Small Packaging Big Selling

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Stickiness factor of a product starts from its own DNA, which is the quality offering. Then comes the differentiation which is introduced by innovation. Storytelling is often used to engage consumer. …

Stickiness factor of a product starts from its own DNA, which is the quality offering. Then comes the differentiation which is introduced by innovation. Storytelling is often used to engage consumer. A case study of Blue Band, Walls and many others.

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  • 1. Admire Packaging & Retail Branding Andi S. Boediman Strategic Planning Director
  • 2. Small Packaging Big Selling
  • 3. The Power of Context
  • 4. Shopping has become family recreation. Many buying decision is made in an impulse. Store communication become increasingly important.
  • 5. AIDDA Attention Interest Desire Decision Action
  • 6. Wall’s Branding at Carrefour
  • 7. Wall’s Branding Island Cabinet Hero
  • 8. The Stickiness Factor
  • 9. The heart of every product is its own DNA. It can NOT be created through fad and trend. The campaign should be created as an opportunity for product trial.
  • 10. Kusuka Cassava Chip
  • 11. Start with our backbone product, instead of changing the product, create a new seasonal offer. Packaging can be used to rejuvenate relationship.
  • 12. Paddle Pop “Flakes” Packaging (Unilever) Paddle Pop “Flakes” Hanging Mobile (Unilever) Paddle Pop “Flakes” Clip On (Unilever)
  • 13. Feast Wall’s PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk
  • 14. Differentiation through Innovation
  • 15. Consumer has so much choices it become confusing. Differentiation can be introduced through innovation. And it can be used to defy its own category.
  • 16. Intense
  • 17. Intense Hair Tonic
  • 18. Boromon
  • 19. Rules of Engagement
  • 20. Engage customer through their emotional trigger. It can be created through storytelling process.
  • 21. Packaging Galactica Paddle Pop – Wall’s
  • 22. Billboard Galactica Paddle Pop – Wall’s
  • 23. Print Ad Mama Roz PT Adelphi TransAsia Indonesia
  • 24. Silent Salesman No More!
  • 25. Hypermarket become increasingly important as distribution channels. Packaging and point of sales is no longer become ‘silent salesman’.
  • 26. Wall’s Hawker (Unilever)
  • 27. Wall’s Truck (Unilever)
  • 28. Wall’s Freezer (Unilever)
  • 29. Wall’s Umbrella (Unilever)
  • 30. Wall’s Kiosk (Unilever)
  • 31. RAISE your Packaging Research, Analysis, Insight, Strategy, Execution
  • 32. Case Study Blue Band Packaging
  • 33. Challenge Indonesia facing economic turmoil and it affects buying decision and customer behaviour.
  • 34. Research Direct customer observation shows that in severe economic downturn people will lower their standard of living.
  • 35. Analysis Consumer wants to buy and use the product without sacrificing the total product experience.
  • 36. Insight Most people still want their previous way of living, but it has to be affordable.
  • 37. Strategy Create lower cost packaging solution in most distribution channels–rural & kiosks.
  • 38. Execution Create self–displayed box that allow buyer to buy in ounces.
  • 39. Blue Band Box (Unilever)
  • 40. Case Study Lid Sticker In-Home Activation Walls
  • 41. Challenge Walls has led in direct–to–consumer market but it is not a brand of choice in home ice cream market.
  • 42. Research Home ice cream market mostly decided by mothers and some assume that ice not healthy.
  • 43. Analysis Quality ingredients in ice cream is a key potential to change the customer perception.
  • 44. Insight The product should represent mothers’ wise decision towards family health
  • 45. Strategy Create high quality and an emotional value in the packaging design
  • 46. Execution Use red–to–black color and gold special printed process to represent high quality product
  • 47. Final Design In-Home Activation Wall’s 2 in 1 Chocolate & Vanilla 2 in 1 Strawberry & Chocolate 3 in 1 Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry
  • 48. Clarity Wall’s Chocolate Heaven Honey Caramel Strawberry
  • 49. Final Design In-Home Activation Wall’s Leaflet (Front) Leaflet (Back)
  • 50. Final Design In-Home Activation Wall’s Clip On Wall’s 2 in 1 Poster Wall’s 2 in 1
  • 51. Tips
  • 52. no more than 5elements
  • 53. Turn the design upside down
  • 54. Paddle Pop Thick Shake Strawberry & Chocolate Wall’s
  • 55. Color plays an emotional role, such as music in film. It evokes strong brand recall.
  • 56. Look for one memorable key visual element It can be shape, character, color, illustration, typography, etc. NOT ALL OF THEM
  • 57. Chocki-Choki Packaging Design (PT Mayora Indah)
  • 58. Taro Packaging Design (PT Unilever)
  • 59. Andi S. Boediman Creative entrepreneur Chief Innovation Consultant