Social Business Landscape 2010


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Presentation for Social Business Conference

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Social Business Landscape 2010

  1. 1. The Social Business Landscape 2010 Andreas Johannsen Socialsquare 2. June 2010 Twitter tag: #sbcph10
  2. 2. Hello, I'm Andreas Johannsen • CEO and partner in Socialsquare • • • • +45 2620 3221 2
  3. 3. The landscape (ta-da!) Consultants and experts loooooove to draw landscapes, so here goes...
  4. 4. What are we really talking about today?
  5. 5. From social software, over social media and social computing to social business
  6. 6. ...or just social
  7. 7. Social in everything The focus is on how to apply social platforms, processes and principles to organisations to achieve business goals.
  8. 8. People Platforms Processes
  9. 9. What's the problem? The problem is not how to install a WordPress blog, or to build a Facebook page or implementing a social network site. The problem is something related to the business.
  10. 10. The social internet We thought the internet was yet a cheaper and more effective marketing channel ("just another channel in the marketing mix"). It's not. It's a place where people are present and connect.
  11. 11. The social intranet We thought the intranet was a place for sharing documents and publishing news and statements from management. It's not. It's place for collaboration. From communication to work.
  12. 12. The market Organisation • Consumers are media • But the organisation is not listening • The internet is realtime • But the organisation slow to react • Transparent market • But organisations try to cover up • Organisational borders blurring • But organisation are in silos • Trust shifting to peers • But organisations still shout • Increased complexity in media • ...and organisations are still shouting
  13. 13. The market Organisation The organisation needs to reconnect to the market through social relations.
  14. 14. social HR social media social innovation proces social recruiting social e-commerce social customer support social media marketing social search social knowledge sharing social organisation social intranet social municipality development social member organisation social market research social sales social collaboration social culture building social leadership
  15. 15. Today's question...
  16. 16. What happens if you put social in front it?
  17. 17. Social Lab Come visit our Social Lab where organisations are made social!
  18. 18. Thanks