Prototyping ana luis


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Prototyping ana luis

  1. 1. Prototyping Ana Luis
  2. 2. Problem Statement Happy go get them recent graduate looking for a 1st job needs a way to apply to different job offers because applying is tiring and confusing
  3. 3. Most pratical idea On the job training during University – the idea is to give students the possibility to actually try their professional career while still at University and learn the day to day of their chosen job
  4. 4. Feedback received What worked? (+) • The idea is very useful • The idea permits to eliminate the “first job” and all the stress • Methodical and sucint – the goal of the site is very clear What could be improved? (-) • Not clear that it isn’t an internship at the end of the course • It’s limited to the companies already “explored” by the universities; This list should be constantly updated; • When are students supposed to start this “professional” experience? During the course? After? • What is the “List of classes”? Disciplines offered by the University? Questions (?) • How will the evaluation work? • Will there be companies interested? • What kind of agreement will be done between the University and the companies? • Is there a commitment by the companies to accept the students? • How do the students do about this website? Ideas (i) • Personalise the registration page – more personal infos of the students • Being able to chose more than one company • More information about each company • Flexible work hours (dependent on the type of work and company • Ask for the CV? – Do they have any professional experience? • Location of the companies (google maps) – for the transportation to the companies
  5. 5. Favourite idea Coffee house job offers – a place where job hunters and employers can post offers and conduct a first casual interview over coffee
  6. 6. Feeback received What worked? (+) • The idea in itself – an informal space of exchange of interests; • Being able to develop / discuss the job offer with someone immediately • The informal aspect of the search for the 1st job What could be improved (-) • The rooms for the interviews seem to closed, they could be more open • The sketches were unnecessary • The bulletin board should be by the entrance Questions (?) • Is the interview an immediate job offer? • Is the goal to be a meeting space where people go in search of a job? • Why are the work areas separated? Ideas (i) • To communicate the existence of the “Jobee House” • Fixed dates / Schedule interviews (so as not to waste the employers time) • Change the bulletin board
  7. 7. Written Reflection What did I learned by testing the prototypes? What would I do next if I were to continue working on the project? First of all, I realised that my sketching abilities are not as bad as I thought; Also that without some text it is very difficult to convey an idea simply through sketching. The ideas were well received and some interesting questions regarding their viability and day to day implementation and maintenance were raised I would should one of the ideas (probably the “Jobee House”), so I could do a more extensive research among the students and collect their feedback in order to improve the idea and the prototype, making it presentable to Universities and companies. Afterwards I would go and talk directly with possible partners and see what their feedback, questions, ideas and suggestions were.