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Future of content cration
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Future of content cration


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Presentation from BlogWorld NYC 2012

Presentation from BlogWorld NYC 2012

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Future of Content June 6, 2012 Andraz Tori @andraz
  • 2. Engaging content?• Delivers value• Attracts attention and keeps it• Connects and builds relationships
  • 3. Multiple kinds of “content”• Social media channels • To generate interest, attention, activity• Real life content • To support your online efforts, and vice versa• Core destination that you own • That continuously delivers value • Where you can fully control the experience
  • 4. Social media• Social media is fickle• People follow, like, retweet you, pin you • And then they forget you • Or the landlord starts changing the rules• You need to keep building your own destination • Focal point for your audiences • Place for community
  • 5. Real life content
  • 6. Destination that you own• You need to publish fresh content regularly• It needs to cater to your target audience• It should not be an island
  • 7. But how?
  • 8. Robots are coming?
  • 9. Exoskeletons
  • 10. Or like this
  • 11. Cycle of content• Idea / Inspiration• Writing or obtaining content• Optimize, enhance• Connect• Distribution
  • 12. Getting over the writers block• Creating your own, unique writing identity • High expectations lead to creative blocks • Your content is not perfect expression of yourself or your brand• Never be afraid to simply join the conversation• Research, get inspired, curate in a smart way:
  • 13. Content “on demand”?• Works if you know what you are doing• Help others and others will help you • Engaging guest bloggers• Procuring the content you need for your site
  • 14. Optimize, enhance• Search Engine Optimization• Professional copy editing Or basic spell & grammar checker
  • 15. Connect and relate• Dont be selfish• Dont be an island• Connect, link out to: • your sources • other people and brands that inspire you • simply good content for your readers
  • 16. Case study• Used Zemanta WordPress Plugin for image recommendations and connecting to other blogs in their niche.• Would periodically link to LifeHacker articles.
  • 17. • Strategy paid off as one of the Lifehacker bloggers took notice and linked back to one of Blogging Your Passion posts• This resulted in nearly 5,000 visits.• 6 other bloggers wrote about the same topic and linked back to the original post.
  • 18. Connecting efficiently?
  • 19. Zemanta• Personal writing assistant • By now computers can be smart• Helps with recommendations while writing : • Images • In-text links (Wikipedia, authoritative sites) • Related articles (Blogs, big & small media) • Tags (so people can find your content)
  • 20. Use images Skyword study found an average increase of 94% for articles that included an image or infographic .
  • 21. Takeaways
  • 22. Use a force multiplier
  • 23. Age of smart
  • 24. Dont be an island• Dont be a content island!• Its lonely• No space to grow
  • 25. Build bridges
  • 26. Thank you! Andraz @andraz
  • 27. Photo credits••••••••• Raytheon Sarcos••