Ethiopians & Rastafari
                                Esther Firke-Sellassie Antohin, born

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Ethiopians & Rastafari


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First study about Ethiopian POV on Rastafari. 200pp. Asther Sellassie Antohin
Ethiopian Millennium Edition from Beta Sellassie Publishers.

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Ethiopians & Rastafari

  1. 1. Ethiopians & Rastafari Esther Firke-Sellassie Antohin, born  Ethiopians in Addis Ababa on April 30, 1960 (Ethiopian Calendar 1953). She was the fourth of six children born to HIH Princess Edjigaheu Asfa - Wossen and Dejazmach Fikre- & Rastafari Sellassie Hapte-Mariam. Her Mother Princess Edjigaheu was the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Asfa- Wossen later known as Amaha Sellassie, born to him by his first wife Princess Wolte-Israel Seum. In 1971 at the age of 11 Esther, along with her two elder sisters and Brother went to the United Kingdom to attend Boarding school. They continued their education at Clarendon School in Abergale North Wales until June 1974. They went home to Ethiopia for the summer holidays, but were unable to leave; due to the Marxist revolution that had exploded that summer, All the members of the Royal family were black listed, and were prevented from leaving Ethiopia. Having survived the terrible events of both her parents detentions as political prisoners, and later having witnessed her mother's cruel and untimely death Esther, left Ethiopia in 1977 during the Red Terror that had gripped her country. The following year Esther entered Emma Willard preparatory school in up-state New York where she completed her high school diploma in June 1980. In the fall she went on to New York University and received her BA in Russian history and language. During her senior year there, she met and fell in love with her husband to be Anatoly Antohin. They were married in the Russian Orthodox Church in Old Jerusalem, Israel on March 2, 1984. In 1989 Esther, her husband and two children began to live in Fairbanks Alaska where they continue to reside till the present. The book 'Ethiopians & Rastafari is based on studies conducted for a Master's thesis. * Photo by Cal White, Fairbanks, AK, 1997, Black History Month. ID: 152046 Esther Sellassie Antohin
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