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here you can about youtube website

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  1. 1. YouTube
  3. 3. HISTORY Video sharing website. Three former PayPal employees created YouTube in February 2005. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. November 2006, YouTube LLC was bought by Google.
  4. 4. REGISTRATION Unregistered users can watch the videos. Registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos. Potentially offensive content are available only to registered users over the age of 18. Accounts of registered users are called "channels".
  5. 5. How to register?  Click signup in the right top right top of the screen
  6. 6. Contd… Need to fill all the details details.
  7. 7.  After entering the details details click create cac account button.
  8. 8. This is the Account of a registered users
  9. 9. In profile setup they are several options to update your channels. You can show your picture in channel. Click the 'Change Picture' button and select the file that you'd like to display as your thumbnail profile icon on your channel. Don’t forget to click save changes button.
  10. 10. Here you can descripe about yourself. Here you can give your website url. In personal details, fill ur name, gender, relationship status, age. ..
  11. 11. Here give ur location details Ur job and qualificati on Ur interest like films, music, books.
  12. 12. These are modules of customised homepage
  13. 13. Here we can choose the video quality and the annotations
  14. 14. Activity feed Auto share option
  15. 15. Unique address If you wanna alternate id click here Send your videos to this id. It will automatically uploaded to your accout.
  16. 16. Here you can check your account status , also can change password, delete account here
  17. 17. Account 
  18. 18. You can edit uploaded videos here
  19. 19. You can give your annotations wherever you want.
  20. 20. You can change the audio just by selecting the tracks in the left.. You can preview the video after changing the audio just by clicking the preview
  21. 21. All details of your videos uploaded in your account…. How many viewing where they viewing like….
  22. 22. Download videos in mp4 format
  23. 23. You can add ur favourite videos here You can change the playlist order here Quick List is a temporary list of videos, which you can add to while you are browsing around the site. It will only exist until you quit your browser Your youtube browser history shown here
  24. 24. This is about ur channel information This is the url created with ur username Here you can change ur type of channel like.. Youtuber, musician, comedian,…
  25. 25. This is the page for your channel design here you can change “themes and colours” and “modules” of your channel.
  26. 26. Your channel
  27. 27. You can customize your player in the channel
  28. 28. Uploading videos
  29. 29. To upload videos click here To upload videos click here There are two option in uploading videos. 1. From your pc or mobile phone . 2. Record directly from ur webcam But you don’t have preview option in uploading from webcam, you can view the video after uploading it to ur channel
  30. 30. Select the videos here While uploading the videos give title, description, tags and select category and some additional information for your videos.
  31. 31. Technology Adobe Flash Video technology. Flash video plug-in installed on 95% of personal computer. Videos limited to ten minutes and file size of 2 GB.  Ten minute limit was introduced in March 2006.
  32. 32. YouTube accepts videos uploaded in most formats.  .WMV, .AVI, .MKV, .MOV, MPEG, .MP4, DivX, .FLV, and .OGG. It also supports 3 gp format uploading directly from mobiles.
  33. 33. Video Quality YouTube originally offered videos in only one format. Now it has three formats standad Quality. High Quality. 720p HD.
  34. 34. Standard Quality Resolution of 320x240 pixels. Sorenson Spark codec video. Mono mp3 audio.
  35. 35. High Quality Introduced in mar 2008. Resolution of 864x480 pixels. stereo AAC sound.
  36. 36. High Definition November 2008 720p HD support was added. YouTube player was changed from a 4:3 aspect ratio to a widescreen 16:9. 720p videos are shown at 1280x720 pixels  H.264 video codec, AAC sound.
  37. 37. 3D videos July 21st, 2009. Peter Bradshaw announced that YouTube users can now upload 3D videos. users have several choices on how to view the video. users without 3D glasses they have the option to watch the videos.
  38. 38. Cross-Eyed, Parallel, Mirror-Split and Left and Right Image Only. Users who have 3D glasses simply have to chose what color pairing. GeForce 3D Vision nor polarized 3D viewing are currently supported.
  39. 39. Accessbility Users can view videos on web pages outside the site. Each YouTube video is accompanied by a piece of HTML. This functionality is often used to embed YouTube videos in social networking pages and blogs.  mobile phones are capable of accessing YouTube videos.
  40. 40. Uses RTSP streaming for the video. Apple products. Apple Tv, iphone.
  41. 41. Partners • You can be a partner to youtube • There are many benefits to becoming a YouTube Partner. • To qualify for the YouTube Partner programme, you must meet some minimum criteria. • Owning the copyrights and distribution rights for all audio and video content that you upload.
  42. 42. Criteria for partners Size of your audience. Quality of content. Compliance with our YouTube Community Guidelines. Terms of Use, and your country of residence.
  43. 43. You create original videos suitable for online streaming. You regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users.
  44. 44. Monetisation As a YouTube partner, you will be able to share in revenue-generating opportunities. Participate in co-marketing & branded entertainment opportunities with top-brand advertisers. Utilise your own sales to sell your own ads.
  45. 45. Insight Insight analytical tool. Learn about your audience demographics and what people are watching Learn what of your content is the most popular & engaging. Determine at a video level where your content is really successful and where it falls flat.
  46. 46. summarize In YouTube you can share your videos. You c an be a partner to youtube after fullfilling some criteria. In youtube you can sell your own product. It’s a good entertainment site and also a money making site.