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  • 1. Module number: CC104 title: Theological Reflection on Former Occupation session 05
  • 2. I wonder if I might have your attention?
  • 3. Bless to us our thinking; and in learning, may we glorify You. Bless to us our senses; and perceiving, may we delight in what you make . Bless to us our conversation; In speaking may we build up all. So may we might think more truly; know more clearly and grow together in loving service. Amen.
  • 4.
    • What we're looking at today ...
    • Different ways to reflect
    • More ways to think theologically about work
  • 5. How we're learning Discussion. Exercises. Higher order thinking.
  • 6. Why we're learning To be able to help others to see their work helpfully in relation to Christian faith.
  • 7. Exercise: Questionnaire on attitudes to work. Then share in small groups. Then plenary.
  • 8. Other reflection models
    • Lifeshapes
  • 9. Other reflection models
    • Lartey's 5 Phase cycle
  • 10. Other reflection models
    • Pattison's Critical Conversation
  • 11. Other reflection models
    • Killen & de Beer
  • 12. Other reflection tools Journalling Creative techniques
  • 13. Other reflection tools Journalling - CIR
  • 14. Other reflection tools Journalling Creative techniques – Timed writing - 500 words - headlining - pictures - mapping - others?
  • 15. stretch your legs for a couple of minutes ....
  • 16. Theological Reflection groups ...
  • 17. Christian understanding of work exercise. Handout.
  • 18. Look back on your previous work. What words would you use to sum up your overall experience? Now, using one of the other models, begin to reflect on your previous occupation.
  • 19.
    • Review and recall .