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  • Please contact us and visit for all workshop notes, links, and training needs. Thank you!


  • 1. Office of Learning &Technology Purdue University North Central
  • 2.  We will cover:  The “big picture” and getting started with your course  Adding folders, web links, and files to you course  Arranging the sidebar menu  Dealing with StudentView and course availability  Creating Discussions  Modifying color themes and banners
  • 3.  It is not a bad idea to start out with pen and paper and map out your course  What materials should be in there?  What order do you want students to find things in?  What activities are you planning to do with students (tests/quizzes, assignments/projects, discussions, etc.)?
  • 4.  Do not try to do everything at once – there’s no right way to put together a course online  You also do not need to do all of the “fancy stuff” right away – start with familiar tools first to lay the groundwork  Look to your learning objectives, and the rest may come together easier than you think!
  • 5.  Audience: who are the learners?  Behavior: what do you want to be able to observe them doing?  Condition: under what conditions will they do this?  Degree: to what degree must they perform to be successful?  For example: After the course, students will be able to discuss at least three major outcomes from the American Civil War, including social and political implications.
  • 6.  Faculty new to BlackBoard may ask, but there is no easy answer – every course is different  But, there are some fundamentals that will help students find their way:  Syllabus  Course Calendar with due dates  “Class Café” or Q&A discussion board for general help  Lecture notes or introductions to units  Assignments and/or quizzes  Links to useful resources or readings
  • 7.  Adding a Folder  Adding aWeb Link  Adding a File
  • 8.  Rearranging Menu Items  Adding a Menu Item  Hiding/Showing a Menu Item
  • 9.  StudentView  Course Availability
  • 10.  Creating a Discussion Forum  Creating a Link to a Discussion Forum in a Content Area  CourseTheme  Creating a Banner  Adding a Banner to your Learn course.
  • 11.  Staci:  Alex:  Twitter: @PNCOLT  for all workshop notes, links, and training needs