Personhood and Palliative Sedation- Master's Thesis Defense


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Personhood and Palliative Sedation- Master's Thesis Defense

  1. 1. Personhood and PalliativeSedation:A Community of Christ ResponseAndi ChatburnMA in Bioethics Final ProjectMay 12, 2010
  2. 2. Why Palliative Sedation?The Hastings Center Report“Choosing Death: Should medicine’s “last resort” belegal? Vol. 38, No. 5 September-October 2008Relevance: 20 years since “It’s Over, Debbie”The Case of Mrs. B: The Patient I will never forget
  3. 3. Residency in Spokane, WA
  4. 4. Why a Community of ChristPerspective?This is my own faith communityA new way of expressing our beliefs:The Enduring Principles
  5. 5. What is the Community of Christ?Non-credal Christian faith communityShare a common beginning history with the Latter Day SaintmovementBelieve in continuing revelationNow resonate with peace church movementsFocus on community and value unity in diversity
  6. 6. Enduring PrinciplesGrace and GenerositySacredness of CreationContinuing RevelationAll Are CalledResponsible ChoicesUnity in DiversityPursuit of PeaceWorth of All PersonsBlessings of Community
  7. 7. !"#$%&%#!(!)&%#&#!*+,$%-%.! /01#+%#&#!2!"#$%&3!)&+%1-4+#!5.6-7.$#+!8.774%-9!8.-#0-!!"#$%&()Method: Wesleyan Quadrilateral
  8. 8. Questions on personhoodHow ought we ethically care for someone at the end-of-life?What ought community look like for one at the end-of-life?How ought we value the worth of one who is dying?What ought peace/shalom look like for one who isdying?
  9. 9. Blessings in CommunityTrinity: God’s love for GodselfAugustine: The lover, the beloved, the lovingImago dei“The Tribe”Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, The Trinity ed. Edmund Hill “Throught the Looking Glass” VIII: 14 (1991 New City Press, Hyde Par, NY).
  10. 10. Blessings of CommunityI am loved, therefore I am.I am part of community, therefore I am.God exists in communityWe were created in the image of GodWere we created to live in community?
  11. 11. Pursuit of PeaceIra Byock’s Four ThingsPlease forgive meI forgive youThank youI love youIra Byock, The Four Things That Matter Most: A Book About Living, (2004 Free Press, New York, NY) 12.
  12. 12. Pursuit of Peace“God’s peace has to do with personhood, not property orcomfort or convenience or ambience. It has to do withpersonhood that recognizes the inestimable worth of eachsoul and their interconnectivity.”Danny A. Belrose, Vulnerable to Grace: A Study and Worship Resource Exploring Doctrine and Covenants Section 163, (2008 Community of Christ), 23.
  13. 13. Worth of All PersonsSometimes those whohave a terminal illnessand are in the lastmonths of life aremarginalized.Solidarity.Image of community asa round, inclusive table;a circle without acircumference
  14. 14. Community and theWorth of All PersonsDaniel Day Williams:We either suffer inside of community or outside ofcommunity. When a community shares the suffering ofone in its midst, the inherent love, which comes fromGod, can be transformed into something almostsacramental.Daniel Day Williams, The Spirit and the Forms of Love,(1968 Harper & Row, New York, NY) 185-190.
  15. 15. Palliative SedationHow does terminal restlessness impact questions of personhood at the end oflife?In light of this, when is Palliative Sedation an ethical end-of-life option?What ought community look like at the end-of-life from a Community of ChristperspectiveWhat ought the above community look like in the case of Palliative Sedation?