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All Ancient Summit Programs depart on any day with a minimum of 1 Guest – we are dedicated to Private, Authentically Unique, and Custom Travel. …

All Ancient Summit Programs depart on any day with a minimum of 1 Guest – we are dedicated to Private, Authentically Unique, and Custom Travel.
The above program can easily be customized to your needs. If you need other arrangements, please contact Ancient Summit for details and pricing. If you wish to stay longer and visit other destinations in Peru, we are happy to assist. Optional visits to many spectacular areas in Peru or add in the Galapagos. We can do that and even more!

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  • 1. In riding a horse we borrow freedom. A horse is poetry in motion.
  • 2. …a once in a lifetime physical, cultural, and spiritual journey that will take you through the magnificent Salkantay Valley en route to the legendary ruins at Machu Picchu. …Challenge yourself as you ride through several different bio-zones, changing altitudes and varied terrain… …Marvel at the exquisite beauty of the Salkantay Peak, Salkantay Glacier and Humantay Glacier Lake… …Share in the culture and customs of local Andean families who maintain age-old traditions… …Witness environmental and social initiatives to maintain the natural integrity and improve quality of life in the region… …Indulge in the comfort of enchanting mountain lodges, innovative local cuisine, the warmth of our people, and your daily retreat to a recovery Shangri-la for body, mind and spirit … …Be inspired by the majesty of your surroundings and the knowledge that you are following in the footsteps of the Ancients… Salkantay Peak, also known as “Apu Salkantay”, among the locals, which means “the savage mountain goddess” Ancient Summit invites you to Trek on the back of your trusted horse along the a Cordillera Vilcabamba mountain range. Still pristine and not too often visited by tourists, this trail has vistas to inspire, where you can still sense the authentic ancient culture. How often can you travel through 12 different biospheres, possibly witness the majestic Andean condors and so much more….
  • 3. The opportunity to experience the essence of adventure within the realm of revitalizing comforts. A great adventure does not end there: for it to be a life-changing experience, it must become an adventure on many levels. This trek goes far beyond comfortable lodges and great rides… it is a unique opportunity to experience ancient history as well as contemporary manifestations of this deep- founded culture. Experience the most interesting and exotic variety of flora and fauna, culinary surprises, and a determination of local people to progress. All Ancient Summit Programs depart on any day with a minimum of 1 Guest – we are dedicated to Private, Authentically Unique, and Custom Travel. The above program can easily be customized to your needs. If you need other arrangements, please contact Ancient Summit for details and pricing. If you wish to stay longer and visit other destinations in Peru, we are happy to assist. Optional visits to many spectacular areas in Peru or add in the Galapagos. We can do that and even more! Nina Enjoying this amazing trek!
  • 4. See why the majestic peaks with their emerald- green glacial lakes inspired awe among the natives who consider them gods Stunning Humantay lake with its emerald green waters and Humantay peak right above it.
  • 5.  We offer an exciting adventure that takes you on an ancient Inca trail called the “Salcantay Trail”, the road less traveled to the lost city of the Incas. The route winds through the Cordillera Vilcabamba, a spectacular Andean mountain range, before plunging into forested canyons. Discover this magical world which will stay with you far beyond your return home..  Riding on the unbeaten trails of the mysterious Incas, high in the mountains and on winding slopes creates an intimate bond between horse and rider based on mutual trust and the excitement of the journey ahead. These athletic, surefooted and noble horses are well trained for high altitude and changing terrain, and travel with outstanding willingness. “after the first few hours on my horse, I was completely confident that she know much more than I about the days to come and I was able to relax and experience what I came for” Nina Fogelman-Director, Ancient Summit, Inc  Each day’s ride ends not in a freezing tent but in one of four cozy lodges with hot showers, fine gourmet meals, select wines, goose-down bedding, Jacuzzis and highly personalized service provided by local staff.
  • 6. The Lodges The Lodges
  • 7. Salkantay Lodge Soraypampa – 3,869m / 12,690ft.
  • 8. Wayra Lodge Huayraccmachay – 3,906m / 12,812ft.
  • 9. Colpa Lodge Colpapampa – 2,870m / 9,414ft.
  • 10. Lucma Lodge Lucmabamba – 2,135m / 7,003ft.
  • 11. Suggested Itinerary DAY 1- International arrival to Lima. Welcome and we will assist you across to your hotel just outside the airport entrance so that you can get a good night’s rest and not deal with Lima traffic. Assuming late night arrival. DAY 2 - Transfer to the airport and assisted check in for flight to Cusco. In Cusco welcome and direct transfer to the Sacred Valley. No tours scheduled today but do enjoy your beautiful drive through the Andes. Guided tours start tomorrow. . Please stop whenever you like for photographs (it´s your car and personal driver) and today is your day to take it easy and adjust to the altitude. Free evening in the Sacred Valley. Day 3 - Privately guided tour to Pisaq Market and archeological complex at your own pace. Lunch at home of my dear friends in the Valley. Our friend is a wonderful cook and seasonal ingredients come from their own organic garden. A member of this family is a well known Peruvian artist. After lunch, leisurely drive back to hotel with interesting stops along the way. Day 4 -This morning we hike to Moray, Maras and the famous Salt ponds as part of continued acclimation. After lunch, is a special visit to an authentic village whose inhabitants still practice their traditional lifestyle. This is not a tourist stop but something we offer our visitors as it is one of the communities we are dedicated to working closely for sustainability and education of the children.. The Documentary about our work was filmed here. This day ends in Cusco and you will receive a briefing about the adventure that starts tomorrow morning. You can wander and explore this UNESCO World Heritage City this evening. Cusco is glorious at night.
  • 12. DAY 5 CUSCO to SALKANTAY LODGE at SORAYPAMPA (3,869 m/12,690 ft). Now you are well acclimated to begin the riding adventure! After an early breakfast, we leave Cusco with our guide and vehicle in the direction of the Salkantay Lodge in Soraypampa. Approximately 1.5 hours from Cusco, we stop to visit the Inca ruins of Tarawasi near the town of Limatambo. We then pass through the mountain village of Mollepata where we stop for a short coffee break before ascending a winding mountain road to the Ranch. Technical Description Day 1 Riding Time: Approx. 4 hours Type of Terrain: Open roads, some steep ascending trails Type of Riding: Walk, trot, canter, gallop Note: Lunch is a picnic lunch en route. Non-riders activity: Direct transfer to the lodge At the ranch, we meet and get familiarized with our horses and begin our ride to the Lodge. Salkantay Lodge is named after the majestic peak at the head of the valley –the 2nd most sacred peak in Inca mythology and, at 6,270 m (20,600 ft), the highest in the region. Today's ride is at a pace to help with acclimating. The afternoon is spent at leisure to continue adjusting to the altitude, enjoying the outdoor Jacuzzi or just walking in the beautiful surroundings. An evening briefing by the fireplace is followed by aperitifs and dinner. Photo: On a beautiful sunny morning, a small group of riders arrive to Salkantay Lodge and enjoy the great scenery.
  • 13. Technical Description Day 2 Riding Time: Approx. 3 hours Type of Terrain: Open roads, some steep ascending trails and open fields Type of Riding: Walk, trot, canter Non-rider activity: Hike to Humantay Lake DAY 6: SORAYPAMPA (3,869 m/12,690 ft). Today we ride out for 3 hours in the area surrounding the lodge, to visit the Humantay Lake, fed by glaciers far above on the slopes of Mt. Humantay. A short walk of about 25 minutes is necessary in order to reach the lake, but the view is well worth it and those brave enough can go for a swim. This activity is excellent for acclimatization. We return to the lodge for lunch, after which you have the option to ride out again for around 3 hours in the surrounding area, or you may choose to trade the glacial swim for a relaxing soak in our outdoor Jacuzzi. We spend the night at the Salkantay Lodge with gourmet food and warm, comfortable beds. In the evening, the guide briefs us on gear and the itinerary for the next four days. Fully enjoying the pleasure of letting one’s horse canter through the pristine countryside. Nina and Fiore
  • 14. DAY 7: SORAYPAMPA to WAYRA LODGE at HUAYRACCMACHAY (3,906m/12,812 ft). Today the ride continues (about 4 hours) towards Machu Picchu, riding up the Rio Blanco valley and circling Humantay opposite Salkantay. We reach the highest part of the ride, 4,638 meters (15,213 ft) where we keep our eyes open for Andean condors, common to the area. At the pass we stop to take in views of snow-capped peaks of the Vilcabamba Range in every direction. From the pass we continue our descent toward the Wayra Lodge, (“Wayra”: wind; ‘the place where the wind lives’) our destination for the evening. Technical Description Day 3 Riding Time: Approx. 4 hours Type of Terrain: 80% steep trails , 20% open land Type of Riding: Walk, trot Non-rider activity: Transfer to Ollantaytambo or hiking along the trail Top: Arrival to Wayra Lodge with stunning Humantay in the background Left: Thanks to our ongoing training the horses are attentive and very relaxed which allows the rider to enjoy great company and beautiful scenery.
  • 15. Technical Description Day 4 Riding Time: Approx. 3 hours Type of Terrain: Steep trails Type of Riding: Walk, trot Non-rider activity: Free day in Ollantaytambo or hiking along the trail DAY 8: HUAYRACCMACHAY to COLPA LODGE at COLPAPAMPA (2,870m/9,414 ft). Today we continue downhill above the Salkantay River, descending into the cloud forest, through increasingly verdant scenery. Upon arrival at Colpa Lodge, located on an open plateau at the confluence of three rivers. The outdoor Jacuzzi has panoramic views of lush green mountains. There may be the possibility of enjoying a *Pachamanca here at the Lodge. One never knows. *The name Pachamanca comes from the ancient language – Quechua. “PACHA” means EARTH and “MANCA” means cooking pot, which could be translated as “Earth Oven” Widely used during Inca times, the Pachamanca is considered part of a ritual. More than just a method of cooking, it is a celebration of fertility and life. Pachamanca is buried under the ground and cooked over hot stones for several hours. Cooking Pachamanca is a way of rendering homage to Pachamama (Mother Earth). Products return to the earth to be cooked and participants will receive it from the earth and feast from it. It is both a way of worshiping nature combined with social events and rooted in Andean culture even today. Enjoying the magnificent surroundings along the way.
  • 16. DAY 9: COLPAPAMPA to LUCMA LODGE at LUCMABAMBA (2,135m/7,003 ft). Today we head down the Santa Teresa river valley, through banana and passion fruit orchards and coffee plantations. The coffee grown here is said to be one of the best organic coffees in the world. Our ride takes us to the beginning of the Llactapata Inca Trail, which is where we say goodbye to our horses. A short 30-minute walk through an avocado orchard brings us to Lucma Lodge. Technical Description Day 5 Riding Time: Approx. 4 hours Type of Terrain: Steep trails and some open roads Type of Riding: Walk, trot, canter Non-rider activity: Transfer by train and vehicle to Lucma Lodge or hiking along the trail Riding sure-footed horses allows riders to enjoy the surroundings The trail in the cloud forest, the "Ceja de la Selva" (eyebrow of the jungle) winds through low lying clouds, mystically reminding us of bygone peoples and cultures.
  • 17. Day 10: LUCMABAMBA to AGUAS CALIENTES / MACHU PICCHU TOWN (1,900 m/6,232 ft). After breakfast, We leave the lodge around 9am and head uphill for around 2 hours towards Llactapata pass (2600m / 8500ft). After heading downhill for about 10 minutes we come upon the recently restored Llactapata Ruins from where we also have a distant but very unique view of Machu Picchu from the southwest, a perspective that few travelers get to enjoy. We walk another 10 minutes or so to our lunch spot where we enjoy this view of Machu Picchu. We then descend to the Vilcanota River through bamboo forests, orchards and coffee plantations, a descent of 2- 3 hours. After taking a short train ride to Aguas Calientes we check into our hotel for dinner and a well-earned rest. Those who prefer not to hike, can go to the train station by van after a leisurely morning with breakfast and lunch at the lodge. The rest of the group is met at the train station, and we all enjoy the scenic train ride (45 min.) to Aguas Calientes together. Day 11: Machu Picchu (2,400m/7,872 ft) to Cusco We wake up early to have breakfast at the hotel and then, with your guide, take the bus ride on the famous ZIG ZAG road up to Machu Picchu for your SUNRISE guided tour. You will learn about the amazing architecture and mysterious temples to better understand the sophisticated ideas of this highly advanced culture. If you are feeling energetic you can hike to Huayna Picchu. Lunch is at Sanctuary Lodge and you can have additional time back in the lost City before heading down to catch the late afternoon train back to the Sacred Valley and drive to Cusco.
  • 18. Day 12 Today is your private tour of the city of Cusco - the oldest continuously inhabited city in South America and capital of the Inca Empire. Visit the Koricancha Temple, a classic example of the fusion of Inca and Western cultures. The temple walls were sheathed in gold and silver and were dedicated to Sun Worship. Anyway. Sacsayhuaman, Kenko, Puca-Pucara, and the Tambomachay Ruins are also on the list of visits today. You will also have time to continue exploring this fascinating and city on your own Day 13 To Cusco Airport today for your flight to Lima. Welcome and begin your Lima City tour. We will show you Colonial Lima and the modern section as well. It is a long day so we have made arrangements for a hotel room where you can freshen up. It is in the best and most convenient part of town and you can have dinner in one of Lima’s world class restaurants and enjoy the waterfront until we pick you up for your transfer to Lima Airport for your international flight. Assuming late night flight. Lima`s Lovers on the Pacific
  • 19. “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things Henry Miller
  • 20. BRIEF TECHNICAL TRIP DESCRIPTION 5 days of moderate to strenuous riding (and optional walking on day 6) at elevations of 2,000m-4,600m (6,600-15,000ft) on diverse types of trails ranging from flat and grassy to steep and rocky. Riding entails traversing through 12 different eco zones, which involves changing weather conditions. Level of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced. Beginners are welcome as we have different type of horses and direct assistance from a horseman available for them. Age: The recommended minimum age of participants is 12 years old. However, we may consider exceptions depending on experience and physical condition.
  • 21. For extra precautions horses are fitted with boots or bandages to protect their extremities. Also, replacement or back up horses are taken on every trip. Our horses are trained Western so they are used to neck reining and going on a loose rein. We mostly use American endurance saddles, but there are English saddles available for those who prefer them. We are very careful in checking that the saddles fit each horse well and we constantly ensure that the tack and shoeing are in excellent conditions. We keep groups small, carefully match horses to riders, see that people of similar skills ride together, and train ride leaders carefully. Important Notes HORSES Quarter Horses specially exercised and trained for this trip, so they are highly aware and accustomed to the local terrain, wildlife and to performing at high altitude, making them a very secure ride. They combine responsiveness, energy, bravery and manners to produce the perfect trail horse. All horses are picked from a pre-selected pool especially for each trip, according to their level of fitness at the time. *Nina, owner/director of Ancient Summit is a horse advocate and proud owner of a rescue horse in the U.S.
  • 22. Saddles: We offer our guests two different types of saddles Helmets: We strongly recommend the use of helmets on this ride. You can bring your own or rent from us at an additional cost. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must stay in the Cusco area for a minimum of 2 days prior to starting the ride in order to acclimate. Please see our first few days suggested itinerary above. Contact Us for your pre and post ride tours and pricing. We have options to suit all of your needs. Uruguayan Endurance Saddles (similar to English-type; leather)American Endurance Saddles (similar to Western-type; synthetic) Ancient Summit , Inc. 13833 Wellington Trace E4-Suite 452, Wellington, Florida 33414 561.228.1729 - 877.378.9223 www.ancientsummit.com - info@ancientsummit.com Florida State Licensed Seller of Travel #ST36254 Pack your Bags and…Your SIX Senses!!!