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  • 1. BODY BY SCIENCEA George Jetson Workout for a Fred Flintsone Metabolism
  • 2. Not reducible to a soundbiteI have to teach you a semester of medical school biochemistry (drinking from a fire hose).
  • 3. The “Miracle”The metabolic turn on a dime
  • 4. This metabolic shift occurs on-site in themuscleglycogen breakdown amplification cascade
  • 5. Therefore...To occur optimally, the muscle(s) in questionmust be directly in the line of fire.This targeted work must be intense andunrelenting....a “well-matched opponent”.
  • 6. The event must be “extremal” and “far fromequilibrium”.A well-matched opponent who doesn’t give upResults in inroad (momentary weakening ofmuscle) and inability to moveMovement as a highly preserved biologicfunction
  • 7. The “Extremal” ComponentBenefits from a deliberate, focused effortthat places the muscle in the cross hairs ofa continuous load
  • 8. Triggering the responseby accident=truly Paleo Attacked by a predator (run or fight for your life) Battling a well-matched opponent Throw rocks/drag a log/push a sled/Crossfit (Paleo Re-enactment)
  • 9. Characteristics of Paleo Re-enactment Systemic effect >>> Local Discontinous loading High force with high risk for injury “Offroading”-lots of work thrown off without producing in-line stimulus Harder=more dangerous. Risk of injury increases with fatigue.
  • 10. Crossfit Forum: Injurieswww.board.crossfit.com/ forumdisplay.php?f=12
  • 11. Characteristics of BBSSystemic=local, because the local creates thesystemic.Continuous loading. No momentum. A well-matched, unrelenting opponent.Low force with low risk of injury (F=MA)“Inroading”-rapid, deep, paralytic fatigueRisk of injury decreases with fatigue
  • 12. Paleo skills-vs-Paleo conditioningIn the past: Now: inseperable/ seperate and dangerous safe conditioning conditioning coincidental to the deliberate skill general very specific
  • 13. NOW you can have theprotective effect of theconditioning BEFORE you take on the learning of a new skill.
  • 14. NOW you can truly focus on the skill withoutbundling conditioning with it or having fatigue compromise it.
  • 15. Body by ScienceDeliberate placement of the stressor “in line”Extremal-a well matched/relentless opponentLocal produces the systemicInroad not OffroadGets safer as you fatigueCondition before learning a skill