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Learning and communications in the age of the Live and 3D Web
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Learning and communications in the age of the Live and 3D Web


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Presentation by Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D. about next-generation corporate learning and communications

Presentation by Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D. about next-generation corporate learning and communications

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Learning and communication in the age of the live and 3D web
    Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D.,
    President, Gronstedt Group
  • 2. Gronstedt Group
    Custom-developed, Web 2.0 and Web 3D-powered learning and communications
  • 3. The failure of the class room
    ©2006 Gronstedt Group, Inc
  • 4. Sales reps retain 10% of training
  • 5. Training and Communications: the Detroit of businessCarbon footprint of flying one participant to a training session or conference (kg)
  • 6. Which leads us to the disappearing snowcap on Kilimanjaro
  • 7. and Tunzo, who climbs Kilimanjaro for a living
  • 8. in Tanzania, one of the poorest countries of the world
  • 9. with his iPod and cell phone
  • 10. which has perfect coverage at the summit!
  • 11. Digital natives
    Spend more time playing video games (12.5 h/week) than watching TV (9.8 h/week)
    ©2007 Gronstedt Group, Inc
  • 12. They create, consume, mash-up, and share material with each other
  • 13. Engaged, in control, part of the story line
  • 14. Failure to connect…
    I’m your employee
    I’m training
  • 15. A “virtual class room” or a “virtual conference” is like a “motorized horse carriage”
    ©2006 Gronstedt Group, Inc
  • 16. 70% of corporate learners do not complete scheduled online learning programs
  • 17. 72% of eLearning dropouts cite either lack of motivation or learning style mismatch as the reason
  • 18. The best that can be said about most eLearning:
    Gives you the sensation of coma without the worry and inconvenience.
    ©2007 Gronstedt Group, Inc
    ©2007 Gronstedt Group, Inc
  • 19. Smart companies are moving from the static to the live web
    Static web
    Web 3D
    Live web
  • 20. Obama’s social media campaign
    My BarackObama social network: + 1 Million users
    Twitter: 152,000 followers
    “Yes we can” YouTube: 15 million viewers
    Text messages:
    3 Million users
  • 21. Even my dog is on Facebook
  • 22. Internal Social Networks
    IBM’ Beehive 65,000 users
    Best Buy’s Blue Shirt Nation: 20,000 users
    (turnover rate among users 8%, compared to 40-60% industry average)
    Eli Lilly’s internal Twitter: “Litter”
  • 23. “Crowd-sourcing”
    • Over 10,000 ideas
    • 24. Promoted 682,000 times
    • 25. 78,000 comments
    • 26. Over 200 ideas implemented
  • Ericsson: Sales simulations meet YouTube Story-centered, character-rich, video-based simulations
  • 27. TELUS: Alternate reality games
  • 28. EMC’s podcasts
    5-10 new audio casts and
    2-3 “vods” a week
    11,000 downloads a month
    Favorite audio cast:
    “Rainmaker series”
    ©2007 Gronstedt Group, Inc
  • 29. “I’ve never seen the field organization so enthusiastic about learning.”
    James Hunsicker, EMC manager of sales education and productivity programs
  • 30. Podcasting: Jamba Juice
    Test group 1:
    Video on iPod
    Test group 2: Manager training
    iPod group sold 2-3% more
  • 31. Benefits of podcasting
    Learning without interrupting work
    Take advantage of downtime
    ©2007 Gronstedt Group, Inc
  • 32. On-demand time shifting
    Repeatable, subscription based
    ©2007 Gronstedt Group, Inc
  • 33. Embedded in the mobile lives of today’s employees
  • 34. Professional actors and senior executives, callers,
    host, side kick,
    guests, spoof commercials
    Format: Conversational & ”edutaining”
    Zany over-the-top humor, fast-paced, radio-style format
    ©2007 Gronstedt Group, Inc
  • 35. The Podcast portal: Social media features
    • Rating and reviews
    • 36. Search
    • 37. Ranking based on reviews
    • 38. Browsing
    • 39. Sleek design with cover images
    • 40. “What’s new and hot”
  • Web 1.0
    Web 2.0
    Static web
    3D Web
    Live web
  • 41. The Internet of the future
    Gartner Group: 80% of active Internet users will be in virtual worlds by the end of 2011
  • 42. 1200 educational islands
  • 43. IBM
    50 islands and 20,000 employees in virtual worlds
  • 44. IBM’s virtual rehearsal studio
  • 45. Virtual worlds simulation
    IBM business simulation
  • 46. Virtual worlds role playing
  • 47. Loyalist College Second Life Border Simulation
    Loyalist College Border simulation
    Class room
    Second Life
    Second Life
  • 48. Elevator pitch role play
  • 49. Scale and perspective
  • 50. Siemens: Apprenticeship-on-demand
  • 51. Duke CE and Stockholm School of economics with Sun and IBM: Build a bridge team building exercises
  • 52. Walk inside of products
  • 53. Drive products
  • 54. 3D data visualization
  • 55. IBM: Speed mentoring
  • 56. Sun’s Solaris scavenger hunt
  • 57. Cultural emersion for soldiers
  • 58. Informal communications
    “no one ever logged into WebEx just to hang out”
  • 59. Your next sales kick off meeting?
  • 60. Collaboration: Schneider Electric and IBM
  • 61. “The session exceeded my expectations. It took us to a new level of collaboration. Being in Second Life got people excited about trying something new, and created a team group effect even though we participated remotely.
  • 62. “At IBM you can come to a meeting as a fish”
    Chuck Hamilton, Learning and New Media Leader for IBM's 3D Internet team
  • 63. Scott McNealy,
    of Sun
  • 64. IBM’s C.E.O.,
    Sam Palmisano
  • 65. John Chambers C.E.O., Cisco
  • 66. Sweden’s secretary of foreign affairs unveiling its embassy
  • 67. Mixed reality meetings
  • 68. How long will it take for our industry to break out of our legacy dogmas?
    ©2006 Gronstedt Group, Inc
  • 69. From watching, reading, and listening…
    …to doing, simulating, and engaging
  • 70. From telling and testing,
    to conversation and application
  • 71. From sage-on-a-stage,
    to guide-on-the-side
  • 72. From command-and-control,
    to guide-and-nurture
  • 73. From top-down to peer-to-peer
  • 74. From father-knows-best,
    to harnessing collective intelligence
  • 75. From cautious and safe, to wacky and rebellious
  • 76. From plan and execute…
    …to release early and often, perpetual beta
  • 77. From asking for permission…
    … to asking for forgiveness
  • 78. From people going to training…
    …training going to people
  • 79. From interruptive distractions, to teachable moments
  • 80. From appointment-driven, to on-demand
  • 81. From captives in classroom to learning in context
  • 82. From instructional design,
    to game design
  • 83. From classes and curriculum,
    to a learning organization
  • 84. From training that doubles as non-narcotic sedatives…
    … to training that is fun
  • 85. From replicating courses in new media, to reinventing training with new media
  • 86. Only one barrier between you and the live and 3D web
  • 87. The bureaucratic class
  • 88. The agents of status quo
  • 89. “Too un-secure”
    “Too expensive”
    “Too open”
    “Too wacky”
    Only one way to dodge their bullets
  • 90. Skunk workapproach
    Pilot and aggregate up
    Immediate feedback, iron out kinks early
    Create a groundswell of
    support and an army of evangelists
  • 91. Join our “Train for Success” meetings
  • 92. “I really have been enjoying the Second Life meetings that you sponsor.  Even to the point last week I was on vacation and made it a point to attend from a mountain cabin. I’ve not only been enjoying the speakers that you’ve had but I have been observing the other people and their interactions as well. I’m personally sold on the technology and think that it has a great possibility”
    Ted Christansen
  • 93. Gronstedt Group
    Custom-developed, Web 2.0 and Web 3D-powered learning