Electricity and magnetism presentation

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  • 1. Electricity and Magnetism By:Yubin Shin N S
  • 2. What is Electricity? Electricity is the form of energy. It is the flow of electrons. Electricity is a electric current used by a source of power.
  • 3. What is Magnetism? Magnetism is which there is an attraction to unlike poles like north and south or south and north. Magnets stick to nickel, iron, and cobalt. Magnets can also make a magnetic field when the atoms line up or move in the same directions.
  • 4. How Does Electricity Work? Electricity works because when the electrons flow through a wire that that creates a circuit. A circuit is the path for electrons. Electricity also uses power lines and power plants to send electricity to homes.
  • 5. How Do Magnets work? Magnetism is metal that attract each other or repel each other. North and south attract each other but north and north or south and south will not stick. Opposite poles attract each other but same poles repel. N S
  • 6. How are Electricity & Magnetism connected? = TADA!! Magnetism and electricity are connected because magnets can make electricity and electricity can make magnetism. You can make magnets by some kind of special wire that are called coil wire. For example, when you wrap the coil around the nail for a long time, the atoms will line up, and that’s how the nail gets magnetized. Magnets can make make a electricity by flowing electrons. The magnet makes the electrons flow faster by moving the magnet back and forth on the wire where the electrons travel, so that creates electricity.
  • 7. What Are Some Practical Uses of Electricity & Magnetism? WOW!!! A MRI is an example of using electricity and magnets because this machine uses magnets that it’s magnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than the earth’s magnetic field so that’s how they could see inside a person’s body action and see what is happening in there. Many people are worried because everyone in the earth is not sure if it is dangerous or not.
  • 8. What is Schematic Drawing? Schematic drawing is a diagram or a simple sketch that we use to show what we made or show what we will make in simple form.
  • 9. What is to Repel? Repel is to push each other away. For example, the two magnets magnets repelled each other because they were both the same poles.
  • 10. What is a Compass? A compass is a tool to see which way to go. If the poles change into south and north, the compass will point south not north as it always does.
  • 11. What is Force? Force is to push or pull. It is strength and energy. For example, when the magnets are the same poles and they push and repel each other, that is force. Or when something else pulls or pushes something, that is still force.
  • 12. What is a Circuit? A circuit is the path for flowing electrons. A wire is an example of a circuit. This is a circuit…..
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  • 14. Thank you for watching my electricity and magnetism presentation! Thank you! Now you know much about electricity and magnetism! Bye! Bye!