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Culture and spirituality 1
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Culture and spirituality 1


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology

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  • 1. Extension Studies Summer School: title: Spirituality and Culture session 1,2 & 3 ~Tues
  • 2. Opening prayer The Lord be with you And also with you . God, help us to listen; and in our listening to hear You. God, be in our thinking: and renew our minds . God, we will speak together: let our conversations be words in the Word.
  • 3.
    • Learning objectives .
    • - By the end of the summer school you should:-
    • understand better what culture is
    • understand more fully how culture affects and involves us.
    • Understand more fully what spirituality is.
    • have reflected on their own spirituality and cultural background
    • begun to evaluate their own spirituality and culture in relation to each other. Password= pneuma
  • 4. Thinking about the film: 'spirituality' ? What do you make of the relationship between spirituality and culture within the film? Does anything surprise you from the film? What would a Christian spirituality for Junuh have to take account of? Could we see Bagger Vance as a Messianic /Christ figure?
  • 5. Thinking about us, ourselves: background exercise
  • 6. Culture. /k əltjə /, n .... High culture vs 'pop' culture classical definition vs anthropological
  • 7. Social science definitions of culture ...
  • 8. Thinking about culture 1/3 ... culture Invention of transistors Invention of gunpowder Black death Lisbon earthquake Events & artefacts Ways of thinking practices
  • 9. Thinking about culture 2/3... culture Eating habits queuing B L Events & artefacts Ways of thinking practices
  • 10. Thinking about culture 3/3 ... culture Individualism hierarchical egalitarian non-violent Events & artefacts Ways of thinking practices
  • 11. Thinking about culture starting with an artefact ... culture Cheap mobile telephony Phone calls all over the place. Decline of landlines and payphones. More spontaneous? Sense of connection and availability Events & artefacts Ways of thinking practices
  • 12. Thinking about culture starting with an event ... culture Lisbon earthquake Loss of confidence in providence. Deism & atheism grow in plausibility Churchgoing etc falls Events & artefacts Ways of thinking practices
  • 13. Thinking about culture starting with a practice ... culture Listening to music alone Music as 'private space' 'wired for sound' Events & artefacts Ways of thinking practices
  • 14. Thinking about culture starting with a way of thinking ... culture democracy Voting, elections, plebiscites ... Parliaments, ballot boxes, returning officers ... Events & artefacts Ways of thinking practices
  • 15. Thinking about culture starting with your idea ... culture Events & artefacts Ways of thinking practices
  • 16. Thinking about culture starting with your formative social experience ... culture Events & artefacts Ways of thinking practices
  • 17. stretch your legs for a couple of minutes ....
  • 18. Naming involves: seeing similarity and difference: it's about ways of thinking; culture Ways of thinking
  • 19. Naming & culture: God-given freedom counts against seeing culture as inherently or fundamentally evil, and for valuing of diversity (and so against 'one culture'). In fact, given we 'image' God socially, this implies the bonds of culture are part of being in God's image, and so 'it is good'.
  • 20. H Richard Niebuhr. Christ and Culture . Charles Kraft. Christ in Culture. Three typical positions, historically... Christ Culture Against In paradox Transformer of In / of above
  • 21. . Can you come up with examples of each of these positions? Christ Culture Against In / of above
  • 22. All of these positions have some justification in scripture and theology. Perhaps we don't have to choose ...
  • 23. above against Of / in God and culture:
  • 24. What do we mean by “spirituality”? spir·i·tu·al·i·ty spIr-I-t ʃ -u:ˈwa-lə-ti: noun write your own notes for a minute, share your ideas with a neighbour and try to come up with the start of a definition. On your table, come up with a definition to share with all and write it on the large paper.
  • 25. spir·i·tu·al·i·ty spIr-I-t ʃ -u:ˈwa-lə-ti: Put definitions so far in position to be read by others. Look at hand-out with some dictionary definitions. What ideas or aspects do you want to include in your own definition? Is there anything you might want to change or leave out? Write a new definition to share with the whole class.
  • 26. spir·i·tu·al·i·ty spIr-I-t ʃ -u:ˈwa-lə-ti: New tack. Thinking about our own stuff. When you pray, how do you name God? What title/s, image/s, metaphor/s do you normally use? How would you explain what prayer is? What is your fave image of or way of describing being a Christian? Why? What image or metaphor do you prefer for the Church?
  • 27. spirituality
  • 28. Cultural context spirituality
  • 29. Cultural context theology spirituality
  • 30. Cultural context 'liturgy' theology spirituality
  • 31. Cultural context 'liturgy' theology spirituality
  • 32. Cultural context 'liturgy' theology spirituality Film clip ...
  • 33. Printing and rag paper-making ... culture Cheap rag paper invented & printing using movable type Cheap books solitary devotions scripture at home Individualism linear thinking Events & artefacts Ways of thinking practices
  • 34. Cultural context 'liturgy' theology spirituality Some examples ... Cheap books Private devotions, personal bible reading, pamphlets Protestant ideas: primacy of scripture quiet time etc Ctr Lollardy etc
  • 35. Cultural context 'liturgy' theology spirituality Some examples ... Cathedrals ecclesiastical power Pilgrimage votive offerings etc Relics, grace & mediation of Saints
  • 36. Cultural context 'liturgy' theology spirituality Some examples ... ? ? ?
  • 37.
    • Review and recall .
    • What new insights were there for you?
    • Did anything surprise you?
    • What affirmed what you already knew and what was it you already knew?
    • What questions have arisen for you from today's session?
  • 38.