Screen-Capturing, Screen-Casting, and Screen Sharing for the Budget Friendly Teacher

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First, we will discuss the differences between screen-capturing, screen casting, and screen sharing. …

First, we will discuss the differences between screen-capturing, screen casting, and screen sharing.
We will then look at 3 programs that are all free (budget-friendly) that teachers can use in their classrooms. I will discuss how to obtain each free program and show their websites. The programs are as follows:
screen-capturing: Skitch screen casting: Screenr screen sharing:
I will demonstrate how to use Skitch and Screenr. After each demonstration, the participants will be able to recreate my demo on their own computers using the appropriate program. Each demo will be short for easy recreation. I will supply individual help when needed. Lastly, I will show how to use Join.Me to share the participant's screen. I will open up the floor for discussion and further questions at the end of the workshop.

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  • 1. Screen-Capturing,Screen-Casting, and Screen Sharing For the Budget-Friendly Teacher! Staci Trekles, Clinical Associate Professor Alex Criswell, Graduate Candidate, Communications and Instructional DesignEmily Beemsterboer, Instructional Specialist Purdue University Calumet Hammond, Indiana
  • 2. Intro Video
  • 3. ObjectivesThis workshop will help you: Identify the difference between screen capture, screen-cast, and screen sharing, and select the one that makes the most sense for a given application Use Skitch, Screenr, and as free tools for screen capture, screencasting, and sharing Discuss and share ways in which you can use these screen techniques in your classroom, including in “flipped” classroom environments
  • 4. So what’s the difference?Screen Capture: a still picture of a computer screen toillustrate a concept or command; sometimes called a“screenshot”Screen-Casting: a pre-recorded video demonstration of acomputer operation in actionScreen Sharing: a method by which two users connectremotely to share what’s displayed on one another’sscreen; allows for live demonstrations and often giveseach user the option to “take over” the other’s screen tohelp troubleshoot problems
  • 5. ExamplesStaci uses screencasts in her online and hybrid classes allthe time: and Evernote are being used by many teachersand students on the iPads at the Hammond Academy ofScience and Technology (public lab school in Hammond,IN), especially in math and social studies for note-takingand is great for collaborating across long or shortdistances – tech support may be an obvious one, but whynot work on a lesson together, or share a great video orpiece of digital art quickly and easily?
  • 6. About SkitchSkitch is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android – itwas recently purchased by Evernote so it now works withEvernote http://evernote.comSkitch allows you to make screen captures and annotatethem on the flyYou can also take your own images with your webcam, orannotate images created in other programs ordownloaded from the Web
  • 7. Skitch in ActionTake a fullscreensnapshot, a specificportion of the screen, acamera shot, open a file,or annotate a blankspaceOnce you havesomething to work with,you get an easy, user-friendly interface
  • 8. Skitch Main Interface
  • 9. Done Annotating?Drag the completed item from the bottom tab directly intoany of your documents
  • 10. You can even share to Evernote
  • 11. Cool Skitch UsesStudents can do everything from annotate lab reports andimages to create art programs, graphs, and diagramseasily and simplyMany teachers are using Evernote in mobile-readyclassroomsWith Evernote integration, Skitch expands theopportunities available to students and teachers forsharing and distributing classwork, especially in iPad andtablet classrooms
  • 12. About ScreenrScreenr ( is a onlinerecording program that allows you to make upto 5 minute screen-castings. Nothing to install or download to use it Either PC or Mac works! Plays everywhere (iPhones included) Hosts your videos! Best of all, completely FREE!
  • 13. Technical InformationMac (OSX 10.4 and up) or Windows (XP,Vista or Windows 7)IE 6, 7, and 8; Firefox 3+; Safari 3+; andGoogle ChromeJava 1.5 runtime or later for recordingFlash Player 9 (release 115 or later) or FlashPlayer 10 for playing screencasts
  • 14. Starting off… Easy as 1-2- 3! Prepare, Shoot, and Share
  • 15. Limitations5 minute limit on videosNo editing softwareAll videos public (if hosted on Screenr)
  • 16. Great UsesShowing a “How to”Classroom update videos toparentsGreat assignment idea!
  • 17. DEMO
  • 18. About Join MeJoin Me ( is a simple and free way toshare your screen for collaboration in a short amount oftime.With Join Me, you can do several things, such as: Enable Audio Conferencing (with desktop app) Chat globally (all users) or privately Request control of presenters’ screen (viewers) Send files to users (Presenter>Participant, Participant>Presenter) Swap Presenter Role (Pro) Use on mobile devices
  • 19. Technical Information General SpecificViewer requirements: Host requirements: Flash Player 10, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Internet Explorer 7 or Server 2003, Server above, or the latest 2008 (32 or 64-bit); or Firefox, Chrome, Safari Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6 Intel-Participant based), Lion (v10.7requirements: Intel-based) All the requirements of Broadband connectivity a viewer to the Internet (i.e., T1, Application (free) cable modem, ISDN or download DSL)
  • 20. Starting off… You can access Join Me via two ways: • Application • PC/MAC Download • Website • Presenter’ s must download the app.
  • 21. Who am I?All users; whether presenter’s orviewers, are able to change theirname.Tips:• Keep it professional The presenter and• Change your name to something all viewers are able easily identifiable in the event of to change their a presenter needing to send a names. file or share control their screen.• Change your name at the beginning of the meeting to alleviate confusion later.
  • 22. I’m not ready!
  • 23. Bring on the participants! Access Join Me: • Application • Website Up to 250 users can participate Users can enter the numeric code on the website or type the meeting- specific URL in the URL box of their browser.
  • 24. The Secret Code
  • 25. Join Me Roles Presenter ViewerMust use the App to become May use the website or thea presenter. App to be in the viewer role.
  • 26. Sharing Presenter’s ScreenPresenter’s can share their screenby: Note: Mobile viewers are only1) Clicking on the mouse button able to view, and NOT take and selecting the participant; or control of the participants2) Clicking on the participant list screen. button and selecting the user.
  • 27. Swapping Presenter Role
  • 28. Audio**For audio usage, the application is required. Participants can join by Internet calling or by Phone (pro)
  • 29. ChatUsers can chat privately (@UserName) or globally (@All)
  • 30. Sending a file Files are sent to an individual user one at a time. Privacy: Users are not able to see your file list or file box, regardless if you are sharing your screen.
  • 31. MobileApplication• Available on: • Android OS devices (Phones/Tablets) • 2.1 or higher • Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch) • 3.2.0 or higher• Functionality is restricted • Users are only able to view
  • 32. SecurityJoin Me uses 356-bit SSL encryptionData such as images, files, or user information arenot stored on their servers.Pro allows further security with restrictions on joining. Free version allows anyone to enter with the code.
  • 33. Join Me Subscriptions Free Pro*/** Internet Calling Window Sharing Screen Sharing Presenter Swap Up to 250 viewers Pro Desktop App Share Control Personal Link/Background Multi-monitor Meeting Scheduler/Lock Chat User Management File Sending Unified Audio(Call-in by Mobile Device Viewer phone)*Pro: $19/month; $149/year (per **Includes all the free optionsuser)
  • 34. LimitationsChat Logs are not saved.One presenter at a time Must use the AppMeetings are not recorded.Swapping Roles within meetings requires a Pro account.Free meetings are not “locked” Pro account allows locked meetingsFree meetings share the entire screen Window sharing available with a Pro account
  • 35. Great UsesFlipped ClassroomTraining and PDTech Support
  • 36. Be Aware…Screencast publishing and screen sharing takesbandwidth, sometimes quite a lot allows you to publish screencasts forfree, but you’ll need to pay for a pro account if you go over yourallotted bandwidthYou can create a screen capture on an iPad (press the top andHome buttons together), but you cannot yet create screencasts orshare your iPad screen with another userHowever, you can use apps like or GotoMyPC to viewsomeone else’s shared computer screen on an iPad or AndroiddeviceTools for Android screencasting are available, though stillsomewhat in development (
  • 37. Need More Choices?Snag-It (capture) and Camtasia (screencasting):http://www.techsmith.comAdobe Connect (screen sharing/webinars) and Captivate(screencasting/e-learning builder): http://www.adobe.comYuuguu (sharing): http://www.yuuguu.comGoToAssist (sharing) and GoToMeeting (sharing/webinar):
  • 38. ResourcesScreen capture in the classroom ideas: Tools to Flip Your Class (tip: most are screen-capturerelated!): classroom design: class best practices:
  • 39. Thank you!Questions? Ideas? Want to share a cool screen capture orscreencast?Staci:, Alex.Criswell@purduecal.eduEmily:
  • 40. Help ICE plan for next year byproviding feedback for this session: Scan the code to the left or visit to respond to a short survey about this session. Thank you for your help.