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30 Day Blogging Bootcamp



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Read the winning principles behind blogging for money and becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

For more success secrets get instant access to FREE marketing strategies that will change your life => http://www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com



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    30 Day Blogging Bootcamp 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp Document Transcript

    • championyourbusinesschange your life30 dayblogging bootcampwith andrea bolder
    • Champions,First off, I just wanted to congratulate you for taking the first step towardsabsolutely transforming your online business in every way.Im so excited to be working with you in the Champion Your Business 30 DayBlogging Bootcamp Series that is sure to make you more money online -that s if you take action and follow-through on the daily assignments.When I started my online business about 3 years ago, the biggest mistake Imade was not building a website that sells...I really underestimated the importance of why my blog existed and what itneeded to do for me so I could make money. There is a BIG differencebetween blogging and blogging for business. It s not just about throwing upblog posts hoping people drop in and find your content or buy your products,it s about strategically using the most important piece of real estate you haveonline to showcase your brand, build an email list and sell your products andservices 24/7 365.Believe it or not I didnt really focus on using my blog as a list building tooluntil I was almost a year into writing content everyday. OMG...what was Ithinking?A website is the most effective branding and marketing tool you have whenpromoting your business online and it exists for one reason - to sell for you!Your website will be the foundation of everything you do on the Internet. It swhere you ll share your expertise, build a relationship with your readers, turnprospects into subscribers and promote your products. If you want to makemoney online you MUST turn your website into a well-oiled cash machine.That is 12 months of lost time, lost subscribers, lost money.
    • The Champion Your Business 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp will provide you withthe information, tools and results driven action steps you need to positionyourself as a expert and make more money with your blog.Your website gives you a platform to be found and get noticed and it s thebest way to convey what your brand is REALLY all about. As you continue toprovide relevant and valuable content, your blog becomes a long-termmarketing asset that will bring traffic and leads to your business.If you don t get anything else, please understand this - if you want tomake money online there is ONE action visitors must take?They must subscribe to your email list!!I am giving you - in plain english - the easy to implement tech changes youneed that will get you more leads (with the same amount of traffic I may add),skyrocket your conversions and give your visitors a better user experience.From blog settings, to widgets, links and keywords,you will have a clear guide for turning content intocash.Want to create a website that sells and doesn tsuck? Here is a real life walk through of what ittakes to turn your website into the a cash machine!Andrea Bolder
    • Let s start with a little heart to heart talk. This is a topic where I still see alot of people dropping the ball. Look, I dont know your story, and I dontknow how you found the Marketing.Mindset.Money website. What I doknow, however, is that I can help you learn EXACTLY how to be profitable inyour business using the Internet.And it starts and ends with your Blog! So today we are going to get you upto speed on Wordpress.When I got started marketing online, I struggled for about 12 months.Quite frankly, I just didnt have a HUGE budget to put into PPC and otherpaid methods to get my business cranking quickly. So I KNEW that I hadto MASTER the free techniques in order to fund my business to the nextlevel.And the one thing I knew I had to MASTER was BLOGGING!It didnt take long...After I had discovered a few key principles, I had a blog that was gettingthousands of visitors a day and my email list exploded.Even better, ALL of the visitors were completely free of charge, usinghonest, principle based marketing strategies. Do you think that you couldprofit from hundreds, even thousands of new visitors to your website overthe next 2 months?Wordpress is the blogging platform thousands of online marketers areusing to build their businesses with and its what ALL of my clients areusing to build their business. And heres the deal. The people who useWordpress make more money than those who dont. Period.CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 01wordpress
    • If you are going to use Wordpress, remember two critical issues:Do not use the free version found at Wordpress.com. This is forthose who are only hobby-blogging. Free sites such as Blogger, TypePad or Wordpress.com were never intended for marketing abusiness. So if you are using the free version of Wordpress, I have 2-words for you. Stop now. Wordpress can shut you down and all yourhard work will be gone. So don t make this mistake.What is the hosted version? This can be found with Hostgator.com.You essentially are picking your own website name (URL) and thenyoull purchase a hosted domain. It will cost you about $8.00 -$10.00 per month. No big deal, we have to spend money to run abusiness.Heres the more critical information - you own the content on these sites.No one can shut you down, unless you are breaking the law of course,and you own the content.You are free to do what you want. We want to make money with our blog.Thats what this bootcamp is about. So get yourself on a hosted domain.If you are stuck on what your domain name should be or your URL - noworries. I wrote a blog post that explains that topic here."How To Choose A Domain Name That Rocks"The bottom line is that you need WordPress if you are going to makemoney with your blog. Get it done!If you need instructions on installing wordpress watch this step-by-steptutorial here:http://andreabolder.com/2012/making-money-blogging-installing-wordpressIll see you tomorrow with training to take you to the next step.
    • Blogging correctly means traffic, leads and cash flow.Day #2 comes to you with some in depth training. Today, were talkingabout the importance of getting to work inside of Wordpress and not justcreating another plan. Building a plan means nothing if you dont act on it.Read this training now:http://andreabolder.com/2012/making-money-blogging-updating-your-wordpress-settings/Quite frankly, when you understand WHY things rank the way they do,dominating the search engines is as easy as 1,2,3......its the little things that sometimes make all the difference.The correct information in your headline or tagline in Wordpress should bedirectly related to keywords that you are impacting. Think of "results!"when you are looking for keywords. What is it you provide and what arethe results people are seeing with your products or services.Secondly, to increase your SEO ranks and your traffic, write your tagline orheadline like this:weight loss ¦ lose weight fast ¦ your specialty weight loss blog ¦better weight loss methods ¦ shrink belly fatIf I were to create a weight loss focused blog, this is how I would create mytagline and headline on my website. This would cause Google to find mefaster and my keywords will dominate FAST!So...what are your keywords? Tomorrow Ill teach you how to find those andwell move forward through the next few days on using them effectively.CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 02wordpress
    • So yesterday we talked about headlines and taglines in your Wordpressblog. Here are some step-by-step directions for activating that in case yougot stuck.Go to your Wordpress DashboardClick on Settings on the left hand sideClick on GeneralFind The Site TitleFind TaglineThen, take the instructions we gave yesterday and write your Site Title andtagline with the results as your focus.The truth of the matter is that people dont look online for products,services, etc as much as they look for results.They dont type into search engines or go researching for information onservices and products as much as they do results. So our focus isRESULTS!!You see I had been marketing online for couple of months and I wasgetting some ok results......I had been getting about 5 leads a day,..But I was having a problem. You see, no matter what I did, I just COULDNOT get my pages to show up in the prime search results of Google, orany other search engine for that matter for a whole week or more.I tried everything you could imagine, (even tricking Google) but it justwasnt enough. But when I started focusing on results and I tweaked myblog title and headline I was getting my posts indexed on the first page ofGoogle within minutes.CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 03wordpress
    • ...I was syked!!When you use the symbol ¦ between your words, Google reads those in aunique way so youll rise in the search engines. The words weight loss, loseweight, skinny body, quick weight loss OR Lose Weight Fast will not pull asfast as:Lose Weight ¦ Fast Weight Loss ¦ Weight loss ¦ Lose That Fat Body ¦Quick Weight Loss will.So use this symbol ¦ - it can be found above the return key on yourkeyboard.So here is your action step:Go to Google right now and type in your specific keywords. Find out who isat the top of the search engines. Take note of the words they are using,the things they are writing about. This is what youll want to do as well.Keywords are based on search volume and relevancy. That means - makeyour site relevant to the words people are typing in and youll increase thevolume.In day 3 Im going to share with you my "private eye keyword spy tools" in avideo that draws people into your blog like bees flock to honey. You aregoing to LOVE it.Know that you are awesome and you deserve success!
    • Its Day # 4 and I want to share with you a video and some cool training.Today is a special day, because were going to dive head first into "ThePrivate Eye Tool" to Extracting Money From Google..."Heres the link:http://andreabolder.com/2012/internet-network-marketing-blog-series-video-10-keyword-research/I am going to show you how you can do keyword research that will giveyou the knowledge to get your information in front of THOUSANDS ofpeople per month (with everything you create...)The fact is, that there are three kinds of marketers online:1. People who pay THOUSANDS of dollars per month on advertising andget itty bitty paychecks...(I have more than 10 friends that pay more than $10k per month for PayPer Click AND they still only get measly little, tiny, wussy little commissionschecks... YEAH... I think its ridiculous too)2. People like me who tick people off in category one by getting 10 timesthe traffic and leads for free......AND keep 100% of the sales volume.* HINT: The speed at which you can grow your business when you keep allthe cash is staggering...3. People who buy course after course trying to learn the secret, andnever make any money online because they never stick with one strategyCHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 04keywords
    • for long enough...(I want you to be in category 2, as FAST as possible)Today youre going to learn how to create keyword driven content, which isthe driving force behind the success of EVERY business online.Im sharing with you tools that people have paid me big bucks to teachthem to use. You get the training for FREE!Heres the link again:Do yourself a HUGE favor and Click Here!In tomorrows training were going to be covering where to put your tagsand keywords in your Wordpress Blog post.
    • Today is Day #5 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp Training!Today, were talking about keywords again & where to use them!Inside of Wordpress, youll see when you do a post a section called "Tags"to the right hand side of the page. Your keywords should go there. Choose10-15 and put them into that section, divided by a comma.Under SEO details - make sure you ve downloaded the ALL IN ONE SEOPACK plugin) - be sure your keywords are listed where it says MetaKeywords. Write a description that also includes a few keywords.By the way, heres a tip! You want the keyword model set up in Wordpressunder General settings, as we discussed in the previous trainings. But...youdo not want them in your headlines listed like that. ;)Use your keywords when you write your pages and posts. This is what willget you ranked on the first page of Google FAST!Heres a quick video on how to SEO your blog posts.http://andreabolder.com/2012/internet-network-marketing-blog-series-video-11-seo-your-wordpress-blog-posts/Tomorrow...we will dive into Headlines! I cant wait to share some secretswith you! Headline writing is one of my most favorite things to do!Become great at it and youll make a lot of money!CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 05tags
    • Today is Day #6 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp series and I have a BIGtreat for you!Today, were talking about head-turning headlines for your posts......something magical happened when I learned the formula behind writingawesome copy (i.e. structuring words in a way that made people want toread more)I had been grinding to get 10-15 leads a day......and I was starting to make a decent amount of money.But when a good friend of mine taught me how to tap into the thought oftargeting readers minds with words, the simple concept changed my life.The next week, I made more than $1000 in just a few hours with one post!Heres the thing that blew my mind, though:It actually took LESS work to make MORE money.http://andreabolder.com/2012/7-content-creation-tips-every-online-marketer-should-follow/Thats right - before I learned these concepts, I was working twice as hard,for less than a THIRD of the money that I started making ONE WEEK after Ilearned it.Its that powerful. What are the concepts?Here are "7 Content Creation Tips Every Online Marketer and BloggerShould Follow"CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 06blogposttitles
    • If youve ever wondered what the difference is between being a grinderand a rockstar......learn here.You want to know this.Trust me.Tomorrow...were gonna dive into headlines even more...Your blog profitsdepend on your headlines and how you lead into your campaigns, opt-informs and sales pages.
    • Today is Day #7 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training!And...were still talking about headlines!WHY?Because they are that important...Today I want to teach you how to test headlines through social medianetworks.Before you spend time, effort, money, or energy hoping and prayingsomething will work for your email messages, sales letters or PPC ads, testit out on social media!Write your best headline and then attach a link to your blog. If peoplerespond to it you are on the right track. If people swarm to it, you aredoing awesome! If you get a poor response or no response at all, its timeto go back to the drawing board.Testing magnetic headlines is a really BIG aspect to a successful onlinebusiness. Good marketers TEST and TWEAK, TEST and TWEAK. So...testyour headlines through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.Create 3-4 headlines each day and test them. Write your results in a exceldocument or note pad. Remember as well, if you only have 50 friends onFacebook and 35 on Twitter, the pool of people will not be big enough toget any reliable feedback.Results depend on a ton of contacts, so increase your friends andfollowers so that your results will go farther and give you more accuratedata to measure testing with.CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 07testheadlines
    • Step by step, week by week - thats what it takes. Winning online is aprocess, you have to try some things to see where you can improve. Youdont try, youll never win. Dont get discouraged, dont make excuses justset your mind to accomplishing something!Tomorrow well keep pushing forward toward online success.We have a community on Facebook and Twitter that you can use asa life line for your business.Have questions, dont be afraid to ask...We have a place for people toget support, encouragement and trending news. Its also a greatplace to connect, find valuable content and grow as an entrepreneur.www.AndreaBolderFanPage.com
    • Today is Day #8 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training!A picture is worth a 1000 words right? Well how about a $1000 bucks.How you style your images on your blog and websites can really addincome to your bottom line.Images, pictures and graphics are not just there to look pretty (eventhough you do want to attract people with eye-catching images) ...They can be used to teach, to educate, to convey a message.Images also give your blog depth and can turn a boring site with lots ofgreat content into a top-notch blog that knows how to cater to andentertain their audience while still being able to deliver the goods.Blogs that use pictures in a very strategic manner tend to get more traffic,more repeat visitors, higher opt-ins, higher conversions and more repeatsales.Here is a quick tutorial on how to add images to your blog posts.http://andreabolder.com/2012/internet-network-marketing-blog-series-video-09-creating-wordpress-blog-pages/Tomorrow were talking about video!! How to use video, what to do withyour video and the key elements of a profit pulling video!Im really enjoying spending 30 days with ya! See you tomorrow =)CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 08images
    • Today is Day #9 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training!Time to talk video!!Not all videos are created equal. There is a reason why some videosbecome viral and others just collect dust online.The best videos you can use on your blog are those that you do yourself,were people can get to know you, your personality and "feel" yourpresence.Polished and perfect is not what "high converting videos" are made of.Its best to do a video that is casual yet professional. One that reallyconnects you to your audience. Studies show that if you get too perfectpeople wont trust you - its almost like to you are trying too hard.Truth be told, no one likes a super polished perfect all the time leader.WHY?Because no one is perfect and perfection is something that a lot of peoplewill not relate to. They want to aspire to be like someone they enjoywatching, who can share stories and experiences that hit them not only inthe mind but in the heart as well.It is easier than ever to publish videos to your blog. Ill upload videos toYouTube, Facebook and Viddler and if I need a to protect my videos say, ifIm using them for a membership site or info-product, Ill use Amazon S3.I shoot videos from my MacBook, my iPhone or even with my handheldcamera. When you are just getting started online there is no need forspecial software - just get the job done.CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 09video
    • Now this also doesnt mean you want to upload a blurry, shaky video, withbackground noise in an unprofessional setting. Casual does not mean lowquality. You want high quality, engaging, interactive and enjoyable.Deliver high quality content. That is your priority. Talk to people as if theywere your friend. Dont use words you normally wouldnt use. Feel free tobe yourself. People will appreciate the authentic you - flaws and all.While it may take a few tries, just keep practicing. The more videos you dothe better youll get. Sometimes the very first take is the best take. Itseems like the more you try to get it right the more you end up messing itup!So...take a deep breath and just go for it.Better to do 20 videos and learn as you go than to never get a video outthere because you are always trying to be perfect.Be yourself, YOU are the only one who can do that and there is NO ONEthat can deliver content the way you can!Need help getting started with video?Click here to get access to your free 6 part series to killer videomarketing...Start adding videos to your blog regularly and most of all have fun! Its asure way to keep your audience coming back again and again.
    • Today is Day #10 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training!I want to jump right into the topic of Facebook.You see Facebook is the King of Social Media and it is the best place tofish for targeted leads, build your online reputation, and establish influencequickly - for FREE!You may notice that on all my blog posts I have the Facebook LikeBUTTON. You WANT to have this on all your posts as well!The power of the Facebook Like button is HUGE!!Here is a free report I wrote about how to leverage Facebook the rightway. Grab your copy of Facebook Marketing Launch here:Click here to grab your copy of Facebook Marketing LaunchYou know, Facebook is an absolute leads factory and if you know how touse Facebook correctly you can turn it into the ultimate sales machine.After you are done reading this report, go into your Wordpress Blog, go toplugins and make sure you have a Facebook Like Button. I use the DiggDigg plugin.Then if you are really serious about learning the secrets to increasing yoursocial brand and fan base, positioning yourself as a #1 expert andattracting highly targeted leads on autopilot swipe your copy of FacebookLeads Factory here:http://andreabolder.com/shop/7-special-offer-facebook-leads-factory/CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 10facebook
    • $7 to make $25 - $100 a day from Facebook leads is a steal. Dont missyour opportunity to learn how to fully unleash the power of Facebook. (thisprice is exclusive to members of this list only...everybody else pays fullprice):http://andreabolder.com/shop/7-special-offer-facebook-leads-factory/Facebook is the easiest place on the planet to swipe leads from.See ya tomorrow!We are going to get into Twitter traffic and I may even share with you mydaily Twitter routine!
    • Today is Day #11 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training!...And today we are going to twitterize our blog!Twitter is a different platform than Facebook. To me Twitter is reallyjust like texting - but when you do it right it can drive crazy streams ofincome to your business.Some things you should be sharing on Twitter are:Personal growth tips and quotesSurveysQuestions that engage and provoke thoughtYour blog postsYour newslettersRT of other peoples tweetsProduct informationOne of the best ways to build a following on Twitter is to follow highlytargeted prospects. Find people who are already in your industry or arelated niche. These people are more likely to have an interest in what youhave to offer.Tweetadder.com is a really great tool to find people by keyword. You canalso use it to add people automatically. Its the tool of choice forautomated direct messages back to people who follow you!Check out this video to see how TweetAdder works and how I use it tobuild my Twitter following:http://andreabolder.com/2012/tweetadder-targeted-traffic-from-twitter/CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 11talkingtweets
    • Start building your following and connecting with people today on Twitter!Step by step, it will grow.Ill share some more unique Twitter tips later on in the bootcamp but fornow I want to leave you with my daily Twitter routine:Read your @mentions and reply to all of them.Post a favorite quotation, recent news link, or just basic info (this canbe from online or offline resources) HINT: Go to http://alerts.google.com and set up some alerts for your interests to beautomatically sent to your inbox.Scan your own timeline & look for conversations to jump into.Go to http://search.twitter.com, search for topics of interest toyou, and get into a few conversations there as well. While you arethere, go ahead and search for your own name and/or companyname to see if anyone is talking about you.I dont ever check my DMs any longer - too much work and too muchspam.Repeat this at least 3 times a day - takes me about 15 minutes perblock.See ya tomorrow! Were almost 2 weeks into our total blog transformationand YOU are on a roll. Youve done a fantastic job and you should reallygive yourself a round of applause.Keep being awesome!
    • Today is Day #12 of our 30 day Blogging Bootcamp training!You see, all of the companies Ive built have been built from the comfort ofmy home.Ive built my online businesses from scratch while raising a son, (withanother baby in tow), taking care of a husband, home and doing life justlike all of you....and to tell you the truth...I would never have been as successful as I amnow if I was not able to get over one thing...My OWN Limiting Beliefshttp://andreabolder.com/2011/overcoming-limiting-beliefs-tips-for-your-online-business-success/This is a post I shared on my blog some time ago...This is powerful stuff and it is what keeps the most technically savvy andsmartest of us struggling in life and business.If you can overcome this...you can achieve anything..and it is going to be acritical key in your blogging success.Get ready for a mindset shift:http://andreabolder.com/2011/overcoming-limiting-beliefs-tips-for-your-online-business-success/CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 12becominglimitless
    • Today is Day #13 of our 30 day Blogging Bootcamp training!Its time to put your images to good use online!For those of you who have been paying attention to the trends in socialmedia we all know lifestyle sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram arewhere the traffic is....Today I want to take a few minutes to focus on Instagram...http://andreabolder.com/2013/10-instagram-tips-for-business-owners-and-online-entrepreneurs/Instagram is no longer an option but a MUST if you want to expand yourbrand, attract new customers and increase your profits.With 8500 likes & 1000 comments per second, Instagram has now becomea necessity!Boasting 90 million active users who upload 40 million photos a day,Instagram is growing like crazy!!In todays blog traffic training I am going to share with you 10 Instagramtips you can being implementing immediately to increase targeted leads,profits and brand awareness!http://andreabolder.com/2013/10-instagram-tips-for-business-owners-and-online-entrepreneurs/But before we start make sure to follow me at:http://www.instagram.com/andreabolder.CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 13instagramtraffic
    • Today is Day #14 of our 30 day Blogging Bootcamp training!People ask me all the time why they need a WordPress blog and not atraditional website! Here is what I always tell people.There are many different blogging sites out there today, but if you areserious about monetizing your blog and want to establish yourself as achampionship player online, its important to use Wordpress.org as yourblogging platform...Blogging sites like Blogger and Wordpress.com host your blog for you,which means you do not have full control over your blog or the contentyou create on it. If they decide one day to shut down or pull your site,your blog and all its content is gone.Wordpress.org is free and your blog will be self-hosted, meaning you willhave 100% control and ownership over it. As a professional businessowner, you always want to have complete control of your work, yourbusiness, and your income. Since your blog is the core of your onlinebusiness, you dont want to ever risk losing it.Blogging marries social media beautifully because it removes the wallsbetween business owner and prospect. Its all about the connection!So! Use Wordpress for the best SEO value youll ever get - even betterthan Blogger, TypePad, Squidoo and all those other blogging platforms.Nothing, if you are serious about business, being on the first page ofGoogle, owning your own content and eventually making money with itworks like Wordpress to accomplish it.Ill be back tomorrow with some info on how to create a lead magnet foryour opt-in offer and how to build a money making email list!CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 14wordpressreview
    • Today is Day #15 of our 30 day Blog Traffic Bootcamp training!Wohoo! You are half way there. Congrats to hanging in there. We have somuch more blog goodies to come.So today I have a special video for you that addresses the topic of yourlead list. An email list is critical.Who wants to build a business online without anyone to sell to?Please understand that if you want to make money online you have to getcomfortable generating leads and promoting a product or service to thoseleads.The more leads, the more money.Building a list is the key to HUGE profits online. Lets get to todays video:http://andreabolder.com/2012/internet-network-marketing-blog-series-video-08-building-your-email-list-with-aweber/Ill be back in tomorrow with MORE on this topic. See you then! =)CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 15wheresyourlist
    • Today is Day #16 of our 30 day Blogging Bootcamp training!Growing your list is the biggest activity you will ever do. Doing this withyour Wordpress blog demands that you get enough traffic.Here are some first-steps to take to get more traffic:Comment on like minded blogs and have your website URL attached.Contribute to forums of Facebook groupsSave your page to bookmarking services like Stumbleupon andDelicious.Create a profile and find related groups that connect with your nicheon Facebook.comSign up at Twitter and use this to build your listContribute your blog posts to targeted article directories and ningsitesParticipate in industry forumsConvert your best blog posts to pdfs and upload to docu-sharingsites like Slideshare and Calameo.Become familiar with your Alexa ranking. Your goal is to get it as low aspossible!Youre doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work.Need a list building cheat sheet?Download yours here now:http://andreabolder.com/list-building-cheat-sheets/CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 16wheresyourlist
    • Today is Day #17 of our 30 day Blogging Bootcamp training!Lets talk about lowering your Alexa ranking some more and how to gethigher into the Organic Rankings on Google. These two things alone willbring visitors to your site for your targeted keywords.Blogging regularly and then getting people to your site every single day isthe goal. Dont just drive people to your site with your current blog post,but drive them to your site with these activities as well:When you post a video from YouTube try to send traffic throughyour website. This way Google and Alexa "see" that the traffic isgoing from point of contact - email, social media...TO your blog andthen TO YouTube or Vimeo. Embed the video into your blog page orpost and have it there.When you are on Twitter or Facebook, drive traffic BACK to yourwebsite. Feature articles, your sales pages and lead capture pages,ask a question and create a page for people to comment on. All ofthis traffic works in your favor with lowering your Alexa ranking.Build an alliance with like-minded marketers. Create a TLC alliancewhere you and a group of friends Tweet, Like and Comment on eachothers blog posts when they are published. When you are donepublishing your post, ask them to come by and "T"weet it to theirfriends, "L"ike it on Facebook and then "C"omment in the commentsections. BAM!! This will create some viral buzz and momentumaround your content and your Alexa ranking will go down FAST!Heres why you want your Alexa rank as low as possible:Most JV partners and advertisers will ONLY do business with peoplewhose rank is below 500,000. This shows there is activity at the site,CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 17wheresyourlist
    • a regular list and a serious blogger.The lower your rank, the better you will be positioned in Google. Hereis a blog post about how to increase your Google page rank...http://andreabolder.com/2012/how-to-increase-google-page-rank-fast-and-why-you-should-even-care/If you ever do any Google PPC ads, this will also help with yourrelevancy score. Your keywords need to be relevant with yourcontent.Guys, its not as complicated as you might think to make money with yourblog!Many of the people I work with had no clue how they were going to makemoney with their blogs and now, some in less than 90 days are makingmore than their husbands. How crazy is that?Im so grateful youve chosen to spend this time with me. Weve got about13 more days together and its going to be awesome!Become familiar with your Alexa ranking. Your goal is to get it as low aspossible!Youre doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work.=) 
    • Today is Day #18 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training and it belongsto YOU!You can ask me any question, tell me how I can better serve you, or just letme know what you are struggling with.Now is the time to "speak up" so I can help you move your businessforward.Run on over to my Facebook page now & let me help.What can I do for you?www.AndreaBolderFanPage.comSee you tomorrow...and if you have a question, please stop by so I canhelp. =)Want more blog traffic tips: Heres a list of my best traffic gettingposts here:http://andreabolder.com/increase-blog-traffic/CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 18break
    • Today is Day #19 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training!Were talking about Driving MASSIVE Traffic and List building today.Get my list of 101 Ways To Drive Blog Traffic:http://andreabolder.com/2012/101-ways-to-drive-unstoppable-traffic-to-your-blog/Want to know how I get my traffic: Get the ultimate guide here. CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 19drivingtraffic
    • Today is Day #20 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training.I love everything about being able to build a business online, one thatattracts people who actually want my help and are seeking the solutions Ihave to offer them.When you get to the point in your business when you understand, I meantruly understand that the skills, gifts and knowledge you have can impactothers - it makes all the hard work, failures and hurdles worth it.Today we are back on the topic of list building. It is a topic I absolutelyLOVE! Over the course of the last 2 1/2 years Ive been able to grow listsinto the thousands and they continue to grow every single day.So, what are the key focus points in list building? Here is a quick checklistfor you:Your Irresistible Offer: If you are not getting opt ins - check youroffer. You want to make sure your offer is something people want. Awebinar that has nothing but testimonials on it doesnt do me verygood. Give me some useable, step by step information I canimplement right away and get some immediate results. This is whatmakes for a great opt-in offer.My opt-in offer is usually an eBook or video course.Here are a couple of different offers:http://blogtrafficbootcamp.com/hypnotic-headlines/http://fastcashebookformula.com/how-to-write-an-ebook-free-report/CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 20lists,lists,lists!
    • These are both information products that if I wanted to SELL I couldbecause it has that much value but I have chosen to give them awayinstead.Be sure you know who your target audience and ideal prospect is?What motivates them? What are they looking for? What challengesare the desperately looking to solve? What inspires them? Whatkeeps them up at night? What are their desires?No on loses sleep because they are worried about whether or nottheir weight loss drink taste great. But I see this everyday - adsonline that focus on taste! Heres the deal - they lose sleep worryingabout whether or not they are going to look cute in the new blackdress or suit they just bought for next months reunion.Speak to your ideal prospect in their language. You have to be ableto walk into their shoes. This is super critical - so much so that if youdont get this right you will never make money online. Your prospectdoesnt care about what motivates you, but you have to care aboutwhat motivates them!Make your blog a relationship hub! Content is great, but you have tofind a way to build a connection. Facts, data, and figure dont sell,stories, relationships, and engagement do. So be sure youre notoverloading people with facts when they want community andconnection.Richard Branson, Virgin mogul spoke about this very topic. Thebiggest companies in the world know the value of a connection. Theyare all focusing on social media, because they know and understandthe importance of building relationships online. So be very careful ifyou are giving far too much information and not enough connection.Well talk some more about this a little later and well be talking more aboutheadlines and how to convert your ideal prospect into a customer.
    • Today is Day #21 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training.Did you know that traffic (high quality, targeted traffic) is the #1 source ofsuccess online.Ask any 6, 7, 8-figure online entrepreneur what they cant live without andthey will tell you traffic!But what do you go for? paid or free traffic....well it depends!What do you have to leverage?Time or money?Whether you go for free or paid methods here are a few key strategiesevery internet marketer should explore.Heres your training for today:http://andreabolder.com/2012/need-website-traffic-free-and-paid-traffic-strategies-to-increase-visitors/CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 21traffic
    • Today is Day #22 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training and I want totalk about your free offer.Do people really want, open and use your free offer?Were coming toward the end of our 30 day bootcamp! I hope that youveenjoyed our time together as much as I have.Once youve completed this bootcamp youll be ready to graduate to somemore advanced business building strategies =)So today, Im talking about your offer a bit more. This is the opt-in offeryou are giving on your blog or squeeze pages that will entice people to joinyour mailing list. This list is what you promote and market to, have arelationship with and its the backbone of your online business.It must be handled with care, respect and there are a few minor technicaltips youll want to follow as well when it comes to positioning your offercorrectly.Make sure if you are giving away a document, free report or eBookthat it is in PDF format. if you send it in .Doc or any other formatyoull end up with a lot of issues from people who dont may not keeptheir computers up to date like they should.Here is a quick video on how to convert docs to PDFs.http://andreabolder.com/2012/how-to-create-pdf-documents-for-ebooks-and-information-products/If you are doing a video training, try to keep each portion of thevideo course less than 15 minutes long. Anything more and youllstart to lose your audiences attention. Because this is a no cost offerCHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 22magneticoffers
    • they are getting, their attention span will be low but their excitementlevel will be high! So give them "just enough" content, but dontoverwhelm them.Make sure you keep your offer precise and to the point. You don thave to mesmerize people with fancy fonts and graphics. These willnot only create deliverability problems but they can distract from thequality of your content. Create a word(pc) or pages(mac) documentand turn it into a PDF so everyone can view it.These simple tips will increase your retention and readership and peoplewill want more of what you offer.Tomorrow well be talking about the importance of your newsletter andhow to create one easily and quickly!
    • Today is Day #23 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training.Lets talk about products and services!!There is not a day that goes by that I dont receive a message on Facebookor via email where someone is asking me what is the best way to promotetheir products and services (or affiliate products) on their blog. They wantto know where to showcase their products, if they should sell to their emaillist, how much promotion is too much and so on?The thing Ill tell you is WATCH what I do. WATCH what other successfulmarketers do. I am a brand that sells both products and services. Thisdoes not change the way I market things. The truth is people are theconsumer of your products or services. People are the ones who will buyyour products, services, programs and coaching...One of the biggesttickets to success on your blog is to always remember that PEOPLE areyour focus more than anything.If your products are not serving the PEOPLE, they wont buy your stuff. Ifyou cant find a way to convey the benefits of your products, they wontbuy. PERIOD.When you write copy about your products you must focus on the results,and the benefits you bring your customers.It is super important that you understand what people want out of yourproducts and services. Do they want a great tasting protein bar? Or dothey want a beach body that they feel good about? Do they really want toearn more money? Or do they want to eliminate the worry and anxiety ofan uncertain future?Tap into what your prospects really want and you will succeed with anyproduct, any affiliate program, any service in any market online.CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 23sellingonline
    • Today is Day #24 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training.Ok! A lot of people ask me what copywriting is and why its so important tomaking money online.Let s take a quick detour and head over to my blog. Here is a post I wrotethat explains it all!http://andreabolder.com/2010/what-is-copywriting/Words Sell!Have an awesome day!CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 24copywriting
    • Today is Day #25 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training.Why do you buy stuff?Because it satisfies an emotion of need, want, desire.Now whether you really needed to spend your last $50 bucks on a pair ofred pumps, the point is your desire to HAVE outweighed the cost of theproduct you were buying.Always remember this one fact - people buy products that make them feelgood. People buy on emotion.Its critical that you find out who your ideal avatar is. What is their pressingproblem that needs to be satisfied. Your product is aimed to satisfy thaturgent pressing problem...and your blog is the mouth piece for presentingthe answers to your ideal prospect s problem.When marketing your products or services online, learn more about yourcustomers and potential customers than you do your products and asTony Robbins teaches, youll go farther than anyone else in your industryor niche.You are in the "people business" and you should spend a time learning howto talk to, influence and serve people. This alone is the key to successfullymarketing your products and services.Share your story.Share the success of others.Pay attention to what people want.Take the time to listen.These are the things that will pay you handsomely!CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 25satisfyingemotion
    • Today is Day #26 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training.Forum marketing is awesome!!Learn how to drive targeted traffic to your blog thru the power of nichespecific forums.http://andreabolder.com/2012/revealed-forum-marketing-checklist/Short and sweet...Have great day!CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 26forums
    • Today is Day #27 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training.Social media is a powerful tool for driving blog traffic and building youronline reputation.Many people think social media is just another fun tool" to use whenblogging, In fact, this couldnt be further form the truth.Outside of Google, my next best source of traffic is Facebook.Social media happens to be the #1 way of building rapport, connectingwith your audience and getting critical feedback from your target audienceonline.But while social media is an awesome tool, just setting up a fan page ortwitter account is not going to make you any more money than creating ablog does. We have to connect with our audience, listen to them and servethem in a way that provides them exactly what they are asking for.One of the most important skills when it comes to creating success in youronline business is your ability to LISTEN.Ive seen marketers blow tens of thousands of dollars in paid advertisingonline...but their ads dont convert because they are not paying attention towhat their prospects are asking for.They are not creating sales because people dont know, like, or trust theiradvice.So when were on social media, be sure to ask questions, engage, buildrelationships. Just ask people how they are doing, what is the one thingthey wish they can have, change, do different. People love to give their 2cent and this is the beauty of social media - you can ask your audienceCHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 27socialmediapower
    • where they are at, and then you can give it to them - that is powerful.If you are not on Facebook and Twitter - set up your accounts today...andadd me as your first friend!If you are struggling to engage your target audience - you may want topick up a copy of Facebook Leads Factory - which shares conversationstarters, engagement tips and other tricks to boost your traffic and saleson Facebook.You can find me here:Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/thegoldmedalmarketerTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/andreabolderNext I want you to connect these to your blog. You can see an example ofthat on my site. Give people the opportunity to connect with you. Invitethem through your autoresponder messages. Ask them to give you inputon you blog posts in your newsletters by connecting with you throughsocial media.On your Contact me page, have your Facebook and Twitter accountslisted so people can connect with you quickly!NEVER ever underestimate the power of social media. Today, its a lifelinethat NO business should be without!
    • Today is Day #28 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training.As you can probably imagine, I am always looking for ways to make myblog the best it can be.I am going to assume that the reason you are going through this 30 daybootcamp is because you are looking for more ways to build a better blog?Maybe you are tired of constantly comparing your - blog to other industryleaders? Perhaps youre just done with having a blog that sucks!Well its time to get rid of the blog shame!By now you know that there is a lot more to blogging than writing somewords and hitting publish.In todays bootcamp I want to share with you 47 ways to make your blogthe best in your niche!Get all 47 here:http://andreabolder.com/2012/47-ways-to-make-your-blog-the-best/CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 28bloggingtips
    • Today is Day #29 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training.Guest blogging..Writing content for a blog that doesnt belong to you is one of my topsecret methods for massive traffic.I know...why should you spend time writing content that is going to servesomeone elses audience...Well thats the point.Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to generate highlytargeted traffic, subscribers, brand awareness and quality inboundbacklinks to your site.The payoff can be explosive for your business and brand online.So lets take a look at the major benefits to you and how to get started asa guest blogger.http://andreabolder.com/2012/the-abcs-of-guest-blogging/CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 29guestblogging
    • Today is Day #30 of our 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp training.And YOU MADE IT!!!I tell ya - you should really give yourself a pat on the back. Not very manypeople can stick with something for 30 days, but YOU have shown thecommitment and dedication of a champion.And it takes a CHAMPION to build a successful business online. This is whynot everyone can do it...not everyone has the "show up to win" attituderequired to excel.But YOU did it!It takes a really serious marketer to keep up with 30 days of training.But like Tony Robbins says - success comes from committing to yourrituals, developing awesome habits and creating high standards!We are going to cap off todays training with the topic of your newsletter.Why? Because it is such an amazing tool for connecting, growing your listand building a community of education and value with your prospects.Newsletters are the place where you teach, provide awesome content thatgives your subscribers the results they expect and its where you keepyour prospects in the loop on whats going on with your business and inthe industry.Your newsletter should be 80% useable content, 20% pitch, 100%relationship building!One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to email marketing is peopleleave out the "relationship, the connection". No one "craves" an inbox full ofCHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 30letscelebrate!!
    • information or product recommendations every single day...they do craverelationship, support, encouragement.http://andreabolder.com/2012/how-relationship-marketing-can-increase-your-online-profits/So when you send out your content, be sure to take off the edge byinfusing your info with a little bit of your personal style.Heres the layout of a perfect newsletter:Have an inviting opening. Share what you are doing at the moment, tell ashort story, get people to warm up to you a bit.Then you can feature the meat of your newsletter content. This includeslessons on new strategies, input from readers, updates on new products orservices, info on events, etc.Then you can wrap it all up with a call to action. Super simple.It doesnt matter what you market - it could be panty hose and massageoils for all I care - but the key is to use your newsletters as a connectiontool.So Ill wrap up with this...The #1 key to my success and continued growth online, is because of myability to connect with the right people. Hanging around people who canelevate my game, make me better, keep me educated and support me as Istrive to achieve my goals.Look at the 5 people you hang around the most, take an average of theirincome and youll find youre within 5-10K of their income.
    • So I say that to say this...if you want to make 6 figures and everyone youknow and hang with is making minimum wage you need to find yourselfsome new friends!What you watch, read, and listen to directly impacts your life. So...who areyou keeping company with? Who do you listen to the most? Pay very closeattention to the 5 people who influence you the most on a daily basis!If youve never had anyone believe in you...you do NOW! I believe in you,your dreams and your passions! It is an honor to call you my friend!Thanks for committing to the 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp Series! God blessyou! =)
    • Congratulations! You finished the 30 day Blog Traffic Bootcamp!Hopefully you took action on the emails and free training but now that the30 Day Bootcamp is over...you may be wondering....WHAT DO I DO NEXT????Making money online is very simple...You Pay Attention,You Learn the SkillsYou Take Action!If you decide to take consistent action and implement these strategies intoyour business, there is literally no limit to what you can accomplish.No more struggle.No more guessing.No more disappointment.Ive laid out for you the foundation for making money online with your blogand as I continue to share information with you I will literally lay out for youthe same 6-figure blogging formula that has taken me, a clueless work athome mom who didnt know squat about making money online a coupleyears ago, to a commission collecting blogger thats having $1000+ dayson the Internet....doing less than 2 hours of work a day!!Want to learn more about how you can work with me? Get the deetshere...CHAMPION YOUR BUSINESS 30 DAYBLOGGING BOOTCAMPc r e a t e a w e b s i t e t h a t s e l l s . . . a n d n o t s u c k !day 31nextsteps...