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Traffic is the lifeline of your online business and it is one of the most important pieces to a successful blog. It doesn’t matter how awesome your content is if not body sees it. You have to know how to drive a constant stream of high-quality targeted traffic to your blog content. This post was designed to be a go-to resource giving you 101 ways by which you can Drive Unstoppable Traffic To Your Blog.




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    • 101 HOT Underground Traffic Tips Brought to you by: http://blogforleads.blogtrafficbootcamp.com -Andrea BolderHey guys,For those of you who know me, youʼll know that I am completely obsessed with allthings online marketing =)I get a kick out of testing new traffic generation methods, squeeze pages, headlines andcontent syndication strategies.Business it a game and when you know to play it you also figure out how to bend therules a bit.And one of my favorite things to do it get a up close and personally with other BIG TIMETRAFFIC GURUS so I can essentially swipe their knowledge and expertise. Fortunately,Iʼve developed relationships with a ton of online marketers who are just killing it in theironline businesses and have been able to bounce off ideas and mastermind with somereally awesome people in our industry.So in this report, Iʼd like to share with you some of the golden nuggets Iʼve been able tolearn over the years.You see, this month Iʼve generated enough traffic to create consist $1000 days onlineand so I though it might be fun to share the underground traffic sources I tap into.You see the key to massive success online is getting a little bit here and a little bit there.It all adds up to an avalanche of unstoppable targeted traffic that makes you money onautopilot.So without further ado, hereʼs a behind-the-scenes look at my own killer trafficstrategies.The Top 101 Traffic Strategies we use to make it all come together....
    • Traffic is the lifeline of your online business and it is one of the most important pieces toa successful blog. It doesnʼt matter how awesome your content is if not body sees it.You have to know how to drive a constant stream of high-quality targeted traffic to yourblog content. This post was designed to be a go-to resource giving you 101 ways bywhich you can Drive Unstoppable Traffic To Your Blog.There is a big difference between traffic and targeted traffic and it is better to get high-quality traffic than tons of visitors that are not 100% vested in the type of content youcreate. Before you begin to take action on implementing a blog traffic campaign, yourfirst step to is set goals. It is important that you know the following: • Who are the people that will be best served from my content? • What problems and challenges do they face? • Can the information I provide help them solve there problems? • How much traffic do I need to drive to my blog each day to generate X amount of income? • What products and services will I recommend or promote? • How will I convert visitors to leads?For example, if you are building traffic for your new “information product” site you wantto attract visitors who not only need your product but have the means to buy your
    • product. Using your time and money attracting visitors who do not have purchasingpower is a sure way to kill your business fast. The same applies to your blog. You wantlaser targeted traffic from the search engines and social media networks that convertinto sales.Ask yourself the following test questions:Money Question – Is there anyone out there already promoting something similar?Passion Question – Is my prospect experiencing BIG pain or BIG desire s/he wants toeliminate or satisfy?Urgency Question – Is my prospect already actively looking for solutions?Access Question – Are there enough people looking for this solution AND can I easilyfind and reach them online.If the answer is yes to all of these questions, then you are working within a niche that iscapable to driving the type of traffic that will make you money.So now that we have determined that there is traffic to be gained, letʼs start with mytraffic generation list for your blog. As I come across additional sources for traffic…I willadd them to the list. Again, feel free to bookmark this page or print this list out so youcan reference it in the future.101 Unstoppable ways to drive blog traffic1. Create quality content:Content is the new currency. The actual content within your website is extremelyimportant when it comes to web traffic. You MUST keep your content fresh, unique andkeyword rich. Search engines can distinguish between junk sites loaded with poorcontent so that they can get better rankings and high quality content sites. So whateveryou do, keep your content relevant, keep it high quality and make sure you get yourkeyword phrases in without sacrificing the overall experience of your readers.2. Guest post on other blogs:Guest blogging is one of the fastest ways to start driving laser-targeted traffic to yourwebsite. Please do not underestimate the power of this technique. • There are a TON of benefits to guest blogging… • High Quality Backlinks • Increased Exposure to Social Media • Networking Power – Building a blogging alliance • Boosts your Brand & Reputation (Authority by association) • Increased Exposure in the Search Engines3. Comment on other related blogs:
    • Blog commenting is a very easy way to generate FREE backlinks and build yourinfluence as an expert in your niche.  Donʼt be afraid to jump into the community andmake insightful comments…comments that will really stand out and add value.4. Optimize your blog for search engines:Making your posts rich with targeted keywords or keyword phrases allows you to attractspecific types of traffic to your site, but because there are now a lot more savvymarketers using article marketing and SEO to drive traffic, we have to use new kinds ofkeywords, such as ʻlong tailʼ keywords. You can generate keywords with Googleʼskeyword tool but they are not really long tail keywords, use it as a guide and extend onthem a little. Other keyword tools which will give you better long tail keywords areMarket Samurai and also SEOBook Keyword Tools.5. Forum marketing: Most people discount forum marketing because theyʼre too busy searching for the nextfuturistic strategy.  But Iʼm here to tell you that forum marketing is one of the FASTESTways to drive laser-targeted traffic to your website. Forums put you DIRECTLY in frontof your target market and it is a high return on investment type of activity. You canliterally have traffic on tap within 5 minutes. Make sure to include a link to your blog inyour signature.6. Write 101 list posts like this:People love exhaustive lists that share a ton of value. Just make sure your lists areuseful and not filled with wording that is repetitive just to make the post longer.7. Write 10 tips posts:Obviously a shorter version of a 101 list. These posts drive lots of traffic because theyare quick and give the visitor that impression that they can get a problem solved or learnsomething in a few easy steps.8. Publish a Top List Post:There types of post actually require you to do a little bit of research. This is a list thatshares the “best of” something instead of just random items. If you are doing a “Top 10Bloggers” type of post make sure to include images and links back to the bloggers site.You will also want to let them know youʼve added them to your list – itʼs a great way toget them to share it with their network.9. Join blogging communities:Post to sites like BloggersBase, Blokube and BlogEngage.10. Submit your blog to content syndication sites like:
    • Inbound.org, alltop.com, affbuzz.com, affdaily.com, instructables.com and technorati.11. Use Press releases:If your online business has done anything “newsworthy” lately, improved or added aproduct, or you are just starting out and want to announce the launching of your brandand/or website, then you are in a position to benefit from writing and distributing a pressrelease. Increasing search engine rankings can be a very valuable marketing tool to asmall business and press release marketing offers a cost-effective (how does freesound?) vehicle for such a marketing initiative.12. Want to get FREE PR?Work on getting covered by the media through sites like Help A Reporter Out. – thisalone can help you gain a lot of traffic.  HARO connects news sources with bloggersand other experts looking for their expertise.13. Create a bloggers network or alliance:What does a blogging alliance actually do? Here are some examples: • Members link to each other. • Comment on each otherʼs blogs. • Retweet each otherʼs content. • Stumble each otherʼs content. • Promote each otherʼs Facebook Fan Pages. • Swap guest posts. • Blog challenges. • Weekly/Monthly Roundups • Interviews. And much more… 1000 HOT Leads in 30 Days? I m inviting a select group of people to join me in our automated income mastermind and get mentored to $1K a Day Over The Next 90 Days... Click Here
    • 14. Post your content to the Top Tutorial Sites online:Tutorial sites are a HUGE, untapped traffic source online. Especially if you publisharticles regarding internet marketing, wordpress, SEO, graphic design, webdevelopment, programming, or business development. Visit sites like tutorialized.comas they can send you thousands of visitors per article.15. Create a FREE report about how to drive traffic to blog:Every online business whether you are a blogger, affiliate marketer or small businessowner needs traffic. Share your tried and tested strategies with others. People like otherbloggers who share the secret instead of keeping it to themselves. Here is an exampleof a FREE report I created to drive traffic to my blog- “Blog Traffic Bootcamp“. Itʼshelped me add tons of new subscribers and increased sales.16. Advertise your blog on craiglist.17. Build your email list with Aweber:The money is in the list and email marketing is a great way to share your blog contentwith targeted audience. Loyal fans will also share and promote your blog with their ownnetworks.18.  Add your blog URL in your email signature:A great tool to use is a simple addon called Wisestamp.19. Submit your blog to feed directories:These sites can distribute your blog posts to a number of sites increasing your blogtraffic.20. Create a podcast:Create value packed podcasts to promote your blog, brand, products and services.21. Create SEO videos related to your niche:Leverage the viral power of video sharing sites such as YouTube and Viddler. You canmass distribute your  videos by using a service like tubemogul.com, trafficgeyser orpixelpipe.22. Add your blog url to your business card.23. Use Facebook Ads:Advertise your blog using Facebook Ads. Create a ad that offers a free report and directleads back to your blog.
    • 24. Use Twitter:Create a twitter account, build up your Twitter followers using tools like TweetAdder andstart tweeting your blog posts (make sure to use #hashtags).25. Promote on LinkedIn:LinkedIn is a great place to drive traffic. Post your blog in groups, add a link to yourBusiness Page and share individual blog posts i the  LinkedIn Answers section that canbe beneficial to others.26. Facebook of course!Once you have published your blog post the natural step is to let everyone know itʼsthere. Share your content on your Facebook timeline and in groups related to yourniche.27. YouTube:Turn your blog post into a short video tutorial or slideshow  and upload it to YouTube.Make sure to add a link back to the related blog post.28. Pin your blog pictures to Pinterest:Any images or infographics you create and add to your blog posts can be shared onPinterest. When you pin a photo a URL will be attached that links back to your blog.29. Write Link-bait posts:Link bait is a piece of content placed on a web page – whether itʼs a useful article, aunique blog post, picture, that people react to by linking to or sharing with others. Hereis a cool picture to give you a visual of how link bait works.30. Submit your posts to blog carnivals:A good place to start is BlogCarnival.com.31. Blog Pinging:Always ping your blog after writing your blog posts using a site like Pingler orpingomatic (Ping O Matic) - this can lead to an inflow of blog traffic.32. Advertise your blog using a paid marketing method like Google Adwords.33. Make use of trackbacks:
    • A trackback is a form of “blog conversation” that links two or more relevant blog entriestogether.34. Hold a ContestEverybody loves FREE swag! Start a blog contest and get morereal targeted subscribers. You will be amazed with the response which you usually getfor contest. You can always start with 1-2 free domain giveaway.35. Enter a JV GiveawayJV Giveaway Events are carried out mainly in the Internet Marketing niche, and aGiveaway is a site where multiple marketers contribute a free gift. This can be freeebooks, reports, videos, membership passes, software, audios, etc…Then all of thecontributors promote the Giveaway Event to their individual email list, which puts youroffer in front of a fresh audience of thousands. Your offer is listed among all of the othercontributors.36. Write a blog post containing pictures only:What a clever and creative way to craft a blog post. Create an infographic or series ofimages and share it on social bookmarking sites and image sharing sites like Pinterest.37. Make a video posts:Video Blogging is great way to create a viral blog site.38. Create a Squidoo lens:Create a lens that is rich with relevant keywords you talk about on your blog.39. Create a mobile version of your blog:Use wordpress applications such as WPTouch to cater to people who only browse fromtheir mobile phones.40. Create an iPhone app for your blog:iPhones applications are very popular and what better way to drive traffic than throughyour own cool application41. Create a keyword-rich hubpages hub for your blog:Creating Hubpages (similar to squidoo pages) are great ways to increase traffic to yoursite.42. Participate in online groups like Google Groups.
    • 43. Always submit your posts to Stumbleupon.44. Advertise your blog using the stumbleupon ads:The more people like your ad, the more free traffic you can get.45. Advertise your blog with LinedIn Ads46. Advertise your Blog with Twitter Ads47. Submit your blog to blog directories:This is great especially if you are a new blog. Hereʼs and article from Search EngineJournal that lists 23 Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog To.48. Submit your blog to website directories49. Submit articles to article directories:Articles are one of the most effective ways to gain targeted web traffic. In order tomaximize the articles you write, simply submit your articles to all the top articledirectories. If you are consistent, you will quickly begin to see a difference in the type oftraffic coming through your site.50. Add your blog posts to ning communities:Visit Ning.com and you can contribute articles within EVERY Ning community and theyare displayed on the FRONT PAGE. Powerful!51. Submit to Docu-Sharing Sites:Document sharing is a great way to attract targeted traffic to your product, services andsales pages. Turn your blog posts into a powerpoint slide and upload it to documentsharing sites such as: • slideshare.net • issuu.com • docstoc.com • wepapers.com • yudu.com • scribd.com • calameo.com52. Write an “Ultimate Guide” to a hot topic:When I created Blog Traffic Bootcamp – The Ultimate Guide To Unstoppable BlogTraffic which  I had not idea how viral the content would get and it has lead to moreretweets, shares, sales and traffic.
    • 53. Stir up a little bit of controversy:Creating a controversial blog post is an effective method to get attention and drivetraffic. Just be careful not to make people too mad.54. Add social sharing buttons to your blog:There are a number of plugins such as Digg Digg, ShareThis and Shareaholic that willhelp you get more traffic when people share your posts. at the end of all posts,preferably) – you will get more traffic when people share your posts.55. Submit your blog posts to niche social news sites:In addition to sites like BloggersBase.com, Blokube.com, and BlogEngage.com, thereare also tons of niche social sites online that can send you a TON of highly targetedtraffic. Submit your content to the following sites to drive more traffic back to your blog. • Sphinn • ImNewsWatch.com • Serpd.com • Tipd.com • BizSugar.com • BetterNetworker.com • DesignBump.com • DesignFloat.com • Tutorialized.com • Pixel2Life.com56. Join a Tribe:Consider sites like Triberr and TribePro to get viral syndication of your content. 1000 HOT Leads in 30 Days? I m inviting a select group of people to join me in our automated income mastermind and get mentored to $1K a Day Over The Next 90 Days... Click Here
    • 57. Have a facebook fan page for your blog:If you blog is separate from your personal brand you may want to consider creating aseparate fan page58. Promote your blog on your local television station.59. Advertise your blog on your local radio station.60. Advertise your blog on your local newspaper or magazine.61. Always use tags in your posts:Make sure you put in keyword rich tags, put in your main keyword, and any relatedkeywords. Also include your name and company name as a tag so that you and or yourcompany pops up when people start searching for you.62. Get listed in DMOZ:This is an open directory site that is well respected by Google. Getting your blog listedcan improve your rankings in Google and other search engines overnight, therebyleading to more traffic.63. Advertise your site with various online yellow pages.64. Write a post featuring the top influencers in your niche:Write a top 5 affiliate marketing blogs or a smartest social media marketers post. Youʼllbe surprised at how this can attract their attention. They might retweet the post and youwill get some traffic.65. Be the first to cover breaking news:If there is something big going on in your industry. Jump on it. If you can be a source ofup to date stories big blogs like techcrunch will cover it later and link to you as thesource.66. Contribute your expertise to sites like yahoo answers:Answer questions on yahoo answers and use your blog or a specific blog post as thesource or reference.67. Write magnetic headlines:What good is it to create awesome content if you canʼt get people to click on your post.Draw traffic on with a killer headline.68. Create a Q&A post of top bloggers or experts:
    • Contact 10-15 bloggers and ask them a question about a common challenge in theindustry. For example: What would you do if you had to start a blog all over again. Askthe same questions, compile all their answers into a post and ask them to share it withtheir readers.69. Conduct in-depth interviews the top bloggers in your niche:Record an interview with an industry leader and ask the people you interview to sharethe link to the audio. You can also get the audio transcribed and create a blog post fromit.70. Write posts in relation to celebrities:Example: 9 Words of Wisdom From Sir Richard Branson on Building a Business71. Capitalize on Amazon reviews:Review products related to your niche on Amazon and then link to your blog in yourreview.72. Submit to Digg:While Digg is not as powerful as it once was it is still a good way to generate traffic.Look at the popular posts on Digg and create posts that are similar.73. Do a blog comparing top services, products or business opportunities in yourniche.74. Review popular blogs and websites related to your niche on Alexa and try tolink back to your site in the review.75. Add a discussion forum to your blog.76. Make sure you have a visible RSS feed button:Make sure your readers subscribe to your feed, this will bring about more repeat visitors(which is worth more than one-time visits).77. Leverage social media:Use social media to network and build your influence through engaging and connectingwith like-minded people. Create accounts on every social networking site and post a linkto your latest article everyday (this alone will get you hundreds of views to your articlesdaily and more backlinks to increase your search engine rankings). You can automatethis with submission tools like Onlywire.78. Join a mastermind:
    • Sometimes you have to buy your influence. Join a mastermind and align yourself withsuccessful people in the industry.79. Proofread your blog content before publishing:Itʼs important to create a clean, professional site for your visitors and one critical step ismaking sure your blog content reads well. People wonʼt link to unprofessional articles.Here is a checklist of steps you should take before you hit publish.80. Create an affiliate program:If youʼve created an information product, one of the best ways to skyrocket sales anddrive traffic to your blog and product pages is to develop an affiliate program.81. Partner with a non-profit organization or charity and give them a link to yourblog:Not only will this promote your site youʼll be aligning yourself with a great cause.  Hereʼsthe charity I support – World Education Foundation.82. Build a very useful tool, software or application:This will not only make you money but it will lead to more people linking to your websitetoo.83. Host regular webinars:Webinars are a great way to attract traffic. Make sure you promote your event throughsocial media channels and partner with other industry leaders to leverage their audienceas well.84. Open up your site to guest bloggers:Try to have guest posters on your blog – Some of my high traffic posts are from guestauthors.85. Host local meetups and workshops:Building a local following can translate to huge influxes of traffic to your blog if you areable to direct them there for additional resources.86. Do free blogging seminars and clinics:Partner with other experts in your area and work together to invite people, using the freeseminar as an opportunity to advertise your blog.87. Embed your blog videos for hundreds of extra views:
    • There are lots of sites that allow you to embed your videos for further promotion. One ofthe coolest sites is WonderHowTo.com. If you have a “How To” video on YouTube,Viddler, MetaCafe, or any video site that gives you an embed code, then you can post itto WonderHowTo and get hundreds of extra views on your video. Some other siteswhere you can embed your video to include: • http://www.flixya.com • http://www.spike.com • http://www.instructables.com • http://www.myspace.com • http://www.magnify.net/sites/categories • http://www.myvidster.com (Social Bookmarking for Videos) • http://www.infectiousvideos.com/ • http://www.videosift.com • http://www.tagged.com • http://www.wonderhowto.com • http://www.nowpublic.com • http://www.vodpod.com89. Create a wordpress plugin:What better way to drive traffic to your site than to have thousands of peopledownloading your awesome wordpress plugin.90. Place Banner Ads:Banner advertising is used as a highly cost effective method for driving targeted trafficto your blog, product and services. Banners allow you to display your ad over a periodof time, increasing the chances that a prospect will see your ad and remember it.91. Use Mobile Ads:Mobile marketing is an emerging trend that is giving online marketers a new opportunityto cash in on. Not only can you market your business, product or services using mobilemarketing strategies, you can sell information and drive traffic right from a smartphone.92. Get creative with Ad Swaps:Ad swapping is another excellent method you can use to gain traffic to your website, ormore commonly used to gain subscribers to your list, which in turn gives you moretraffic. If this is done correctly it is a very simple and effective method of traffic building.93. Buy Solo Ads:Solo ads are a quick and effective way to get visitors to your website. Solo Ads allowyou to send a solo email to someone ELSEʼS subscriber list. Meaning that you are ableto get your squeeze page in front of thousands of people for just a couple hundredbucks.
    • 94. Create a blog challenge95. Create a survey:Run a poll or survey about a popular subject and publish the result out for the public tosee – this will lead to backlinks and traffic.96. Newsletter Syndication:If you are not quite ready to jump into the game of paid advertising you can essentiallyget solo ads for FREE by submitting an article to be published in their newsletter. Thinkof it as guest posting for email lists instead of blogs.97. Repurpose Your Blog Content:Content repurposing allows you to take one piece of content and use it across multipleonline marketing channels to drive more traffic with less work. Click here to get a list of30+ ways to repurpose your content to find targeted buyers and drive sales.98. Link, link, link:Show the love to other industry leaders by creating posts that link to 10-15 at a time. Ifyou do this consistently you will begin to get more inbound links and more traffic.99. Always do keyword research before you write your posts:Many people are missing a lot of search engine traffic because of this. Keywords arecrucial to getting your content found online….to a certain point! There is a hugedifference between just overloading your website with tons of keywords and providingvaluable content your readers can actually use. What I mean is that there must be abalance between strategic keyword placement that gets you to the top of the searchengines and valuable content that keeps your visitors connected and coming back formore.100. Use a Sitemap:To increase the links within your site create a sitemap. A ʻsitemapʼ is basically a page inyour website that has links to every single page on your website.If you are running a WordPress blog, using a plugin such a Google XML Sitemaps willgenerate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing,Yahoo and Ask.com to better index your blog. With such a sitemap, itʼs much easier forthe crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently.The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs.Additionally it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about thenew content.
    • 101. Thank You Traffic:Take the time to thank your visitors, thank your email lists, thank your customers andfollowers. When you thank those that help you and show your appreciation to those whocontribute to your success,  it will help you solidify relationships and partnerships thatcontinue to have an impact on your business in a positive way.BONUS TIPS to Drive more Unstoppable Traffic to Your Blog1. The only way to get more traffic is to do everything in this post. Read it, do it, share it! 1000 HOT Leads in 30 Days? I m inviting a select group of people to join me in our automated income mastermind and get mentored to $1K a Day Over The Next 90 Days... Click Here