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  • 1. www.RoadSmartSolutions.com
  • 2. FlatSealTire Sealant is known as one of the BEST
    tire sealants in the world.
    Meets all environmental requirements
    to make it environmentally safe
    and exceeds all requirements set forth by the
    United States Postal Service
    specifications for tire sealants
  • 3. Introduction and Guide forVehicle Maintenance Facilities
    What isFlat Seal ?
    Flat Sealis a chemical solution that when installed inside a tire provides full time
    Protection from air leaks and air loss caused by punctures and other wheel related leaks.
    Flat Sealguards against this air loss for the entire life of the tire.
    Flat Sealis designed to not only seal tread punctures up to one-quarter inch in diameter,
    But also bead leaks, rim leaks, porosity leaks, and any tire or wheel related leaks---for the
    Entire life of a tire
    Flat Sealallows you to maximize tire life while minimizing downtime,
    maintenance costs, and fuel consumption.These factors, when coupled with increased
    safety, makeFlat Seala product NO vehicle cannot afford to be without.
  • 4. What are theFlat SealPerformance Facts?
    Vehicle Maintenance Facilities using Flat Seal
    have reported a 75% reduction in service calls.
    Flat Seal Prevents porosity, bead, and valve stem leaks
    Pays for itself by reducing repair bills and increasing tread wear
    Contains three rust inhibitors to prevent rust on rims, steel belts, and valve stems
    Reduce heat buildup
    Will not harden in tire
    Will not freeze down to -35 degrees F
    Will not void tire manufacturers warranties
    Guaranteed effective for the legal life of your tires
    Is unaffected by extreme heat up to 360 degrees F
    Permanently seals punctures in the tread area of tires, up to ¼” in diameter
  • 5. How DoesFlat FreeWork?
    Flat Sealis installed quickly and easily through the valve stem-average
    time is just minutes per tire. Once the vehicle is driven, the fluid actionof
    Flat Sealcauses the entire inner liner and rim to be evenly coated with
    Flat SealSpecial adhesion properties keep the solution in place at
    all times, ready to seal any source of air loss, greatly reducing service calls.
  • 6. How DoesFlat SealWork?
    When a puncture occurs, centrifugal force of the rotating tire and internal pressure
    forceFlat Sealinto the puncture. A permanent seal is formed as the puncture is
    packed with the fibers and other solids. Some of the material will go through the
    hole to the outside of the tire. When this material is exposed to air, it dries and
    forms a permanent and Flexible seal. It’s that simple.
    Flat Sealwill easily seal holes up to one-quarter inch in diameter. Depending on
    the size of the puncture, the thickness of the thread, and the number of piles,
    larger holes will normally seal if they are near to the center of the tread area. A
    puncture that occurs while driving the vehicle will seal almost instantly and very
    little air will be lost before a permanent seal is made.
  • 7. What willFlat Sealdo for yourVMF
    Flat Sealwill reduce operating costs by:
    Maintains recommended tire pressure up to 3 years
    Particularly during winter months when loss of air pressure is most notable.
    Reducing premature tire failures
    Improving fuel mileage as much as 3%
    Lowering tire replacement costs/Reducing downtime
    Reducing driver aggravations due to tire failures
    Reducing labor costs by eliminating tire repairs
  • 8. What willFlat SealDo for yourVMF
    Flat Sealin the tire also helps dissipate the heat caused by road friction allowing the
    tire to run much cooler. As a result of the proper air pressure and cooler operating
    temperatures, you can expect to get up to 25% more life from your fleet’s tires. This
    directly translates to bottom-line savings.
    What is the real cost of your tires
    Tires, like any other part of your equipment, requires regular and preventive maintenance
    to stay in top operational shape. Until now, tire repair and maintenance has been costly,
    time consuming, and a general nuisance. Because of this,most tires are neglected.
    Neglected tires lose air pressure, wear out prematurely, blow out, and create dangerous
    and expensive driving situationscan be avoided.
  • 9. www.RoadSmartSolutions.com
    Aaron Wheeler
    Road Smart Solutions Consultant
    Office: 815-877-0836 CP: 815-979-1828
    Email: awhee4660@aol.com