8 email list building tips for online success
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8 email list building tips for online success



Building an email list is one of the most important building blocks to making money online. Without an email list you are severely limiting your income potential. Your goal every single day should be ...

Building an email list is one of the most important building blocks to making money online. Without an email list you are severely limiting your income potential. Your goal every single day should be focused on adding more readers, subscribers, and leads.



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8 email list building tips for online success 8 email list building tips for online success Document Transcript

  • 8 Email List Building Tips For Online Success www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • I have done a ton of training focusing on email list building tips and techniques. Building anemail list is one of the most important building blocks to making money online. Without anemail list you are severely limiting your income potential. Your goal every single day should befocused on adding more readers, subscribers, and leads.Are You Scared To Build Your Email List?When I first got started online I was afraid to build an email list. WHY? I can’t really explain theroot of that fear other than I was scared of using my website to sell to people. It was almost like Iwas afraid to ask for the money or didn’t believe people would actually buy products from me.I know, I know. What is the point of building a business if you are afraid to ask for the money?But after about 12 months of not seeing the income I wanted you could say I was forced into anattitude adjustment.When it comes to blogging — your email list is you number one asset and it IS where themoney’s at.You can be produce great content, awesome videos and know how to drive traffic – but if youfail to convert those readers, viewers and visitors to subscribers on your email list then you mightas well close the door on your online enterprise right now.Building an email list does not make you some sleezy salesman, schemer or spammer!Giving people the opportunity to opt-in to your email list or download a free offer in exchangefor their contact details does not make you look bad is complete so get that thought out of yourhead right now! If you are struggling to build your email list let’s go step by step through thewhys, whats and hows with these email list building tips.01. Why Would Anyone To Join Your Email List?First and foremost you need to ask yourself why anyone would want to join your email list. Ifyou can’t come up with a good answer of you wouldn’t be compelled to join your own list, thenyou need to work on that immediately. I opt-in to email lists all the time and I also opt-out of www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • email list that don’t serve my needs. But the reason I join an email list is because there wassomething I liked about the content I read on someone’s site and I wanted more. It’s as simple asthat.I want you to email me and let me know when you publish something new that might help mebuild my business or make my life easier.02. Having The Confidence To Know and Understand Your Value?People who are scared about building an email list lack the confidence in their expertise,products or brand. They don’t believe they are worthy of people listened to or attractingfollowers that will buy from them. They don’t think they deserve great success. The truth of thematter is that if you have information that can help someone else you are actually doing them adisservice by not giving them the opportunity to opt-in and receive more information from you.Know and understand the value you bring to the market place. It’s OK to make money onlinedoing something you are passionate about and helping people at the same time. The mindset youhave when it comes to building an email list will dictate the SUCCESS of your email listbuilding activities.03. Know Why Building A List Is ImportantWhen it comes to building an email list the why is just as important as the how! Here are a fewreasons why growing an email list is important to your success online: • You can email your list any time you want. Have a new blog post you can email them. Have something inspirational to say, you can email them. • Have a product recommendation or launching a product of your own? You can send a surge of traffic to your sales pages with one click of a button.04. Putting The Pieces Together1. Creating Your “Mafia Offer”What’s a “mafia offer”? Something your visitors can’t say no to. This is the most important partof the email list building process. You want to provide give something of value away in returnfor names and email addresses. Creating your mafia offer is easy. All you have to do is produce aproduct that you could sell but instead give away for FREE.Don’t be afraid to give way your best material to get more people to sign up. Not only does itincrease conversions but it can make you a lot of money in the long run. In fact my first offer wasa FREE ebook that I gave away on my blog which went on to make me thousands of dollars inmonths. www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • Let’s say you have a weight loss blog, you could created a report called “7 Ways To Shed MorePounds With Less Exercise“. In this report you teach visitors how to do this while alsorecommending products or services that will genuinely help them but also make you money asan affiliate. Keep in mind your goal is to help your readers but to also make money. If you arenot familiar with how affiliate marketing works, I suggest you read this guide. A step 7 guide canbe completed in just a few hours and you can get an attractive, professional ebook cover fromfiverr.com for $5.You can deliver your FREE report in a PDF format, including the link in a follow up email whichis automatically sent to new subscribers (I use Aweber for this) immediately after they opt-in.You can also deliver your report in one long email or break it up into a series of emails.Also, keep in mind that your FREE gift does not have to be a report. It can be a Video, Audio orZIP file with any combination of the above.2. Setting Up Your Opt-in Form & Email FunnelI use Aweber as my email marketing service provider. These companies allow you to collectnames and email addresses, send and track emails, and more. I am also learning that as youremail list grows for every 10,000 subscribers you should look into using another service. Relyingon just one company, may not be good business sense and you would hate for you entire businessto crumble overnight because your email service shut you down, went out of business or made amistake. With that said, make sure you are backing up your contacts on a weekly or daily basisdepending on how many leads you are generating just to be safe.Regardless of the email service provider you choose, you’ll be able to create opt-in boxes or webforms that you can place throughout your blog. Once a lead “opts in” you can send them to acustom page or you can use the email providers default thank you page. I prefer to create acustom page in WordPress thanking new subscribers for opting in and giving them instructionson how to access their free gift. To take advantage of the fact, that this is the point where yourlead is most interested in what you are offering, I also suggest placing several affiliate productlinks or banners on your thank you page that are related to your free gift. 3. Have a Page Dedicated To Your Free OfferMake it easy for your new subscribers to share your offer with their network of friends andcustomers. Don’t rely on just a sidebar opt-in box, but also create a separate sign up pagedetailing your offer. People can simple copy and share the page link. Another awesome tool Irecommend is using OptimizePress – this allows you to create high converting squeeze pages in5 minutes or less. These squeeze pages convert at a rate of more than 50% which means if 1000visitors see your  page, over 500 will opt-in.They have a ton of different pages to choose from, you can add your logo or banner, include avideo on your squeeze page, show a preview of one, add a free PDF report with an eCover,include testimonials, social sharing buttons and more!4. Use a Popup Opt-In Form www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • This is something that took me a while to get comfortable with, but man o man it has increasedmy opt-ins and profits substantially! When you first visit my site you see my popup which wascreated using a WordPress plugin called Popup Domination. Instead of using the generic pop upforms Aweber provides, I wanted something that was functional, professional looking and reallydrove opt-ins. The options Popup Domination provides such as how soon the popup shows up,how often, on what pages, along with their sleek, stylish designs were just what I wanted. UsingPopup Domination I was able to double my opt-ins almost immediately, which tripled my profits.I use the Popup Domination template which allows me to add the eCover of my FREE report.This template converts much higher than the one’s I’ve tried where I did not include the cover, so I suggest you invest in an eCover design for your free gift.5. Creating Your Email Follow Up SeriesThis is a step you really want to take time with. By setting up follow messages, your emailservice provider will automatically email your subscribes at a pre-scheduled date and time. Forexample a follow up email with a link to your free offer will be sent out immediately. But youcan schedule follow up emails to be sent out the next day, and the next day after that, or 4 daysafter that, etc. This is an awesome way to automate your business and income. You maybroadcast an email to your list recommending a product. If that email makes you money you willwant to add the email to your list of follow up messages. This way, when new readers opt-in youcan automatically send that email to your new subscribers. To them it will be new content, to youit means another chance to make money on something you did weeks or months ago. That is thetrue meaning of leverage!!6. How To Profit From Your Email ListThere are a number of ways to monetize your email list. The most common and easiest way is bypromoting affiliate products. Just think about being able to shoot an email to your list and inreturn make hundreds, even thousands of dollars for 5 minutes worth of work. The opportunitiesto make money online are there, you just have to be willing to take advantage of them. Here are afew ways to promote via email: • Send an email to your list with a direct link to the product sales page (easiest, fastest solution but doesn’t convert as well) • Send an email to your list which directs them to a product review on your blog www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved
  • • Send an email to your list which directs them to a personalized bonus page you’ve created on your site. Introduce them to the product and offer them an exclusive bonus if they purchase through your affiliate link. (this works well for higher priced products)I’ve personally had the best success sending my subscribers to a post where I’ve done a productreview. Not only does this take them back to my blog, but it gives me the opportunity to list thespecific benefits as well as give my opinion on the product. It also increases my chance of sellingother products. Since they are already on my site they may browse some of the otherrecommended products I have on my site.7. How often should I email my list?Well it depends. I know marketer who email their list every day and some once a month. Ipersonally think that you should email your list whenever you have something of VALUE to givethem. That means you are sharing something that will help them get better results in theirbusiness. So a rule of thumb is to ask yourself – does this email provide value. if it doesn’t don’tsend it.  It is essential to over deliver and keep your subscribers engaged. This can only be doneby putting their needs first and delivering information, products and services that improve theirlife and business.Do not simple promote, promote, promote! You should be sharing more free content thanpromoting products. Not only does this help build rapport, but it shows your subscribers that youreally care about them not just about getting their money. People buy from people they knowreally have their best interest in mind.8. How To Increase Income and Open RatesThis is a step most people do not utilize or even think is possible. There are always people whowill not open up your email the day you send it out. So I suggest sending another email to thepeople who didn’t open the email the day before. You can keep the email content the same buttweak the title. Maybe this time it will catch their curiosity and they will be more compelled toopen and read your email. Before using this option that would not have been possible.So there you have it. 8 email list building tips for online success! Did I miss anything? Feel freeto add your comments and thoughts below. It is always appreciated. To our success,Andrea BolderGold Medal Olympian & World Class Online Marketing TrainerPS. Have you taken the time out to really think about how you will monetize your blog? Do youhave a plan mapped out?PPS. If you want to learn how bloggers are earning 6 figures a year from affiliate sales, thencheck out this viral blogging system! www.makemoneywithandrea.com copyright@ 2013 andrea bolder all rights reserved