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Looking Outodmy Widow2


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. PAULA MARINA DÍAZ When I look out of my window …
  • 2. Where do I live?
    • I live in a house, near my high school, in Topacio street.
    • My house has got three floors, and the basement.
    • On the third floor there is a terrace, it has wonderful views.
    • In my neighborhood there is a swimming pool, and two big gardens.
    • It’s usually very windy so usually the plants are broken, and the basket sometimes is broken too.
  • 3. My swimming pool :
    • My swimming pool is in the middle of the garden.
    • It is not very big because there are few neighbors.
    • In the summer, all the children and their parents go to the swimming pool and of course me too!
    • I love going to the swimming pool because I play with my friends and we sunbathe.
  • 4. The garden :
    • Here, in the garden, we play
    • football or basketball, every day.
    • When I finish my homework, I go to the garden and play with my friends.
    • Sometimes we sit in the towels and we talk.
    • In the summer my neighbors do some barbecues in theirs gardens and my family also, and when we finish we go to the garden and play football at night.
    • In this garden my neighbor celebrates her birthday every year. A group of clowns comes here and plays with te children and sometimes there is an inflatable castle and it is good fun.
  • 5. My courtyard :
    • In my courtyard my brother and me sometimes play basketball, table tennis… We use the courtyard to park the cars.
    • I sometimes water the plants or sweep the courtyard because the wind is terrible, so it is full of leaves every day.
    • Here we clean the cars and I like it very much because when we finish I wet me with the hose.
  • 6. Wonderful views :
  • 7. I can see many places and many things : This is Lucia’s house. I can see the “caida libre” at Tivoli World, the amusement park. Behind these houses there is a petrol station. I can see Sunset Beach’s Hotel in the distance .
  • 8. What can I see from my window?
    • When I look out of my window I can see the Cable car.
    • It is a public transport that arrives at the Calamorro mountain.
    • I can see the Cable car’s cables and many lamp posts that illuminate the Cable car.
    • I rarely go to the Cable car because now it’s hot.
    • But last winter I went with my family twice.
  • 9. I can see many mountains :
    • I can see a lot of muntains.
    • Behind my house there are many mountains, and opposite my house there are a lot of houses and I can see the sea.
    • When I look out of my window I see all, the mountains and the sea.
    This is the Calamorro’s peak.
  • 10. THE END I hope that you liked it.