Ancient Greece
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Ancient Greece

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Shakira's presentation: Ancient Greece's influence on modern society.

Shakira's presentation: Ancient Greece's influence on modern society.

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  • 1. The Mysteries of Ancient Greece Shakira Kurniawan Ancient Greek Map
  • 2. Where and Where is Ancient Greece
  • 3. Five achievements Ancient Greek invented Central heating lighthouse Cranes Escapement water clock Analog computer
  • 4. Ancient Greek Crane Crane: Labor-saving device which allowed the employment of small and efficient work teams on construction sites. Impact on Ancient Greece : The ancient Greek people used cranes to lift materials. The crane didn't have gears and machines inside it. Instead they use their hands to lift the materials. Impact on modern society : We still use this crane at construction sites too. Now, the modern crane has gears and machines inside it. The modern cranes could be in different shapes and sizes.
  • 5. Ancient Greek Lighthouse Lighthouse: The Lighthouse of Alexandria was designed and constructed by Sostratus of Cnidus Impact on Ancient Greece: The lighthouse was covered by a border. And its made out of bricks. Impact on modern society: We still use this lighthouse today. The differences of the modern lighthouse is it doesn't have any borders and it's all painted in different colours. The newer function is more flexible.
  • 6. Ancient Greek Escapement water clock Water Clock: Described by the Greek engineer Philo of Byzantium (3rd century BC) in his technical treatise Pneumatics (chapter 31) as part of a washstand automaton for guests washing their hands. Philo's comment that “its construction is similar to that of clocks" indicates that such escapements mechanism were already integrated in ancient water clocks. Impact on Ancient Greece: The importance of the escapement in the history of technology it was the key invention that made the all-mechanical clock possible. [1][2] This development in 13th-century Europe initiated a change in timekeeping methods from continuous processes, such as the flow of water in water clocks, to repetitive oscillatory processes, such as the swing of pendulums, which could yield more accurate. Impact on modern society: The modern clock today has gears inside it. Some watches are digital. Today we don't need water clocks to tell time.
  • 7. Ancient Greek Central Heating Central Heating: Great Temple of Ephesus was warmed by heated air that was circulated through flues laid in the floor. Impact on Ancient Greece: Central Heating is a heating system in which air or water is heated at a central point and sent through the whole interior of a building via vents or pipes and radiators to provide warmth in multiple rooms or parts of a building. Impact on modern society: Today here in Korea we use the ondol heating. Which it runs on the floor. There are hot tubes of water all around the floor.
  • 8. Ancient Greek Analog Computers Analog Computer: In 1900–1901 the Antikythera mechanism is found in the Antikythera wreck. It is thought that the purpose of this device was to be an analog computer designed to calculate astronomical positions used to predict lunar and solar eclipses based on Babylonian arithmetic-progression cycles. Impact on Ancient Greece: The analog computer doesn't have any keyboard, mouse, or even a screen. The computer old and rusty. The computer looks like a gear. Impact On Modern Society: The modern computer we use today has chips, mouse, keyboard, and screen. Today computers has shortcuts.
  • 9. Top 3 important achievements The top 3 important inventions are the cranes, escapement water clock and the central heating. I think these inventions are important because it had influenced modern society a lot. These inventions were also important for us because if we didn’t had any of these invention our modern world would be totally different. I was so surprise because I can’t believe that the ancient Greek had thought about inventing it. Escapement water clock The crane Central Heating
  • 10. The Most Important Invention The most important invention of all from ancient Greece is the crane. It’s clearly the crane because if we didn’t have any cranes we wouldn’t be able to build our homes and apartments. Cranes are special tools that make building apartments, houses, stores, and schools possible. It’s remarkably fascinating because before the crane needed people’s strength to lift materials. The modern crane looks so different from the ancient Greek crane. The differences are that today the crane has machines inside it, and it’s in different shapes and sizes. It was tremendously perfect that the ancient Greek people thought about inventing the crane. I think this crane invention has changed a lot because construction sites people could build high buildings everywhere. Without any of the cranes, structures such as the Ancient Greek Parthenon wouldn’t be built. I’ve strongly explained clearly about this invention. Are you convinced? If you are, that’s great.
  • 11. Interesting Fact About the Crane Interesting fact about the Crane A crane is a mechanical lifting device with a winder, wire ropes, and sheaves that can be used to lift lower materials and move them horizontally. It uses simple machines to create mechanical advantage to load beyond the normal capability of a human strength.
  • 12. Picture of the crane The ancient Crane Modern Cranes
  • 13. Short video About The Crane
  • 14. Do you understand all about ancient Greece?
  • 15. Source Slide Information and Images
  • 16. More Source ms/DispForm.aspx?ID=61