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airBaltic HR

  1. 1. airBaltic:Human Resource Management
  2. 2. airBaltic: Human Resource Management airBaltic as an employer, In this recruitment,presentation new employees, induction, professional development and training.
  3. 3. airBaltic: Human Resource Management airBaltic – a Regional AirlineairBaltic, is the Latvian national airline and a low-costcarrier, with its head office on the grounds of RigaInternational Airport in Mārupe municipality.Currently, airBaltic operates direct flights out of allthree Baltic State capitals – Riga (Latvia), Vilnius(Lithuania) and Tallinn (Estonia). airBaltic – a Regional Airline 3
  4. 4. airBaltic: Human Resource Management airBaltic as an employerairBaltic is one of the most sought after employers inLatvia - in 2010 it was selected as the Top Employerin a nationwide survey. In previous surveys airBalticconsistently ranked among the Top 3 Employers.airBaltic provides a dynamic and modern working environment.The company highly values the participation of all employees in thedevelopment and success of the company. airBaltic as an employer 4
  5. 5. airBaltic: Human Resource Management airBaltic employeesThe company employs over 1100 people, the majorityof whom are directly involved in flight operations.The average age of its employees is 32. airBaltic employees 5
  6. 6. airBaltic: Human Resource Management airBaltic employeesPeople in airBaltic are service-minded, positive andforthcoming. All relations are based on honesty,loyalty, consideration and respect. Employees have theopportunity to execute, develop and improve theirskills to achieve their own goals and those of airBaltic.It is flexible, ready for challenges, inspired andcommitted. airBaltic employees 6
  7. 7. airBaltic: Human Resource Management GeneralBy employment within airBaltic it means recruitment,new employees induction, professional development andtraining upon the termination of employment contractbetween airBaltic and employee. While employed byairBaltic employees shall follow established policies onpersonal data collection and update, disciplinary actionsand employment conflict solving. General 7
  8. 8. airBaltic: Human Resource Management RecruitmentairBaltics recruitment process has been developed withthe intention to employ the candidates who shall bestfit the airBaltic needs, on the basis of appropriateknowledge, skills, training and experience.Each position shall have prerequisite criteria specifiedfor evaluation of candidates with goal to determine ifthe personnel are appropriately qualified formanagement positions and operational roles in theareas that affect the safety and security of theoperation. Recruitment 8
  9. 9. airBaltic: Human Resource Management The mission of HR departmentThe mission of HR department is to ensure corporateability to implement chosen strategy and reachestablished business goals through acquisition,rewarding, development and retention of positive,loyal and customer focused professionals. The mission of HR department 9
  10. 10. airBaltic: Human Resource ManagementMain activities: 10
  11. 11. airBaltic: Human Resource Management Attraction1. airBaltic Employer branding – Media, Web, advertisements, events;2. Channels of attraction – Schools, Career Days, Exhibitions, Open doors, Shadow days;3. International recognition. Attraction 11
  12. 12. airBaltic: Human Resource Management Search & SelectionRecruitment channels: Market research; Online;Headhunting; Employee referrals, Networking, etc.Selection tools: Interviews; Role-playing games;Assessment centers; Testing; References. Search & Selection 12
  13. 13. airBaltic: Human Resource Management IntegrationInduction: Welcome; 1st Day Info; Job Safety;Integration: Onboarding; Mentoring. Integration 13
  14. 14. airBaltic: Human Resource Management DevelopmentSuccession/Career planning, Assessment,Development talks, Development centers ,Training, Coaching. Development 14
  15. 15. airBaltic: Human Resource Management RewardingMaterial: Compensation, Benefits, ID tickets.Non-material: Internal environment, Recognition,Internal Motivation. Rewarding 15
  16. 16. airBaltic: Human Resource Management RetentionKey people / High potentials, Job rotation, Flexibleschedules, Career opportunities, Exit management,Satisfaction Survey. Retention 16
  17. 17. airBaltic: Human Resource Management New employee inductionNew employee induction means an introduction toairBaltics values, business, working environment andrules of operation, and the employees understandingand embracing of them. New employee induction 17
  18. 18. airBaltic: Human Resource Management Professional development and trainingAir transport is one of the most dynamic and fastest-changingindustries in the world. That is why airBaltic needsresponsive, forward-looking and professional staff. TheairBaltic employee development programme was created tofacilitate the personal development of staff in order toensure airBaltics continuity of operations and successfulprogress.airBaltic encourages the professional development ofemployees and provides opportunities for training and careergrowth. Professional growth shall be systematic andcontinuous, from the first day of employment. Professional development and training 18
  19. 19. airBaltic: Human Resource Management Professional development and trainingThe opportunities and requirements for professionaldevelopment are discussed between employee anddirect supervisor during:› the employee’s performance evaluation during the probation period;› the annual professional development dialogue. Professional development and training 19
  20. 20. airBaltic: Human Resource Management RedundancyairBaltic is a company in constant development and acompany that values its employees as its most valuableasset. In case of changes in the company what causeredundancies, the company will first consider theredundant applicants for relevant vacancies. They willbe given first priority to relevant positions withinairBaltic. Redundancy 20
  21. 21. airBaltic: Human Resource Management Future plans:1. Job evaluation and development of structured Compensation System;2. Redesign of Development Dialogue process;3. Development of BT Employer Brand and long term candidate attraction strategy;4. Career page development on BT homepage;5. Development of functional competencies. Future plans 21
  22. 22. Thank you!