Zilele Biz 2007 (Summary)

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  • 1. Zilele Biz 2007 Marketing & Advertising
    • Summary:
          • Paul Garisson "Noile reguli ale marketingului“
          • Marcin Wosniak “ Internet advertising market in Poland”
          • Lucian Despoiu “Social Networking Marketing”
          • Mugur Patrascu “Studiu - 3 Tipuri de noi Consumatori”
          • Dan Petre & Dragos Iliescu “Profilul Psihologic al Bloggerului de marcom”
  • 2. Paul Garisson: "Noile reguli ale marketingului"
    • Paul Garisson - Profesor de Marketing si Decan, CEU Business School
    • Marketing is about:
            • selling more stuff
            • to more people
            • for more money
            • more often
            • more efficiently
  • 3. Paul Garisson: "Noile reguli ale marketingului"
    • What is Marketing?
    • Promotions, brochures
    • How to get to the market
    • Logos, graphic
    • It’s about changing the dialog
    • Awareness
    • 360 campaign
    • Advertising/ Ads campaigns
    • Customer value
    Marketing is NOT: Marketing is:
  • 4. Paul Garisson: "Noile reguli ale marketingului"
    • In numeroase cazuri, businessul este condus dupa reguli de rutina, bazate pe experientele anterioare, dar care nu conduc la rezultate remarcabile. De aceea, aparitia unor noi reguli este absolut necesara.
    marketing is business; it's about delivering customer experience marketing is a function focus on customer relevance and integrate that in everything you do focus with a consistent look and integrate it in everything you do awareness is irrelevant; customers understand the brand's value awareness is king focus on outcomes focus on activities budget later, strategic plans first budget first New Rules Old Rules
  • 5. Paul Garisson: "Noile reguli ale marketingului"
    • Alte insight–uri:
      • “ It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” (Charles Darwin)
      • referitor la cat de importanta este adaptarea in business
      • “ Other players go to where the puck is. Go to where the puck is going to be..” (Wayne Gretzky )
        • referitor la paradigma leadershipului practicata la CEU Budapest
  • 6. Marcin Wosniak: “Internet advertising market in Poland”
    • Marcin Wosniak - Managing Director ARBOinteractive EUROPE
    • Internet penetration (forecasts): +47% in 2009; +50% in 2010;
    • Broadband penetration in 2007: 22%
    • Internet users in Poland in 2007: more than 12 mil
    • Audience pt best tv shows: 10 mil; gazette: 2 mil;
    • Arbomedia Poland – advertising formats: bildboards, duble bilboards, screening, provideo;
    • Arbomendia Poland – research: brand awarness, brand imagine, interest to buy, how the campaign is remembered;
  • 7. Lucian Despoiu “Social Networking Marketing”
    • Social Networking:
        • Online Communities;
        • CollaborativemProjects;
        • Blogs;
        • Wiki;
        • Files Sharing;
        • Prosumers: “ Prosumer is a portmanteau formed by contracting either the word pro ducer or pro fessional with the word con sumer . The term has taken on multiple conflicting meanings: the business sector sees the prosumer (professional–consumer) as a market segment, whereas economists see the prosumer (producer–consumer) as having greater independence from the mainstream economy.”(Wikipedia)
  • 8. Mugur Patrascu “ Studiu realizat pe 3 tipuri de noi consumatori”
    • 3 tipuri de noi consumatori:
        • Adolescenti (17 ani)
        • Adultul Tanar (barbat 28 ani)
        • Adultul Tanar (femeie 30 ani)
    • Studiul despre tineri se afla aici: http://www.leoburnett.ro/LeoYouth_main_findings.pdf
  • 9. Dan Petre & Dragos Iliescu: “Profilul psihologic al bloggerului de marcom”
    • Prezentarea cercetarii se afla aici:
    • http://danpetre.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/profil-ami.pdf