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  • 2. Key Actitivities done • • • • • • • Session at LCM on 25 August 2013 Session at LTS on 1 Sept 2013 Drive down through Mentors Excessive experience sharing Cash Subsidy (To be released soon) Special countries for IXP EP’s TVPL
  • 3. Details • 2 fold IXP Process • Different for New Recs and different for MB/Senior Membersl • Target to do 60 IXP Realizations in winter cycle, since new batch of 250 members are really excited about exchange.
  • 4. IXP for MB • Drive down at LCM’s • In September we launched the biggest LC RnR Campaign, The Vulcan Premier League. Highest Points given for IXP. • Points will also be given if they refer a friend for an oGCDP
  • 5. LCM on 25 August • IXP session taken by Abhinav Sethi and oGCDP Managers • Experience sharing by returned managers Minutes, videos and ppt used: Abhinav (Dir oGCDP) talking about IXP and his experience in Italy
  • 6. The Vulcan Premier League Started on the 14th of October , its objective was to drive the culture of IXPs and promoting GCDP in the department through competition. They were given points for each raise.
  • 7. How to Score Points! Core Work for Exchanger s iGIP oGCDP oGIP iGCDP Raise 5 5 5 5 Match 10 10 30 5 Realization 10 30 40 20 IXP All Departments Raise 10 10 10 10 Match 40 40 40 40 Realization 60 60 60 60 Raise Your Friend Non Exchange iGIP, iGCDP, oGIP Raise 15 15 15 15 5 5 5 5 Match 30 30 30 30 10 10 10 10 Realization 45 45 45 45 15 15 15 15
  • 8. Details • Inter department oGCDP Promoting competition: The Vulcan Premiere League • Dates : From 14th October 2013
  • 9. IXP for GB • A special wall was created in the office before first dept meet, which had pictures of different countries, sample JD’s and benefits. • Directors were told heavily drive it down at first dept meets. • Driven everywhere till now, i.e. pre-recruitment, LTS, events, RYLC, Mentorship, first dept meets and now office.
  • 10. Mentorship • Before RYLC new recruits just assigned mentors and not dept • Role on mentors to explain them AIESEC and drive down IXP • Amazing response, all Mentors giving a feedback of high level of excitement for exchange in their groups • Looking forward to build this at RYLC IXP session • Will be converted post that
  • 11. Kavya (oGCDP TL) sharing experiences and pictures of her EP’s Omar (VP IM) sharing his experience is Moscow last winter and driving winternship in Russia
  • 12. LTS on 1 September • • • • • New recruits already excited about exchange An IXP session with special focus on Winternship in Russia Exciting them through Videos Agenda- mainly video sharing and just a brief talk by Dir oGCDP’s Videos used: GEP Promo video Experience sharing by a US intern in Brazil Winternship promotion in Russia
  • 13. LTS IXP Session
  • 14. IXPs IXPs were barbarically promoted on LCMs and the October Local Congress.
  • 15. Financial Subsidy • A subsidy of upto 6000 will be given to an IXP depending on the following factors: 1. CEED (Y/N) 2. Nos of IR forms gotten back to LC in all portfolios 3. IR initiatives 4. Weather approached only host LC or other surrounding LC’s as well We are still making the above more objective, but subsidy will be purely on the basis of how DI as well as India is promoted in the host LC and tangible benefits received.
  • 16. Outcome VaO3pvdHhNNk1QVDVGSFZHVWI0bVpBZ2xJeVE#gid=0