Copenhagen 2


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Copenhagen 2

  1. 1. CopenhagenSoren Kierkegaard: “I regard the whole of Copenhagen as one of great social gathering”
  2. 2. City of Copenhagen● World renowned cycling facilities● Pedestrian oriented● High Accessibility● Character● Mixed land use● Active
  3. 3. Jan Gehl● Danish architect and urban design consultant● Influential in the transformation of copenhagen● Best known for the Stroget● Stresses the importance of cycling within communities
  4. 4. Stroget● Pedestrian oriented● Walkable● Comfortable● Safe● Accessible
  5. 5. Pedestrian and Bicycle only Streets
  6. 6. Finger Plan
  7. 7. Transportation Authorities Danish Ministry Of TransportThe Danish Transport Authority ROAD DIRECTORATEGreater Copenhagen Authority Copenhagen Metro Movia (Bus Company) DSB (Railway Company)
  8. 8. Road Directorate● Government Agency- The " tool "used by the government, ministry of transport, parliament and public to promote and develop the road system in Denmark.● Influences: ○ planning, construction, operation, service, maintenance of main country highways.● Cooperates with local and regional authorities● Implemented the Road Sector Information System (VIS) ○ Owned by the directorate and regional authorities jointly ○ Contains national and regional data about roads, bridges, pavements, traffic, accidents
  9. 9. Movia● 2007 Municipal Reform● Trafikselskabet Movia: agency responsible for buses in Copenhagen● Movia does not own any of the lines they pay subcontractors to run them● Movia is trying to introduce contactless "smartcards" as a new fare system (Rejsekort)● Operates 24 hr/day
  10. 10. Movia Map
  11. 11. DSB (Danish State Railways)● DSB is the largest Danish train operating company, and the largest in Scandinavia● Responsible for passenger train operation on most of the Danish railways● Founded in 1885● DSB is an independent public state-owned corporation under the Danish Ministry of Transport and Energy since 1999
  12. 12. Copenhagen Metro● Rapid Transit System● Orestand Act 1992, Metro Planning Act● Driverless light Metro that aids the larger S-Train rapid transit system.● It is owned by Metroselskabet (owned by the Municipality of Copenhagen and the Ministry of Transport)● January 7th 2011 "Cityringen" (project that would add two extra lines) ○
  13. 13. Current Metro System
  14. 14. New Metro System (Line M3 and M4 added)
  15. 15. Amagerbro Station Rapid transit station
  16. 16. Cycling Network in Copenhagen
  17. 17. Transportation Planning: [History of Cycling in Copenhagen]● 1892 - ● First bicycle path in Copenhagen● 1907 - ● Copenhagen is top cycling city in Europe● 1934 - ● First cycling race (spectator sport)● 1940 - ● Recreational bicycle routes in green spaces● 1950 - ● Automobile affordability increase Bicycling popularity decrease● 1970 - ● Modal share of bicycles at an all time low of 10%● 1980 - ● Energy crisis causes "Cycling Renaissance"● 1990s - ● City of Copenhagen pushes to increase cycling in the municipality and transportation planning involving cycling begins
  18. 18. Transportation Planning:[Cycling Policies]● 1996 - ● Copenhagen released its first bicycle account ○ Consisting of 10 Key Indicators: ■ budget allocated to cycling infrastructure ■ length of the bicycle network ■ modal share ■ number of cyclists ■ accident statistics ■ cyclists opinion on infrastructure ■ cyclist opinion on maintenance ■ perceived sense of safety ■ citizens an overview the citys plans for cycling ■ initiatives initiated since the last account was published
  19. 19. Transportation Planning: [Cycling Policies]● 1997 - ● Municipal Development Plan ○ introduced a new concept of green bicycle routes ○ coherent network of cycle routes ○ off street routes through parks and other open green areas● 2000 - ● City released a proposal for a network of 22 green bicycle routes with a total length of 110 km● 2001 - ● "Cycle policy 2002 - 2012" ○ prioritize cycling in city planning ○ coordinate initiatives for improvements of cycling conditions ○ increase in modal share from 34% to 40%
  20. 20. Transportation Planning:[Cycling Policies]● 2006 - ● "Cycle Track Priority Plan 2006-2016" ○ 70 kilometres of new cycle tracks and cycle lanes will be established in the 10 years covered by plan● 2007 - ● "Action plan for safe bicycle traffic 2007-2012" ○ goal of reducing the number of accidents by 50% compared to 1996● 2011 - ● Municipal council unanimously adopted the new cycling strategy, "good, better, best – The City of Copenhagen’s Bicycle Strategy 2011-2025" ○ replaces the previous cycling policy covering the years 2002 to 2012 ○ increase the modal share of the bicycle to 50% of commuter trips
  21. 21. Trends in cycle use in Copenhagen
  22. 22. Copenhagen Bicycle Rush Hour
  23. 23. Environmental PoliciesReduce CO2 emissionsIncrease amount of green areas and improve access to themPromote walking, cycling and public transit
  24. 24. Climate Plan 2025
  25. 25. Drawbacks: PlanningFinger plan seems to be getting congested ○ Street widening is currently being consideredAs inner city develops ○ Increased automobile congestion in fingers ○ Increased cycling congestion
  26. 26. Drawbacks Police have excessive power● Veto proposed changes● Lack of knowledge ○ Focus on automobiles ○ Cycling is unsafe?● Oppose decreasing speed limits
  27. 27. Conclusion Focused on improving quality of life● Strict Environmental Initiatives● Transportation Agencies● Policy● Multimodal Infrastructure
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