationships with your viewers.Step 5: Bountiful BenefitsThere are a many options for potential customers to choose from onlineand with so much information out there for your viewers to tap in to, youmust find a way to separate yourself from the masses. You must find a wayto hold their attention so they donʼt tune you out or turn you off.Just like a show premiere, you may only have one chance to capturesomeoneʼs attention so that they want to tune in for the rest of the season.So you have to start off with a bang! The best way to make sure youraudience doesnʼt take you off of their playlist is to consistently provide themwith benefits, pure solutions and high value content and information.Any time we make a decision to engage in something or take action we doso because it is going to satisfy a need we have or benefit us in some way.Before you shoot any video you want to put yourself in your prospectsʼshoes and ask the question how will they benefit from this? So make sureyou know exactly what it is that your target market wants and create yourvideos with the intent to do just that. Provide them the solutions they are
  • looking for, make sure the benefits to the viewer are bountiful and they willkeep coming back for more.Step 6: Teaser TimeAt the beginning of each video you must give your viewer a reason to wantto continue watching. You have about 7 seconds to make a goodimpression so you have to make it count. At the beginning of each video itis crucial that you let the viewer know your intent and the purpose of thevideo. Let them know what they are in store for?You can say something similar to this: “In todayʼs video we will show you...”or “The reason I am shooting this video is...” or “Have you ever wanted toknow how to”. You are telling them exactly what they are going to learn.Remember to be brief, clear and to the point.Step 7: Reveal The ProblemWhen you can expose the problem your target prospect is dealing with ormay face if they fail to do the right things, you help them realize that YES, Ido need a solution to get over that obstacle.For example, you may be doing a video promoting a service you provide.Your target prospect may think that your product is only for college kids,that you have to be computer savvy, that it is time consuming, etc.Your goal is to be able to discuss your potential prospects concerns in afriendly, non-threatening way, where they feel comfortable about receivinghelp, just as if you where talking with a friend about something over lunch,just hanging out having conversation.Step 8: Insightful EducationEducating your viewers and providing them with insightful solutions isultimately whatʼs going to have them seeking you out time and time again.
  • So how do you teach in a way that makes it easy for your viewers to applythe information immediately.The best way to do this is to outline a step-by-step blueprint, technique, amethod, a formula. It may be a 3 step formula to article marketing or 15steps for organizing your new home. Itʼs all about show and tell. You mustbe able to show and tell them the steps they need to take and what type ofresults they can expect in a simple and fun way that is easy to understand.Step 9: Stepping Into ActionYour Call To Action is one of the most important steps to high convertingvideos that attract more traffic, generate more leads and make you moremoney. You have to tell your viewers exactly what to do next, give theminstructions like, click this link at the bottom of this video now, sign up now,get instant access by clicking here now, buy it now...Get it? If you donʼt dothis you are leaving money on the table.Do not assume that your prospects know what to do next. Hold their handand tell them what to do next.Now you may think it unnatural to ask your viewers to take action, butbelieve me it is perfectly ok. I know youʼve heard the phrase, “Ask and youshall receive” - well it applies to your business as well and if you want tomake money you have to ask for it. Do not leave it to chance or hope theywill figure out what to do next.It can be as simple as “If you got value out of this video please visit my blogat for more helpful tips” or “if you enjoyed this videoplease leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought”. Youcan even throw in an added incentive to get them to take action. “If you buytoday you will receive...”.
  • ConclusionVideo marketing allows you to generate more business by staying in frontof the internet and social media trends. More interested viewers, the moreleads, and the more business and profits youʼll achieve.Video marketing also allows you as a business owner to demonstrate yourproduct, services, presentations, or tutorials.If you are utilizing social media in any capacity, step up your game andstart to fully engage your target audience by incorporating video. Not atechie, no worries. You donʼt have to be a technology buff, a hand-heldpocket camera and a tripod will do the trick, as long as you are getting yourcontent on the internet!The possibilities are endless and you can build a “massive” customer listsby simply using video to expand your reach. Video is viral, video is powerfuland video can transform your business.Video marketing is the fastest growing area on the web and there are veryfew strategies that even come close to the effectiveness of this media. Ifyou are not promoting your business using video, start now…or get leftbehind!If you are ready to take your business to the next level, gain massiveexposure and start generating tons of traffic for your business, make surevideo marketing is a consistent part of your social media marketingstrategy.
  • Become great at social mediaLearn more about how to integrate social media into yoursmall business marketing strategy to generate leads, expandyour brand and increase your sales.Sign up for free weekly social media tips and training that willput your business on the map! share this ebook! SHARE ON SHARE ON TWITTER FACEBOOK