How To Generate Leads For Your MLM Business
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How To Generate Leads For Your MLM Business



Discover the blogging secrets to generating more leads and making more money online Get instant access to this exclusive training here ==>



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How To Generate Leads For Your MLM Business Presentation Transcript

  • 2. Blogging has many powerfulpossibilities. In this short presentation Iwant to reveal how blogging can help anetwork marketer build their businessthrough blogging.There are more than 50 milliondistributors worldwide and that numberis increasing daily. To do this, you’llneed to:
  • 3. • Establish a blogTo do this, you’ll need to: • Use a funded proposal • Attract prospects using valuable content
  • 4. Your blog is where your potential prospectsget to know you. • Establish a blogThis is where you put up content that istargeted towards the people you’re trying toattract. Additionally, a blog helps youshowcase your personality, your expertise,along with your MLM opportunity, productsand services.When a visitor lands on your blog, you’ve gotonly a few seconds to impress them. Onceyou show them how you can provide thesolutions they need they’ll give you theircontact information.
  • 5. This is just a fancy term for leading withgeneric information, resources or tools thathelp your prospect get results and provide asource of income even if they do not join youin your primary MLM business.Everyone is searching for training, ratherthan a new MLM to join. Instead of • Use a fundedpromoting your opportunity on the front end proposalyou provide value first, develop arelationship, then promote your business onthe backend once the prospect has grown tolike and trust you. People are more thanwilling to pull out their wallet and purchasehow-to information than start anotherbusiness.
  • 6. The attraction process begins whensomeone lands on your blog, reads yourhow-to information, likes what they see andin exchange gives you their contactinformation, becoming a lead. • Use a funded proposalOnce they are on your list you can freelypromte and market your opportunity andservices to them. That can be through e-mailor via the phone.
  • 7. You want to provide valuable content fromyour blog and once a lead hits your email list.There are a number of ways to do this, butthe way I’ve found to work the best is byfollowing this simple process: • Attract prospects using valuable content
  • 8. • Conduct keyword research to find a keyword phrase you can easily rank for in the search engines.• Taking your MLM related keyword and creating a blog post, informational page or a review.• Building back-links to your blog post so that it gets ranked on Google’s 1st page. • Attract prospects using valuable content
  • 9. The people that find your opportunity productreview or page are either already in thatcompany or searching for additionalinformation on how to get in.Within your content you then give that visitoran opportunity to click a link or opt-in to getget MLM training and learn networkmarketing success strategies. (This is called acall to action)If you apply these teachings instead of trying • Attract prospectsto convince people to join your business - I using valuableguarantee you’ll start generating a lot more contentleads for your business.
  • 10. Want to learn how to create afunded proposal to generate leads for your MLM business? Get started here now! Make Money Doing What You Love Join Olympic Gold Medalist & Online Marketing Trainer Andrea Bolder In reaching your wealth goals and discovering the simple strategies to winning in business & life!