Intel AppUp Day Bologna
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Intel AppUp Day Bologna






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    Intel AppUp Day Bologna Intel AppUp Day Bologna Presentation Transcript

    • Intel AppUp Day :: 25.01.2012 :: BolognaCross Platform Apps
    • “Write once,run everywhere” (che sia la volta buona?)
    • Confessioni di uno sviluppatore cresciuto a c++ e win32
    • “Il software deve girare su Linux, ma abbiamo adisposizione solo machine windows”
    • “Solo Apple”
    • “qui si usa solo Linux”
    • “Preferenza per isoftware che supportinowindows, linux e macos”
    • Soluzioni ?
    • “abbiamo preso i Galaxy”
    • “applicazione web che funzioni con il solobrowser anche in assenza di connessione e senza l’ausilio di plugin”
    • “gli agenti useranno l’iPad”
    • Giving meaning to structure, semantics arefront and center with HTML5. A richer set oftags, along with RDFa, microdata, andmicroformats, are enabling a more useful, datadriven web for both programs and your users.
    • Web Apps can start faster and work even ifthere is no internet connection, thanks to theHTML5 App Cache, as well as the LocalStorage, Indexed DB, and the File APIspecifications.
    • Beginning with the Geolocation API, WebApplications can present rich, device-awarefeatures and experiences. Incredible deviceaccess innovations are being developed andimplemented, from audio/video input access tomicrophones and cameras, to local data such ascontacts & events, and even tilt orientation.
    • More efficient connectivity means more real-time chats, faster games, and bettercommunication. Web Sockets and Server-SentEvents are pushing (pun intended) data betweenclient and server more efficiently than everbefore.
    • Audio and video are first class citizens in theHTML5 web, living in harmony with your appsand sites. Lights, camera, action!
    • Between SVG, Canvas, WebGL, and CSS3 3Dfeatures, youre sure to amaze your users withstunning visuals natively rendered in thebrowser.
    • Make your Web Apps and dynamic web contentfaster with a variety of techniques andtechnologies such as Web Workers andXMLHttpRequest 2. No user should ever waiton your watch.
    • CSS3 delivers a wide range of stylization andeffects, enhancing the web app withoutsacrificing your semantic structure orperformance. Additionally Web Open FontFormat (WOFF) provides typographic flexibilityand control far beyond anything the web hasoffered before.
    • “Write once,run everywhere” (che sia la volta buona?)
    • ^_^
    • o_o
    • ._.
    • :(
    • per una classe di applicazioni ci siamo!
    • L’esercito dei wrapper
    • Hybrid ApplicationsHTML5 + JavaScript with a wrapper that gives it native capabilities
    • Applicazioni HTML5 + Nativo•Accesso all’hardware•Estendibilità (plugin)•Riuso del codice e degli skill•Minor costo•Utilizzo di api native•Marketplace
    • Per il form factor come la mettiamo?
    • Twitter Bootstrap 2Bootstrap is a responsive frontend toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart webdevelopment, featuring HTML, CSS, and JS for dozens of base elements and commondesign components. (support for IE7 ad up) Testo
    • Encapsulator
    • “Write once,sell everywhere” (con gli opportuni wrapper)
    • "it is obvious that in the coming year we will see HTML5 move from being a marketing term to something we have to work with"