17 Ways To Use Photos In Your Social Media Marketing | www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com
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17 Ways To Use Photos In Your Social Media Marketing | www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com



Presentation by Andrea Bolder, www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com ...

Presentation by Andrea Bolder, www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com
Discover the social media marketing strategies that will allow you to generate automated income online. Get Instant Access To This Life Changing Information Here ⇨ http://MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com



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    17 Ways To Use Photos In Your Social Media Marketing | www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com 17 Ways To Use Photos In Your Social Media Marketing | www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com Presentation Transcript

    • Have you noticed more photos on socialnetworks? pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • From Pinterest to Instagram...Facebook toTwitter people are sharing more visualcontent than ever! pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • Do you need some help in getting startedwith sharing more visual content yourfollowers will love to drive moreengagement, traffic and sales to your onlinebusiness? pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • Here are 17 tips for implementing a visualstrategy that gets results. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 01. Add Text To Your ImagesAdding text to a photo can help you get your message across faster. And these messages aremore likely to be shared by others on social media. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 02. Create and Awesome Facebook CoverThe cover photos for Facebook give you a lot of real estate (specifically 851 x 315 px) todemonstrate visually what your business is about. There are a number of great resourcesto help you create cool Facebook cover photos. No graphic skills, go to Fiverr.com and get acover made for $5. With that price you can afford to change your Facebook cover often. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 03. Facebook PhotosPhotos get 7 times more likes and 10 times more shares than links. Some of the brands withlargest followings on Facebook have posted an impressive number of timeline photos. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 04. Use Simple ScreenshotsPhotos are a powerful way to show your readers a step-by-step guide on how to carry outspecific tasks. Users respond well when you show how to carry out a task that mayotherwise seem complex to them, even with simple screenshots. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 05. InfographicsInfographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to presentcomplex information quickly and clearly. Infographics are all the rage right now and theyʼreshared often on social sites.There are a number of tools to help you create your own infographics. Start with infogr.am pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 06. Landing PagesUse strong photos and images on landing pages to move people to action. Having clear,relevant images—either of the product or something closely related projects a strong brandimage. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 07. Get CreativeThere are photos and there are photos. What grabs your attention? What makes you take alittle extra time looking at an image? What feelings does the photo evoke? Users are makingthose types of conscious and unconscious decisions every day. How can your images stand outand stand the test of time? Donʼt be afraid to be unique, creative and out of the box! pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 08. Picture QuotesThe sharing of quotes on social sites has also increased tremendously in the past year.  Thereare a number of tools to create quotes from something youʼve read online and even yourown content. Check out Quozio to create shareable quotes online. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 09. Branded ImagesAs a personal brand you also want to create images that promote and sell YOU. That meanscreating and sharing images that include your profile picture, your website address, yourmarketing message. Simply upload them from your computer and add a link that redirects trafficexactly where you want them to go.
    • 10. Photo-monialsPositive reviews can go a long way. Why not take a screenshot of a review and save it as animage to include on your social sites?
    • 11. TeasersTeaser pins intrigue people and get them to click through at a very high rate. A teaser pin is onethat simply has text on top of an image or colorful background, that states what you will learn onthe other side. You donʼt teach them anything in the pin, you just peak their curiosity. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 12. Optimize Your Photo FilenameWant to create web worthy photos? Give your images detailed, informative filenames. AsGoogle suggests, “my-new-black-kitten.jpg is a lot more informative than IMG00023.JPG.” IfGoogle is unable to find suitable text on the page where they found the image, theyʼll use thefilename as the imageʼs snippet in their search results. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 13. Use Images in Your VideoVideo is powerful but if you really want to go viral incorporate awe-inspiring, eye-catchingimages that draw viewers in and keep them engaged throughout your video.
    • 14. Share Images of Big EventsYouʼre proud of your accomplishments and you should be. So why not show your bigmoments? Received a big commission check, met an industry celeb, got recognized on stage?Sharing these kinds of image helps spread the word about your accomplishments, is a goodexample of visual brand storytelling and creates social proof.
    • 15. ChecklistsRepuropse your content, round up some of the most helpful information you can find on a topic,break it down into a list, add a few graphics and have a powerful checklist your target audiencewill love. This is a great way to resurrect some of your older blog posts.  pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 16. Guides, Checklists and Free reportsPromoting eBooks and other great resources is an effective list building strategy that is veryeasy to execute. If youʼre passionate about something, use your knowledge to make it easierfor others to understand. Create a guide or tutorial and pin the ebook cover or photos usedwithin the ebook on your social media sites. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • 17. Feature Shareable Sidebar ImagesAdd those Pin-worthy photos to your sidebar, inviting your blog visitors to browse around andshare more of your posts on Pinterest. pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com
    • Learn More About How To Create A ContentStrategy That Generates Automated Income Online! CLICK THE LINK BELOW www.MakeMoneyWithAndrea.com pinterest.com/andreabolder makemoneywithandrea.com