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Futuremed lazio region_introduction

  1. 1. L A Z IO D E PA R TM EN TR E G IO N FO R TR ANSPO R T Introduction Andrea Campagna Coordinator
  2. 2. FUTUREMED (june2012-may2015) Stands for… Freight and passengers sUpporting infomobiliTy systems for a sUstainable impRovEment of the competitiveness of port-hinterland systems of the MED area Deals with… Accessibility of ports; integration with the hinterland; development of logistics activities; infomobility; attractiveness and specialization of port systems, relevant supply chains, cruises systemSept 2012 Introduction to FUTUREMED 2
  3. 3. FUTUREMED Aims at… Increasing the competitiveness of port systems in the MED area by improving accessibility through technology and procedural innovations, guaranteeing sustainability of transport Makes use of… concerted territorial actions and pilot projects, sustainable middle&long-term development strategies, involvement of stakeholders, integrated approach to freight, passenger and tourist trafficsSept 2012 Introduction to FUTUREMED 3
  4. 4. Added value to the MED area Based on experiences, integrates the actions to meet objectives, in terms of: – geography, focusing on the increased competitiveness of the Med area as a whole; – transport chain component (foreland - sea ports - inland ports – hinterland); – intervention area (i.e. process/procedure, ICT, efficiency & sustainability); – in terms of commercial sector focus (i.e. freight, passengers, cruise/tourism); – in terms of accessibility bottleneck category (procedural, informational, physical).Sept 2012 Introduction to FUTUREMED 4
  5. 5. Expected impacts to the MED area• Integration of the currently fragmented information on port characteristics, activities and specialisation (governance, services offered, ongoing investments, future plans, statistics, etc)• Coordination and promotion of common-interest infrastructure development (TEN-T, MoS)• Increased interaction between port operators, customers (shippers, LSPs) and stakeholders, on improving Med ports accessibility and competitiveness• Development of synergies among the Med portsSept 2012 Introduction to FUTUREMED 5
  6. 6. Partners (16) and associates (20) Port system, hinterland logistics Competence/logistics node, service node Port/Transhipment/Logistics Associated partnerSept 2012 Introduction to FUTUREMED 6
  7. 7. Logical structure of workWP1 – Management (Lazio Region)WP2 – Information (ITL)WP3 – Capitalisation (AFT) WP5 – Information Systems (CERTH) WP6 – Reduction of externalities (FVG) PILOT PROJECTS Sept 2012 Introduction to FUTUREMED 7
  8. 8. Main outputSept 2012 Introduction to FUTUREMED 8
  9. 9. Pilot projects• Five pilots at different level: – nodal within an international transport chain (Spain, using the existing port-hinterland connection), – at the transport chain level (Adriatic Sea – West MED), – at market level (cruises involving Slovenia and Italy), – at “critical” industry level (agro-food chain in the MED area, north-south connections); – at technological level (infomobility in the MED area)• A centralized coordination (CERTH in WP5, common platform), monitoring/evaluation for transferability. Sept 2012 Introduction to FUTUREMED 9
  10. 10. The Permanent Observatory• Group of stakeholders with relevant skills to follow the project results, measure their impact, update the output taking into account the changes in the political, regulatory and economic environments and in technologies.• Open and well networked stakeholders community, providing solutions for critical knowledge exchange and support to policy implementation along with a compliance facilitation platform.• Formal agreement, sustainability (beyond the project) and services provision have to be designed.Sept 2012 Introduction to FUTUREMED 10
  11. 11. L A Z IO D E PA R TM EN TR E G IO N FO R TR ANSPO R T Thanks for your attention Andrea Campagna