How to choose the right framework for ruby web app development


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In order to choose the right web technology, we need to follow certain parameters that can help pick the most viable framework for web development.

- Makes use of fewer codes
- Free and Open Source
- User friendly and Database compatible

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How to choose the right framework for ruby web app development

  1. 1. Ruby on RailsPresentation slide for choosing right framework for Rubyweb app developmentVisit:
  2. 2. Every organization requires a strong online presence to promotetheir business over a wider customer reach. However, theincreasing competition has made it tough for the businesses toeffectively emphasize their targeted customers. Hence, thebusinesses will have to go an extra mile to get the desired resultfrom their web app development. This can be achieved by takingadvantage of the latest advancements in the web developmenttechnologies. Hence, the companies should choose the rightdevelopment framework that can facilitate them with bettermanagement and deployment of codes.
  3. 3. In order to choose the right web technology, you should takeexperts’ opinions that have worked in various web developmentframeworks. They are able to identify the detailed business needsand use a technology that addresses the specific developmentrequirements. It also enables them to build more flexible,interactive and intuitive solutions for the companies. Here arecertain parameters that can help pick the most viable frameworkfor web development.➔Makes use of fewer codes➔Free and Open Source➔User friendly and Database compatible
  4. 4. Makes use of fewer codesThe framework should facilitate the programmers to make use offewer codes while developing solutions. It must require minimalamount of programs to accomplish the web development processas well as improving developer’s productivity. It enables to deploythe application in less time period and within budget.
  5. 5. Free and Open SourceA Free framework facilitates the companies to eliminate the needof additional investment in license, renewals and other audits. Alsobeing an open source framework it enables the developers tocustomize it by altering the source code.
  6. 6. User friendly and Database compatibleAn efficient framework should be compatible with differentdatabase like MySQL, DB2, Oracle and many others. It should alsohelp the developers to built user friendly apps easily which canacquire a larger market share. Also, it should make the task ofROR developer easier by requiring less code to implement newchanges and concepts to the solution.
  7. 7. ‘Rails’ is one of the most preferred Ruby frameworks. Railsdeveloper facilitated with numerous features and functionalitiesthat can help businesses to meet their needs within budget. Anexpertise and experienced ROR developer can handle the complexneeds of the companies and can develop solutions that meetconsumers’ expectation.
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