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Biz Blog Buzz

Biz Blog Buzz



Get your first blog up and running in the next 24 hours with Andrea Bolder's Free Guide Biz Blog Buzz - A Beginners Guide To Setting Up A Smart Small Business Blog That Creates Instant Buzz!...

Get your first blog up and running in the next 24 hours with Andrea Bolder's Free Guide Biz Blog Buzz - A Beginners Guide To Setting Up A Smart Small Business Blog That Creates Instant Buzz!

Step by step strategy for small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs on how to start a blog, promote a blog and make money with a blog.

This is blogging the smart way - http://andreabolder.com/wordpress-for-small-business-entrepreneurs-social-media/



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    Biz Blog Buzz Biz Blog Buzz Document Transcript

    • BizBlogBuzzBeginners Guide To Setting UpA Smart Small Business BlogThat Creates Instant B u z z ! ........................................................................................................................ www.andreabolder.com
    • Business Blog BuzzBy Andrea BolderAndrea Bolder is a Gold Medal Olympian turned social media expert, consultantand strategist. She has used internet marketing and social media marketing tobuild successful businesses online and coaches small businesses and solo- entrepreneurs simple strategies on how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogging to find new customers and increase revenue. Follow me on Twitter @andreabolderwww.andreabolder.com
    • Why Your Small Business Need A Blog 4Know Your Blogging Options 8Generating Blog Content 15Optimizing Your Blog Posts 18Promoting Your Blog Posts 22Measuring Blog Success 27Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Blog 29Additional Blogging Resources 31Step Up Your Internet 32Marketing Game 32www.andreabolder.com
    • Why Your Small BusinessNeed A BlogBlogging has come a long way since the days of journaling what you didtoday. Blogging now, is considered to be one of the most effective brandingand marketing tools in promoting business online. Recent marketing data gives us strong insight as to what marketing activities small business owners are taking when it comes to leveraging social media in 2012. Not surprisingly, the majority of respondents marked Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as the top 3 places where they are currently active. After all, these are easily the most talked-about social networks right now, and are poised to continue to be tremendously effective in connecting with customers for the foreseeable future. Blogs came in at #4 onthe list. While this shouldnʼt be too much of a shock, as there are millions ofblogs and bloggers around the world, how do you as a small businessowner use blogging to grow your brand awareness, generate leads andconnect with existing customers to increase revenues?www.andreabolder.com
    • It can be quite challenging getting your blog to be a standout superstaramong so many. How do you get noticed? Why can some blogs attractthousands of people everyday and others get no blog traffic at all? If youwant to get noticed by your ideal prospect, advertisers and search enginesso you can make money from your blog, this guide is for you.Businesses, more than ever, are recognizing the extensive list of benefitsthat come as a result of maintaining a relevant and up-to-date blog. Blogsare one of the most effective ways to convey what your brand is REALLYall about. What you talk about, and how you talk about it, gives yourreaders a very personal insight in to what the culture of your business is. Itsheds light on what the core values and beliefs are in your organization byaddressing what you stand for, how you view issues facing your customers,and how open your business is to talking about whatʼs going on behind thelogo.In addition to the obvious ʻbrandingʼ benefits that come with maintaining ablog, there are many other benefits that might not be apparent at firstglance. Not the least of which is the boost you can achieve in organicsearch traffic. You see, itʼs most likely that your main website is optimizedfor a certain collection of keywords. These are typically your brand name,specific product names, and product or service types. However, whenwriting blog posts you create an entirely new batch of content that answerscompletely different types of search queries.Through blog posts, youʼre not just trying to sell visitors something; youʼretrying to help them learn more about the topics that interest them. Theappreciation that occurs through being genuinely helpful goes a long way tobuilding relationships with your readers, so that when they do need to buy,youʼre much more likely to be their first choice.As you continue to provide relevant and valuable content, your blogbecomes a long-term marketing asset that will bring traffic and leads toyour business. It introduces you as a thought leader in your industry andallows you to earn peopleʼs trust. In this ebook, we will walk you step-by-step through the blogging fundamentals and show you how to start reapingthe benefits of this valuable marketing channel.www.andreabolder.com
    • Key
BloggingSEO FriendlyCreating a blog for your small business helps you get found in the searchengines. Blogs are search engine friendly and you can get your contentranked on the top of the search engines, like Google and Yahoo, drivingmore traffic to your site.By optimizing your blog posts using targeted keywords related to yourindustry, you can boost your traffic as people find your business as a resultof searching for those relevant keywords online.Also, the more blog posts you publish, the more indexed pages you createfor search engines to display in their results, allowing you to attract organictraffic and increase brand awareness.Lead GenerationA blog also helps you build your email list more effectively than any othertype of website or capture page. The percentage of people stopping byyour blog who opt in and join your email list will be much higher comparedto a capture page or static website.Your blog gives you valuable real estate to capture leads so you cancontinue building a relationship with them and moving them down yoursales funnel.Passive IncomeYou can have multiple streams of income positioned on your blog, allowingyou to earn passive income 24/7. Your blog is your “personal store” for yourown information products or services, affiliate products and other incomestreams you have in place.www.andreabolder.com
    • You can place calls-to-action within your blog posts by hyperlinkingkeywords to appropriate offers you have or adding contextual links beforeor after your article. You can also place calls-to-action in the blog sidebarsection, creating banners to advertise your offers and best selling products.Social ProofBlogs are also a great way to build social proof. This means that when youhave other people commenting, sharing your content and interacting onyour blog, a new visitor will be much more likely to listen to you andcontribute as well. Itʼs just human nature…We see others doing something,and we are much more likely to follow the crowd and do it, too!Thought LeaderAs your company begins to solve the biggest challenges your customersand target audience face, your blog will become a go-to resource as well asan asset that positions you as an expert or thought leader in your field.Use your blog as a platform to showcase your expertise and by sharingvaluable information you will earn peopleʼs trust helping you to separateyourself from your competition.www.andreabolder.com
    • Know Your Blogging OptionsThere are many different blogging platforms out there today that smallbusiness owners can choose from. These platforms include Blogger,WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous, and more.Defining
GoalsWhen choosing your blogging platform youʼll want to ask yourself a fewquestions: • Is blogging something I want to do long term? • What is the main purpose of my blog? • Will I be monetizing my blog?Determining
BudgetBlog platforms come with a variety of price points ranging from free to moreexpensive options. There are three main things that you might pay for: • The blog platform itself • Domain Name • Hosting for your blogOf course, different platforms offer different levels of service. Blogger.comand WordPress.com offer both the platform, domain name and hosting forfree. Others like WordPress.org (note this is different to WordPress.com)offer the platform for free but you then need to find and pay for your ownhosting and domain name.Other costs you might like to factor in at an early stage include: • design/graphics – all platforms come with free templates (some more professional looking than others) but if you want a more individual look youʼll either need to have some design skills, know someone who does or be willing to pay for a design.www.andreabolder.com
    • • blog tools/metrics – there are any number of tools you can pay for to help you in your blogging. These might include statistics packages (again you can get free ones but can also pay for more features), offline blog posting tools etc. If youʼre a beginner you might not need any of these – but down the line you might find them useful.How
You?This is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a blog platform. If youʼvenever had any experience in creating a blog or website before and are nottech savvy then there are some blog platforms that will be much moresuited to your needs than if you know a few of the basics, or at least arewilling to learn them.The other option of course is to find someone who is technologically able tohelp you out (either paid or as a friend). One of the great things aboutblogging and most of the platforms out there is that there are many forumsdedicated to helping people get the most out of their chosen platforms.Hosted
Self‐HostedBlogging sites like Blogger and Wordpress.com host your blog for you ontheir own domain, which means you do not have full control over your blogor the content you create on it. If they decide one day to shut down or pullyour site, for whatever reason, your blog and all itʼs content is gone.Wordpress.org is a self-hosted blog, meaning you will have your owndomain and 100% control and ownership over it. This is what I do with all ofmy blogs. So youʼll see that the Marketing.Mindset.Money blog is hosted atAndreaBolder.com and is powered by WordPress.org.Self-hosted blog platforms are ideal if you want a little more control orflexibility with your blogging. You are only limited by your imagination. Ofcourse just because you go with a stand alone blog doesnʼt ensure you willhave the perfect professionally looking blog. In fact if you donʼt have thewww.andreabolder.com
    • ability to set these blogs up correctly (or know someone who can)standalone blogs can be unorganized and non-professional looking blogs.As a professional business owner, you always want to have completecontrol of your work, your business, and your income. Since your blog isthe core of your online business, you donʼt want to ever risk losing it.So if you are serious about maximizing your content, monetizing your blogestablishing yourself as a credible player online, itʼs important to useWordpress.org as your blogging platform…Even if you are not highly skilled in this area itʼs worth spending a littlemoney to get it set up with a designer or even better still, to learn how to doit yourself.So letʼs see what it takes to create a money-making blog!!www.andreabolder.com
    • Setting Up Your BlogOnce youʼve decided to launch a small business blog there are a few stepsyou need to take to get started.1. Find Your Focus: What is it that you want to talk about? Whats yourniche? You can talk about anything that relates to your industry and attractsyour target audience. You may not be knowledgeable about every singleaspect, but find topics you want to focus on and stick with it.Once youʼve narrowed down your niche, build a keyword strategy thatattracts your ideal customer or prospect. This will increase your chances ofgetting found by people searching with those keywords, which will drivemore and better quality traffic to your businessʼ website.2. Buy A Domain: Domain names are fairly inexpensive and ".info" domainnames can be purchased for as little as $1.99 from companies such asGoDaddy, and buying one will allow your blog site to be picked up by thesearch engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and others. It is recommended topurchase a ".com" domain name because they are most popular and whateveryone is accustomed to using. You can get a ".com" domain name forunder $10 dollars.You will want to purchase your company name and your own name as wellif you are a personal brand - this way you can brand YOU on your blog.Steps To Purchasing Your Domain:Step 1: To secure domain name go to: GoDaddy.com1a. If you already have an account set up with godaddy, please login usingyour username and password if no please create your account now.www.andreabolder.com
    • 1b. Use the domain search feature to see if the domain name you want isavailable. Enter the domain name and hit “go”1c. If the domain name is available click the green “continue toregistration” button to complete your purchase.1d. Customize your domain settings. Choose to register your domain for 1year, 2 years or 5 years.1e. Move through the next steps as these add-ons are not needed. As youcontinue youʼll move on to the “Cart” section. Review your shopping cart,www.andreabolder.com
    • enter your promo code - use discount code “cjc749fat” or search theinternet for “godaddy discount codes”.Once youʼve checked everything is correct click green “continue tocheckout” button.1f. Enter payment details and complete purchase.Step 2: To purchase your web hosting visit: Hostgator.com 22a. From homepage click yellow “View Web Hosting Plans” Button. 2b. Choose your Plan. Suggested plan for small businesses is the “Baby Plan”. 2c. Enter the domain name you purchased from GoDaddy.com in the section “I Currently Have a Domain Name” and click Continue to step 2.www.andreabolder.com
    • 2c. Complete the necessary billing information to complete your order. Confirm package type and choose your billing cycle. Per month, every 6 months, annually, 2 years or 3 years. You will also choose your username and security pin. 2d. Enter your billing information 2e. Please review your order details, check that you have read the terms and conditions of use then click “create account” button.Hostgator will send you a welcome email that contains importantinformation youʼll need to reference when installing your WordPresstemplate. Hold on to it.www.andreabolder.com
    • Generating Blog ContentYouʼve picked a beautiful WordPress template, installed it, and are ready tostart generating content. But what should you be blogging about?Finding topics to blog about (especially if you want to post regularly) can beone of the most challenging obstacles marketers face and can often lead toyou not blogging at all.So youʼll never be at a loss for words, in this section we are going to lay outfor you a 21 super simple ways to find and begin generating relevantcontent that your target audience would be interested in.1. What blog titles grab your attention? If you have seen intriguing articles or blog post titles that trigger curiosity, take note and use it as inspiration for your own posts.2. If you see a blog comment that resonates with you or your audience and offers a great viewpoint, ask the commenter if theyʼd like to write a guest post for you and expand on the original comment.3. Speaking of popular posts, if a small business blog in your niche has their most popular posts on display in their sidebar, click on a couple to read and see what made them popular. Then see how you can take inspiration from them.4. Another method of generating content for your blog is to invite other industry experts to write guest posts for you. Use your network to find people who might be interested in guest blogging. Be confident in pitching them benefits of guest blogging. For instance, guest bloggers can gain exposure beyond their normal readership and generate inbound links that can help them rank better in search engines. Guest blogging is also a great way to begin a co-marketing partnership and build a strong relationship with industry influencers.www.andreabolder.com
    • 5. Delicious is a great resource for finding blog content. Just type your topic into the Delicious search bar and youʼll find a ton of results from people that have saved articles or blog posts about your chosen topic.6. Stumbleupon is an awesome browser add-on that lets you randomly browse websites of interest. You can land on some great content that will give you your own ideas for your blog.7. While not as popular as it used to be, Digg still has some great shared posts and news on its site. Look at the most popular and see what you can take away from them.8. Technorati has close to 135 million blogs registered with them. Use the categories or top topics to find content you can get ideas from.9. BizSugar is a sleeper site that is beginning to become popular, as it concentrates on small business news. Check this site out to get some great ideas.10.A mix of social bookmarking and community, Blog Engage a cool community site focused on just bloggers but is a great for getting fresh ideas.11.Alltop offers a great collection of blog articles in a number of topics.12.Another really cool blog community is Scribnia. Search for both authors and bloggers based on niches.13.Google Blog Search offers up a huge resource of blogs on an unlimited number of topics.14.Junta 42, also known as the content marketing institute, offers some great tips on content marketing and lists top authority blogs – check out their articles for ways to get ideas for your own blog.15.If youʼre on Twitter, one of the best ways to find content for your blog is to jump into the weekly #blogchat discussion.www.andreabolder.com
    • 16.You can also look for whatʼs trending on Twitter and if itʼs relevant to your niche, write about it. Use Trendsmap, a real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the world as a source to find hot topics to write about.17.Another way to use Twitter for blog inspiration is to utilize the Twitter Search feature which is great for finding out what people are saying as it relates to your niche. Simply type in a keyword, and see what people are talking about.18.Networked Blogs is a very popular application on Facebook that shares content from Facebook users who have blogs listed on the Networked Blogs directory. Pull ideas from this directory.19.LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers are perfect places for finding blog content on what I like to call the no-nonsense social network. Look at the questions being asked and write a blog post as your answer.20.Document sharing sites, like Scribd and Slideshare has so much great content that you can always find relevant, quality content to pull from.21.YouTube, one of the largest social networks on the web, is the 3rd most visited site on the planet. YouTube is essentially blogging with video and it is overflowing with content. Use the search feature to find hot topics related to your industry. You can even embed relevant videos into your blog post to use.www.andreabolder.com
    • Optimizing Your Blog PostsThere are many things you need to thoroughly check before hitting the“Publish” button that are so easy to overlook. Letʼs outline a list of actionsteps you will need to take before publishing your blog posts. Iʼm sure youwill find it useful especially for those “pillar” articles that you put so muchtime and effort in to. Social
Buttons Give your readers a way to share your content with social sharing buttons. Expand your reach by including social media sharing buttons (e.g. “Like,” “share on LinkedIn,” “tweet,” “email,” “pin it,” etc.) on every single post. This will encourage readers to share your content with their own social networks and expand its reach beyond your own connections. Do
Research Keywords are Key! As weʼve learned in Internet Marketing Success, keywords rule the search engines and are the best way to maximize your traffic. Use the same keywords that other popular blogs or businesses are using to drive their traffic and increase their rankings on the web.You want to make sure that the keywords you choose donʼt have too muchcompetition. This way your content will have a realistic chance of getting onthe first page of Google instead of getting lost in the crowd.www.andreabolder.com
    • Create
HeadlineYour headlines are probably more important than the content itself becauseyour title will draw in your visitor and turn them into a reader! If yourheadlines and titles donʼt trigger curiosity, are not clear or donʼt create asense of urgency no one is going to take the time to read your posts. Itʼsjust a fact when you are competing against so much other great content onthe Internet.Capture the readers attention by offering something of great value,something that makes them curious to know more. It can be witty, it can beemotional, it can be newsworthy, it can be controversial. Whatever yourheadline is, make sure it is something that makes you want to read more.Also, donʼt forget to include your targeted keywords in your title. This willhelp you with search engine optimization.Link
BlogLinking to previous posts inside your blog is a great way to help yourvisitors navigate through your blog and find additional nuggets of contentthat can help them solve their challenges. Itʼs also a good practice forsearch engine optimization allowing the search engine spiders to crawlyour site more efficiently, allowing them to understand your content throughthe link anchor text.Your links can, naturally, point to your internal and landing pages to helpyou generate more leads from your content.Always, always, always, make sure that before you hit “publish” you takethe time to link to older posts.Link
SourcesSome people are so afraid of linking to other sites for fear theyʼll lose theirreader. This is so far from the truth. Donʼt be afraid to link to externalwebsites when itʼs helpful and appropriate. If your content is valuable andsolid, you will only be enhancing someoneʼs learning experience by linkingwww.andreabolder.com
    • to relevant resources. For example, if you mention a tool in your blog postthat helped you get winning results, link to it. If you mention a term orphrase that others may not be familiar with, link to Wikipedia, or a sourcethat explains that term in greater detail. You can even link to an onlinedictionary.Check
LinksNow that youʼve included both internal and external links you want to makesure they are not broken. Check to make sure your links are workingproperly. I use a nifty WordPress Plugin called Broken Link Checker. Itautomatically checks your posts, comments and other content for brokenlinks and missing images, and notifies you if any are found. This is a reallycool way to monitor your blog. Itʼs so easy to make a small mistake thatresults in a broken link and the impact on the reader and even yourpocketbook can be significant.I remember I was promoting a hot new affiliate product and didnʼt check mylink to make sure it was working properly. Come to find out I had added anextra http:// in the html code. I can only imagine how much money I lost andhow frustrated my visitors were when they couldnʼt get to the informationpage.In the first week of launch I had hundreds of people clicking the link butmade no sales because they couldnʼt get to the sales page. Iʼve double andtriple checked my links from that point on. Itʼs as simple as hitting “Preview”in WordPress and clicking on all the links to make sure they are workingand pointing to the correct URL.Optimize
PermalinkWordPress allows you to customize or edit your slug or permalink to eachof your blog posts. Take advantage of this feature to ensure yourpermalinks are concise, and that they contain your targeted keywords.For your internal page URLs, separate individual keywords with dashes (-).Forwww.andreabolder.com
    • example: http://andreabolder.com/facebook-marketing is a good URL thatcaptures ʻmarketingʼ and ʻfacebookʼ as keywords.Eliminate filler words such as a, of, the, etc. This will give your permalinks aclean look and help with SEO, increasing your traffic from the searchengines.Include
Impact?A picture is worth a thousand words, so use an image in the body of yourcontent that will entice people to read the rest of your post. Pictures aregreat for helping with search engine optimization and can also bring yousome traffic from the Google Image search.Also consider adding other forms of media that can make a blog articlemore memorable and fun to read. It also helps to break up the text to makeit more pleasing to the eye. In addition to adding at least one image tryincorporating slideshow presentations, video, audio and info-graphics.Proofread
PostMake sure your article is well written and formatted in a way that is easy toread. If you do not take the time to read your post in itʼs entirety you a)wonʼt find grammatical errors and spelling mistakes b) wonʼt be able to tellif it makes sense c) wonʼt be able to tell if the paragraphs are in the bestorder and d) you wonʼt be able to tell if your message is being conveyed asyou intended it to.So read and reread what youʼve written from title to signature before you hitthe publish button.Make
RobustDriving traffic is the name of the game and if you want to drive readers toyour site then you need to make sure your post is as robust and completeas possible. Does your blog posts give in depth explanations anddescriptions? Do you outline actions steps and provide supplementalwww.andreabolder.com
    • content that fulfills the readers expectations? Use header tags and bulletpoints to break up content into sections. The goal is to make sure that yourblog post is valuable to potential readers.Interact
ReadersThe mark of a great blog is visitor interaction. When you can come to ablog and it feels alive you know there is some great content being shared.Every bloggerʼs goal is to build a community around their blog andengaging visitors with your valuable content is one of the best ways to dothis.Ask questions at the end of your post, prompt readers to take action bysharing your content - Each and every blog article you publish shouldinclude a relevant call-to-action in the article to help boost lead generation -and reply to as many readersʼ comments as you can. This letʼs them knowyou are a real person that genuinely cares about what they think.Business blogging creates a platform for attracting organic traffic andengaging with your audience. The primary goal of your blog should be todrive conversions by adding call-to-actions to your posts and have themlink to landing pages that provide downloadable access to more in-depthlearning materials, such as an ebook or webinar.Promoting Your Blog PostsIn Internetland we all know that content is KING! Not only do you needcontent, you need quality content that people can actually find. So todayʼspost is a 7 step guide to promoting your small business blog post.  Becausewe all know that no matter how great your content is, if nobody reads iteverybody loses - You arenʼt growing your business as an onlineentrepreneur and your target audience is not able to benefit from theinformation you provide to help them grow their business.www.andreabolder.com
    • The worst feeling in the world is to put tons of time, energy and moneycreating content for your small business blog posts and there is no rewardfor all that hard work because you are not penetrating your target market.So how do we change that around?Well it is easier than you think. There are no super secret undergroundninja tactics to promoting your small business blog post on the internet, justa simple step guide that you can use every day to gain exposure for yourbusiness leveraging the internet.Submit
FacebookWith almost a billion people engaging on Facebook, why wouldnʼt you wantto share your content on the most famous social media site on the planet?Once you have published your blog post, copy the Title and a 1-2 sentencedescription. You want to make sure it has your target keywords and ahypnotic tagline that piques curiosity and interest. Use a variation of themeta description you used when creating your post. It is already optimizedwith keywords, it grabs attention and itʼs short and concise.Where To Post Your Blog Post on Facebook1. Post to your personal Facebook FanPage2. Post to 5 groups a day – (make sure the groups are related to the content you are posting)3. When you engage with others on Facebook, promote your new blog post if it relates to the topic of discussionSubmit
TwitterTwitter is another powerful social media outlet every entrepreneur shouldbe using to build brand recognition and gain exposure. If used the rightway, Twitter can send tons of people back to your blog post. Enough saidhere!www.andreabolder.com
    • Submit
OutletsUse Pingler and Ping.fm to send content out to 40+ social media sites withone click of a button. Both sites are free to sign up and will help you getmassive exposure across the web.These sites let you submit content without having to sign into each andevery social media account you have. Simply cut and paste the title andshort description and click submit. Takes less than 2 seconds.Here is a really cool tip. If you want more link juice….make sure you areposting directly to Facebook first before submitting to Ping.fm. This will getyou more SEO juice from it as a direct link back to your blog.Submit
SitesBookmarking is an excellent way to promote your content and it works!!Use Onlywire to send new post out to over 30 sites every time you publishnew content. You can also use Shareholic as well to submit to anotherdozen or so sites that Onlywire doesnʼt submit to.Within minutes you can have your blog posts submitted to almost 50 sites.Use
TribeA great way to get others syndicating your content is to utilize the power ofa Tribe! Yes content syndication tribes can help you create social buzz andmove you to the first page of Google within hours. Just imagine howpowerful it is to have hundreds, even thousands of people promoting yourcontent.Submit
SitesWell how do you do this?www.andreabolder.com
    • Here is a quick tip on re-purposing your content. Summarize your blogpost, highlighting the key points and shoot a quick 3-5 minute video. Postthat video to the top video sharing sites, making sure to direct viewers backto your original blog post by including the url at the beginning and end ofthe video description. Make sure your video title has your target keywordsand you use the same tags as you did in your original blog post!Comment
BlogsOn the Marketing.Mindset.Money blog we have talked about how to useblog commenting to leverage the influence of other top bloggers by tappingin to their audience. Comment on blog posts that relate to what your mostrecent post was about.Here is a quick tip. If you are only commenting for the sole purpose ofgaining a backlink, donʼt comment on a post that has more than 20comments. With that many comments already posted to one post yourchances of someone scrolling down to read your comment and click yourlink is slim to none. So donʼt waste your time.Also, Google only spiders the first 60 links on a page top to bottom, so ifyour comment is 48 along with all of the other links on that page beside thecomment links, then you wont get credit for that back link.The point of commenting is to offer value not just to scoop up a backlink.Make sure you are contributing something worthwhile, not only will you geta backlink, but you will get the attention of other commenters, possiblyeven the creator of the blog…That is how you get noticed!Promote
EmailWhenever you send an email, you can link to the awesome resourceslocated on your blog. Email signatures can drive a surprisingly high amountof traffic to your blog.www.andreabolder.com
    • Leverage
DirectoriesBlog directories provide a great opportunity for promoting your blog. Thereare hundreds of free blog directories out there. Youʼll want to make sure tosubmit your blog to at least the top 25-50 directories available. This canhelp you get more traffic and help with rankings as well because it createsinbound links to your blog.Events
PresentationsAre you speaking at an event or giving a presentation? Refer the audienceto your blog for further information. You can use a QR code (a mobile-scannable barcode) to allow people to quickly and easily subscribe to yourblog.Connect
BloggersA great starting point for promoting your blog is to leverage your existingconnections and create new relationships.Reach out to influential bloggers in your industry and attract their attentionthrough mentions on your blog and social media. Comment on their sitesand contribute to the community theyʼve created around their blog.Your goal here is to create an opportunity for them to share your blog postsacross their network. You can also create link-building opportunities that willimprove your blog posts rank in search engines.www.andreabolder.com
    • Measuring Blog SuccessAs a small business you are not blogging just for the sake of blogging. Youare blogging to get results. To know if your results are actually contributingto your bottom line you must be able to measure them.Measuring the results of your business blogging efforts can save you timeand make you more money. When it comes to your business blog, thereare a range of metrics you will want to consider.Letʼs look at the most important metrics you need to keep an eye on toknow how your business blogging is going.VisitorsOne of the most important metrics to keep track of is the number of visitsyour blog gets daily, monthly, yearly. Visits are the count of people whoactually read your blog content.Itʼs interesting to look at your total number of visits to measure the overallimprovement of your blog. However, a better way to look at this data isviewing visits by individual blog articles.This will give you an indication of the content that sticks and what yourtarget market actually wants to read.Look at your five most successful and popular blog posts. What do theyhave in common?LeadsYour primary goal for blogging is to generate targeted leads. Look at theleads you generate from your posts. If you are blogging and not generatingleads you are wasting your time and missing an opportunity to grow yourwww.andreabolder.com
    • business. Leads are the catalyst to the growth of your business and theyare the true measure of a successful business blog.SubscribersGive your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog either via RSS(really simple syndication) or via email. Look at how many people subscribeto your blog as this will give you great insight into the quality andconsistency of your content. Your subscribers are the foundation of yourreadership and can help spread your content to others.Social
SharesSocial media is a critical element to building a viral blogging platform and itcan drive explode your traffic. Keep tabs on the social media shares foryour blog posts to determine which types of posts get the most socialmedia traffic and how can you use them the social proof to youradvantage?Inbound
LinksInbound links - links to a page on your website from another website- areused by search engines as a way to determine how pages are indexed andwhere they should rank in search engine results.Inbound links can boost your search traffic so it is important to look at howmany inbound links each of your blog posts attracts. By taking note ofthese these metrics youʼll be able to create a complete strategy for thesuccess of your blog.www.andreabolder.com
    • Essential WordPress Pluginsfor Your BlogMany of the clients I work with are using the WordPress blogging platformand they are always asking for helpful plugins to increase the functionalityand performance of their blogs.So I thought Iʼd compile a list of the most popular to get you started.SEO
pluginsAll In One SEO Pack: If thereʼs one plugin from this list that you should get,this is the one. It automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for SearchEngines., and much more.Broken Link Checker: This handy plugin will tell you which links on your siteare broken – an automated problem spotter.WPTouch: Easily create a mobile version of your site.nRelate Related Content: Make it easy for people and search engines tofind related content around your site.WP Editorial Calendar: Make blogging more manageable by setting up ablogging calendar with this plugin. Very simple drag-and-drop editing on acalendar.Ninja Affiliate: Autolink words to URLs of your choice—great for internallinking.WP Super Cache: This plugin will speed up your blog—and site speed is anSEO factor. While not necessary for smaller blogs, bigger blogs willdefinitely want this plugin.www.andreabolder.com
    • Social
pluginsDiggDigg: This flexible plugin allows you to have an all in one socialsharing plugin for your blog. Display all social sharing buttons nicely onyour blog in a clean and minimalistic manner.Onlywire: OnlyWire syndicates your blog posts to over 50+ socialnetworking sites simultaneously with one button click. Increase your blogtraffic overnight.Analytics
pluginsGoogle Analytics Dashboard: Adds a Google Analytics dashboard as wellas a graph for every one of your posts.General
pluginsAkismet: Eliminate comment spam. This plugin is already installed—all youneed to do is enable it and get an API key.Maintenance
pluginsWP Database Backup: Backing up your blog is extremely important—youdonʼt want to lose your blog because of some freak accident. This pluginallows you to schedule backups.WordPress Backup to Dropbox: Back up your WordPress files to yourDropbox account.There are a ton of great WordPress plugins out there that just make lifeeasier. This list is intended to help you get started Iʼm sure youʼll findadditional plugins that enhance your blog as you grow.www.andreabolder.com
    • Additional BloggingResourcesWordPress
TemplatesLuckily for you, there are a TONS of free wordpress blog themes for you tochoose from. Google “free wordpress themes” for a ton of resources.• Woothemes.com• WordPressThemes• GoThemes• WordPress Themes that Support Custom Header Images• WordPress Themes Base• Free WordPress Themes DirectoryBanners
HeadersA low cost option (and one of my favorite sites) is Fiverr.com. Sign up for afree account, do a search for blog banner, header or blog graphics to findpotential graphic designers…and the best part, everything is $5!!!• WordPress Theme Headers• Header SpotPLR
Content• TheMLMPLRStore.comRecommended
Training• Start a Blog That Matters by Corbett Barrwww.andreabolder.com
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