Social Media Analysis & Strategy - revised 1-14-14


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This presentation is based on an existing company mainly a business-to-business model. Just recently it acquired a product that allows to tap into the business-to-consumer model. Product names, company name and other potential items are fictitious to keep the identity of this company protected.
Company name and products names are changed in this presentation.

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Social Media Analysis & Strategy - revised 1-14-14

  1. 1. Social Media Integration Plan SEO/SEM & Search – Web Presence Optimization Andrea Berberich 1
  2. 2. Table of Content     Details in Text Preparation for Product Announcement (Blog/RSS/PR) Creation of Product Announcement Creation of Social Media Integration
  3. 3. Social Media Campaign  Preparation for Product Announcement (Blog/RSS/PR)      Creation of Product Announcement        Upload and optimize Images to Flickr Upload and optimize Video to YouTube Upload and optimize PDF to Slideshare Upload and optimize PODcast on iTunes Create Blog/RSS/PR Add Images (insert from Flickr) Add Video (insert from YouTube) Add PDF (insert from Slideshare) Add PODcast icon (insert from iTunes) Add Customer Testimonials (approved Statements by Customer & Legal) Creation of Social Media Integration   Usage of Social Media Aggregators Usage of Social Media Tools
  4. 4. Preparation for Product Announcement (Blog/RSS/PR) Photos Upload to Flickr Video Upload to YouTube Product Info (WhitePaper, App Notes) Upload to Slideshare PODcast Upload to iTunes
  5. 5. Step two: Creation of Product Announcement ert images, Youtube video, PDFs, & PODcast into Blog/RSS/PR)
  6. 6. Step three: Creation of Social Media Integration and/or Send Blog/RSS/PR announcement to via email
  7. 7. Why Optimizing Press Releases?    1-2 Companies use PR Newswire to build branding and awareness Press Releases reach beyond journalists and news channels Press Releases carry company news directly to     Customers Prospects Bloggers End Users (consumers) 7
  8. 8. Why Optimizing Press Releases?  2-2 Press Releases are published and   Can be found in Search Engines Make the way through Social Media Channels     Shared by advocates Re-shared to potential customers Links from Partner web sites Receive comments and feedback 8
  9. 9. What to do before creating a Press Releases?  1-2 Effective campaigns, product or event announcements is essential to use the right keywords. These researched keywords are part of the content in the press release, web pages, social media and any other assets  Synchronize with Stakeholder/Product Manager, Corporate & Field Mktg., Web & SEO Manager to discuss selected keywords and content strategy  Incorporate selected keywords in Browser Title, Meta Description, Headlines and content  Communicate with the Web & Social Media team and create a cohesive messaging 9
  10. 10. What to do before creating a Press Releases?  2-2 Think SEO and consider Mobile     Is your press release available in all the search engines? Can it be found in mobile search engines? Is it readable on any mobile devices? Can web user link to additional information? 10
  11. 11. What is Important about Press Releases? It is all about content  Important about any Press Releases is content      Educate your audience and spark a conversation Report valuable company news and industry specific data Encourage feedback & re-share activities Plan & announce follow up Press Releases Press Release audiences are       Influencers (bloggers, critics, competitors) Journalists Advocates (Endorsers of products & company) Followers Partners Customers & Consumers 11
  12. 12. Press Releases & Digital Marketing 1-3 Press Release need to be engaging not only for the PR Newswire but also for various different channels  Social Media channels      Twitter – create a compelling message in 140 characters or less and link to the full version of the press release Optimize Open Graph meta data (when available) Add hashtags Social Media Messaging Create an Infographic version of the press release 12
  13. 13. Press Releases & Digital Marketing    2-3 Use technologies such as YouTube, Pinterest, iTunes, Flickr, Slideshare, blog radio, etc. and share your message in different formats Share your press release on channels such as Digg, reddit, Techdirt,, Slashdot, Techmeme, Ars Technica & etc. Share press releases with co-workers & social networks 13
  14. 14. Press Releases & Digital Marketing  3-3 Search        Have a compelling Browser Title in 60 characters or less not exceeding 70 characters Meta Description – create a message in 160 characters or less and add a CTA (call to action Cross link to important web pages to further support your press release Ask business partners or blog sites to link to the press release with related information Link or embed to a video or podcast Link to important assets such as Infographic, Images & PDFs Engage with SEM (PPC) to possible run a brief campaign 14
  15. 15. Thank you! Reference: Source: by Lisa Buyer Andrea Berberich 15