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6 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Community | www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com



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Facebook is the best tool for building your brand and growing a community of fans and followers. By growing your Facebook page you are building an active presence, posting engaging content and providing value you can grow a social community that contributes to the positive growth of your business and brand.

Learn 6 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Community!

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6 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Community | www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com 6 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Community | www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com Presentation Transcript

  • Would you like to have a thriving Facebook community?Are you looking for tips to grow your Facebook community?Here are 8 tips to improve your Facebook community.
  • KNOW YOUR VOICEBranding is important on social media. Yourbusiness should have a “voice” that matches yourunique brand and your marketing message.If you are a one-person operation, these decisionsmay be easy.The voice of your brand is important. It drives yourcontent, dictates how your respond to commentsand community feedback, and it shapes your day-to-day posting. Consistency in your voice andmarketing message will help you attract yourideal prospects and it also letʼs yourcommunity know EXACLTY what to expect.
  • USE VISUALSVisual marketing is becoming a vital part ofFacebook and all social platforms. The more youcan incorporate branded images, photos,screenshots and infographics, the more robustand attractive your Facebook Page will be.Create a visual marketing strategy that allows youto capitalize on fun, eye-catching, yet informativecontent.• Post images of screenshot, a quote, aninfographic, a photo your your product orcompany event, etc.• Use tools like Snagit, PicMonkey, Keynote orPowerpoint to create or modify images tomake them interesting.
  • KNOW YOUR INDUSTRYVisual Speak the language of your target audience.A part of building a successful business online isconneting, engaging and relating to your targetmarket. You need to know the industry so youcan speak the lingo. Use words in your posts andfollow-up comments people can relate to.
  • ENGAGE, ENGAGE!Recognize your community. Thank them for beingfans and engage them in a way that makes it funand comfortable for fans to comment, share andlike your content.The better you become at engaging your fans, thefaster your community will grow.Respond to posts or questions on your Pagequickly to create strong bonds with your followers.Letting your audience know you are there to servethem is whatʼs most important.
  • STAY IN THE KNOWThe one constant about Facebook is that itʼsalways changing! There are changes to theirofficial rules and policies, their layout and in howthings are working at any given moment. Makesure you keep track of Facebookʼs officialchanges by following the Facebook MarketingPage.
  • HAVE FUN =)Your Facebook page is the perfect platform to buildyour brand. Show people the person behind thebrand. Share your unique personality, expertiseand style through videos, creative content andother educational info. Have fun with yourcommunity.When you are having fun and sharing with yourcommunity, you are all getting to know each otherbetter and everyone wins.Always think about how you can be a goodresource for your community and create a greatexperience for your fans. Your Facebook Pagewill grow and so will your business.
  • WANT MOREFACEBOOKTIPS?If you need a proven system to get you startedonline, why not give my program an shot?When you have the opportunity to leverage thesuccess and experience of great internetmarketers, when you have a community of like-minded individuals keeping you accountable,making sure you are taking action, it won’t belong before you start seeing results for your ownbusines! Click HERE to Get started here now!Make Money Doing What You LoveJoinOlympic Gold Medalist & Online Marketing TrainerAndrea BolderIn reaching your wealth goals and discovering thesimple strategies to winning in business & life!