Shag Pile Carpet and Mats Need Special Care


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Carpet is a wonderful addition to a home, not only enhancing the interior décor, but also providing a luxury feel and cosy warmth to the home environment.

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Shag Pile Carpet and Mats Need Special Care

  1. 1. Shag Pile Carpet and Mats Need Special CareCarpet is a wonderful addition to a home, not only enhancing the interior décor, but also providing aluxury feel and cosy warmth to the home environment. We have all seen the old movies where old brickfireplaces are ablaze in homes that are surrounded by winter snow and right in front of the hearth is abig woolen rug where one can loll and sip a glass of wine. It makes you want to be there, right? Thewhole scene is luxurious, warm and cosy, inviting all to ‘come on in’.Shag pile carpet is the ultimate luxury and the feeling of digging your toes into the deep pile as you siton the sofa is just heavenly. Many opt for shag pile carpet in bedrooms as well as the lounge roomwhere no children are living in the home; otherwise non bedroom areas are usually given a coveringsuitable for heavy traffic areas. Shag pile carpet comes in a variety of fabrics, the most popular beingwoolen, and they all need a little more care than other types of carpet. Getting the right information oncaring for this carpet from the manufacturers goes a long way to keeping it looking good and lasting foryears. Also calling in the professional carpet cleaners Brisbane once or twice a year is a very good idea.Whether you have large areas of shag pile carpet laid or large shag pile rugs or mats, regular carpetcleaning Brisbane services are a good investment ensuring a longer life and keeping their good looks aswell. Of course you need to do the daily maintenance such as thorough vacuuming and immediate stainremoval, ensuring you have the right knowledge to deal with them. It is easier to deal with stains inacrylic shag than wool but both will have specific methods and approved removal ingredients for thejob. Always work from the outside of the stain towards the centre to ensure you don’t spread the stain.When you first buy your new carpet ask if there is a special way you need to carry out the dailyvacuuming to ensure you don’t do any damage to it from doing it the wrong way. Shag pile needsdifferent treatment to other types of carpet.All shag pile carpet and mats should be given a daily rake over with a plastic lawn rake or specific rakerecommended by the manufacturer. This helps to keep the pile upright; not allowing it to flatten inareas frequently walked on, and subsequently prevents matting of the pile. While this may sound funny,its highly beneficial to the carpet, it works well and it keeps the carpet looking at its best. If you areeven in doubt, always, yes always, give the professionals a call. You will be happy you did.