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Affordable condo for sale in Rayong
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Affordable condo for sale in Rayong


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Buy condo from 20.000 USD. The resort / hotel is only 300 meter from beach. Perfect holiday condo. For people interested in investment can you buy more units for a better price and get rental …

Buy condo from 20.000 USD. The resort / hotel is only 300 meter from beach. Perfect holiday condo. For people interested in investment can you buy more units for a better price and get rental guarantee.

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  • 1. Seaside Properties in Thailand Sea Sand Sun Resort Resort condominium in Ban Phe, Rayong - SSS-303 Price 945.000 THB (Approx 30.000 USD) 300 meter from beach VIP Real Estate Co Ltd Established 1988, capital 200 mil thb
  • 2. Sea Sand Sun Resort Rayong It is a comfortable and modern resort at Mae Rumphung Beach Road Only 250 m. from beginning at the 10 km-long sandy beach and only 14 km. from Rayong City. You will find this new renovated resort that offers comfortable room for single, couple or even fam- ily with kids. We offer full service by over big swimming pool with child pool section. Big sun- bathing area with sunbed and sun umbrella. A good peaceful place for a short or long relaxed stay. Distances • Distance to the beach: 300 m • To Rayong city: 14 km • To Pattaya city: 70 km • Bangkok Airport: 185 km. (2 hours 15 minutes) • Bangkok city center: 200 km.
  • 3. Natural surrounding & beautiful sea view 10 kilometer long sandy beach 14 kilometer from center of city Rayong Sea view from 8th floor in Sea Sand Sun. Par- noramic view of moun- tains, nature and ocean. This location is in the beginning of Mae Rum- phung Beach Road. It means Sea Sand Sun is also very close to the local Thai fruit market and food market. In front of the resort do you have public trans- port to Ban Phe (5 km) and City Rayong (14 km). Ban Phe has daily boats going over to the fa- mous island Koh Samet. Rayong is known for its fresh seafood and the location has many good restaurants.
  • 4. 41 square meter condo Big balcony with dining table Small kitchen and living room with big sofa Nice big bathroom New renovated Well maintenance
  • 5. 15facilities in the resort Big swimming pool, children’s Pool, Bar with service at the pool, Garden area, lobby bar and restaurant, Tour desk and taxi service, Meeting room, Indoor restaurant, Massage, Small Gym Security 24/7, Chess, Table Tennis and dart
  • 6. Reviews from Tripadvisor, Agoda & 4 comments from satisfied clients in Sea Sand Sun Resort Nice location This is a good budget hotel. Reasonable price. Hotel is so close to the sea. You can walk very close to the sea. The room is pretty clean but as you know all the this is the budget hotel so dont expect too much for that. Toprit L, with family.
  • 7. The best Hotel I ever had This is one of the best Hotel placed I ever found. Of course it is a little outside of the city of Rayong, but on the street there is every 15 min. a Pick up Taxi for 15 Bhat. When you enter yozr room you will say : whooow !!! what nice room. You will find everything you need: hot water boiler, plates, cups and glasses, very very nice furniture and pictures on the wall. There are so much nice things to say about this Hotel. Outside you have a beautifull swimming pool with trees around. What do you want more ???? Have a nice time there !!!! Joachim D., Couples I love the pool Big room and balcony, suitable for fami- ly. We can use the pool in anytime. They have few room service. The place quit safe and peaceful, not close to the beach, easy to find food for meal especially seafood. Natchaya C., with kids The best 2 star hotel i ever hav been in I booked a 2-star hotel and had no ex- pectation, told me husband. The hotel I booked was a cheap hotel and nothing special. Then we arrived at the hotel. My husband complained me he didn’t believe I booked this hotel to this price. The room was beautiful spacious in- cluded new furniture with separated living area. Ok, bathroom was old, but clean and functional. We could up- grade to room with new bathroom for only bath, but it was not necessary. We could save to make coffee and enjoy some local food, we bought on the way, with the kitchen equipment in the room. 200 meters to long peaceful beach, you can walk along without to be disturbed. Also, we could drop in to a local sea- food restaurant on the beach. Friendly staff, and breakfast was informed for a price of only 175 bath per person. We had a good stay after my husband was convinced I didn’t pay more. Sightseeing/Attractions Tip: Work on the 10 km long peacsful beach. Visit Rayong aquarie for only 30 BATH Funn R., Couples
  • 8. Buying Real Estate in Thailand building was built. After that it is handed over from owner to owner and it is being marked by the Land Office at every change of owner- ship. The whole procedure takes less than a day and there is no further wait- ing time for any documents. In case of an existing property the buyer usually pays a deposit of 10% which is lost if the buyer doesn’t pay the full purchase amount as agreed. The remaining 90% is usually paid in cash or by a bank check on the day when the property is handed over to the new owner in the Land Office. Usually a seller accepts a 30 days from the contract is signed until the final transfer can be completed. If the buyer needs more time than that the deposit is usually agreed to be higher than 10%. A second-hand apartment is always bought “as seen” and no further clauses can be added to the contract at the Land Office, as this contract is 100% standard and cannot be modified. The procedure when selling an apartment is the same, and when an apartment is sold the owner can immediately transfer the amount reg- istered in the Land Office to any foreign bank account in any currency without problems. The overhead expenses for a transfer of property are a combination of four or five different taxes and fees and as a general rule they add up to around 6.5% of the purchase price. In some special cases the amount can be different. Usually it is being agreed between buyer and seller that these expenses are shared equally. If an apartment is bought fully furnished or includ- ing other items that must be paid for then buyer and seller can agree on the specific price for these overheads, and that doesn’t have to be included in the contract made by the Land Office and therefore no further taxes or fees will be added to this part of the purchase price. The procedure is essentially the same as for second-hand condomini- ums but with the difference that a new-built apartment building must Thai law is different if you buy a condominium (an apartment) or a house and land. Buying a condominium (apartment) The legal aspects are clear, simple and safe and it’s easy for a foreign- er to buy a condominium and get the deed in his name. The buyer can trust that after the deed has been registered and trans- ferred in his name there is no dept or any outstanding payments from the previous owner. Foreigners can own up to 49% of all apartments in an apartment building measured by square meters. When you buy an apartment you therefore need to make sure the seller guarantees that you can be le- gally registered as the owner. In order to be registered as the legal owner, a foreigner must fulfill the following requirements: The buyer must transfer the purchase price in a foreign currency to a bank account in Thailand and need a statement from the bank that proves the transaction and the amount. This original statement must be presented to the Land Office. If the buyer meets at the Land Office in person he needs to present a valid passport with a valid entry stamp or a valid visa. If the buyer lets someone else meet at the Land Office then he needs to sign a legal power of attorney, which must be signed by two attesting witnesses who live in Thailand, or by a notary public if it is signed outside Thailand. In some countries the power of attorney also needs to be approved by the Thai embassy. D2 Real Estate and VIP Real Estate always help our customers with these documents and also accompany the buyers to the Land Office to ensure a smooth and easy transfer. The procedure at the land office is quite unproblemat- ic, fast and safe. In the Land Office an official agreement between the seller and buyer is produced, or between the seller and the person who presents a power of attorney from the buyer. After that taxes and transfer expenses will be calculated and must be paid in cash or with a bank check. After payment the Land Office will register the transfer of the apartment and the buyer will be giv- en the legal real estate document. In Thai this document is called a CHANOT and is the original document that was produced when the be completed and approved by the authorities before the Land Office can issue the original documents. Therefore the buyer must wait for the building to be completed and the documents to be produced before he can go to the Land Office and register the purchase. In that case there are a number of different options regarding pay- ments and agreements between seller and buyer and they don’t follow the same easy rules as for second-hand condominiums. Buy property from VIP Real Estate Co Ltd.
  • 9. leaser less a one-time fee of 100,000 THB. Present a buyer that ac- cording to Thai law can own the land. The agreed payment from the new owner goes to the leaser less a one-time fee of 100,000 THB. The person who leases the land therefore has the same advantages as an owner when it comes to the added value of the land over the years. At the same time he has some further advantages that he wouldn’t have as an owner, for example that the land is protected against cred- itors if the contract has been agreed with one person, and the land is protected in case of a divorce. Furthermore, the leaser has the right to at any time present a person who will take over the contract in case of the leaser’s death. But in this area there are different agreements with different conse- quences for the leaser, so it is important that the leaser gets advice from professionals and also be careful with the details in the lease contract and the person who he leases from. The overhead expenses when registering a lease contract are 1% of the agreed lease amount. When buying a house on a leased land plot there are no rules about a statement from the bank that the money has been transferred from another country into Thailand. The Land Office will register the house in the owner’s name and he only needs to present a valid passport and a valid entry stamp or a valid visa. A lease agreement will be registered on the property document (the Chanot). There are also ways to ensure that the person who owns the land plot and leases it to the leaser cannot sell the land to others. For a more specific guidance and advice please contact D2 Real Estate Co., Ltd. or VIP Real Estate Co., Ltd. directly. We can draft the lease contract and help our customers with the legal registration. We can also offer to take over the whole process as advisors Our fee is 2% of the lease amount minimum 65,000 Baht. The above information is for information purposes only and we don’t guarantee its accurateness in any specific case. This information can therefore only be used as a general guideline. Therefore the buyer always should be careful to buy from a seller he can trust, as there is a risk involved when it comes to the expected time for the completion of the apartment building. Please contact D2 Real Estate Co., Ltd. or VIP Real Estate Co., Ltd. directly for any advice and guidance in such cases. VIP Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 with a net worth of 200 million Thai Baht or around 6.5 million USD and has been involved in thousands of transactions with foreign customers. This is a different case from buying a condominium. In general (with a few exceptions) foreigners cannot buy land in Thailand as the law is today. But the law has the opportunity for foreigners to lease the land on which a house is built. The house itself can be legally owned by foreigners. There are no special rules regarding foreigners who purchase a new house. A normal contract will be signed and the buyer will be the own- er of the house. Regarding the land plot on which the house is built the law has the opportunity to create a 30 years lease agreement, which can be extended with another 30 years. The lease contract is being registered in the Land Office so the owner can be sure that during the agreed lease period nothing can happen to his house and that he alone has the land at his disposal. It is, however, possible to create some special agreements between seller and buyer. Regarding agreements that D2 Real Estate Co., Ltd. and VIP Real Estate Co., Ltd. are part of, we have some specific re- quirements that the seller must fulfill. We also offer our customers to hand over the land plot to a land holding company which has no other activities, and that company will then create the lease contract. Such a contract will include agreements that the buyer at any time during the lease period can: Present another person as a leaser who gets a new contract of 30+30 years. The agreed payment from the new leaser goes to the previous Not renovated Renovated Room nr m2 Comment Price (thb) Room nr m2 Comment Price (thb) 107 44 as it is 695.000 106 45 renovated + furniture 895.000 209 42 as it is 750.000 215 44 renovated + furniture 845.000 306 43 as it is 765.000 303 41 renovated + furniture 945.000 412 43 as it is + new airditioner 815.000 314 41 renovated + furniture 945.000 502 40 as it is, seaview, old fur- niture 825.000 505 41 renovated + furniture + deluxe 1.000.000 414 41 as it is 795.000 705 39 renovated+kitchen+seaview 1.050.000 612 40 seaview, old furniture 850.000 205 45 renovated + furniture 895.000 706 39 as it is, seaview 850.000 216-217 88 renovated + furniture 1.995.000 406+407+408 128 connected rooms, as it is 2.550.000 305-306 86 renovated + furniture + kitchen 2.095.000 309+310 84 as it is 1.595.000 Very affordable prices at Sea Sand Sun
  • 10. 6% or 7% guaranteed rentals VIP Real Estate Co Ltd Established 1988 Capital 200 mil. THB Fixed rental guarantees This guarantee is either for a period of 2 years with a 7 % guarantee of return or for 5 years with a guar- antee of return of 6 %. The owner can use the holiday home for 2 weeks per year from 1st May to 30th September, provided the home is available. If rented we will assign another holiday home if possible. You may of course use your holiday home for more than 2 weeks or for other periods of the year against a reduction of the rental guarantee. During the periods of rentals we will carry out regular inspections, take care of maintenance and adminis- tration. Rentals are paid to you quarterly in arrears. A rental agreement is an easy and secure solution. The owner can at any time cancel the agreement for any reason or sell the property. Flexible Rentals Agreement This rental agreement implies that the owner at any time can use his holiday home provided it is available. This agreement may get you a higher return as on the agreements for 6 % or 7 % guaranteed rentals (rent- als/rental guarantee). The rentals are paid based on the actual rental periods (one day, one week, and one month). From the table below you can see the net amount of rentals after deductions for commission and service charges. As you can see the rentals are higher for a period of 160 days per year than by a guaran- teed rental agreement. An agreement for flexible rental is entered into for a period of either 1, 2 or 5 years. During the agreed period we inspect the property, take care of all interior maintenance and cleaning without additional costs. The only expense for you is the yearly administration fee to the tenant association. We can pay this on your behalf and deduct it from the rentals. As owner you will receive quarterly statements specifying rentals, possible expenses plus a settlement of the due balance. For owners with more than 3 properties we provide monthly statements. +66 81 555 09 08 +66 38 652 006