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AHS Slides_Denise Minger

by on Aug 09, 2011





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  • BrianHWC BrianHWC 'why anyone NEEDS to eat meals that entail the suffering and death of animals'

    Sounds good in theory, but agriculture (especially large-scale) results in the death of many animals, damage/shifts to the ecosystem, and the use of petroleum products. Just because you're not looking at the product of a dead animal on your plate does not mean none were killed in the production of whatever you are consuming.

    'The Vegetarian Myth' lays out hundreds of pages breaking down the complex interplay between plants, animals, and the death of both necessary to continue the cycle. That said, I don't think anyone disagrees with preventing unnecessary suffering. It's clear that some of the practices of 'factory meat farms' are not great.
    2 years ago
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  • chernavsky Alex Chernavsky, Manager of IT at Humane Society at Lollypop Farm Rather than being an argument AGAINST veganism, this seems to be an argument FOR it. Ornish, Esselstyn, McDougall, et al may be lousy scientists, but they have at least demonstrated that veganism is compatible with good health.

    I subscribe to the common-sense principle that it's wrong to inflict unnecessary harm on sentient creatures. Now, we could have a discussion about what the word 'necessary' means, but it seems to me that pleasure, convenience, or taste are not enough to make it NECESSARY to eat animals.

    I've worked at an animal shelter for ten years, and I've been vegan for seven of those years. I believe that there is no ethically-relevant distinction between eating dogs (or cats) versus eating farm animals. My health has not suffered any since I switched to veganism. This paleo stuff is all very well and good (and I've read Taubes's 'Good Calories, Bad Calories'), but I see no compelling reason why anyone NEEDS to eat meals that entail the suffering and death of animals.
    2 years ago
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  • GeraldRyan Gerald Ryan I am confused. what vegetarian says our guts resemble herbivores? I think for us it's complex, since we are the only creature who eats cooked food (wrangham), so our guts don't really reflect our food choices, at least in their raw-state. But herbivore is not to be confounded with frugivore/cooked starch or cooked fleshivore- all high energy foods as wrangham says. we are high energy whole foodivores! and can abstain from flesh for it's negative aspects for our spiritual and physical wellfare and our ethical conscience 2 years ago
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AHS Slides_Denise Minger AHS Slides_Denise Minger Presentation Transcript