Hair standards
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  • Dear collegues i would like to invite you in/to a journey through the aga and possible pathogenetic factors
  • I hope you enyoed the journey and you could come out of this session like a dolphin


  • 1. Alopecia Standards Aegean Master Meating-2011 Dr. V. Bekou
  • 2.
    • The complaints can be divided into
    • hair loss
    • Increased hair growth
    • abnormal hair quality
  • 3. Alopecia visible reduction of hair density > 30 %   Effluvium > 100 hairs daily > a longer time period (2–4w) Androgenetic alopecia miniaturization of hair follicles over many haircycles Alopecia areata inflammatory infiltrates, dystrophic anagen hairs, shortend hair cycle, prolonged telogen phase Intermidiate type effluv. Strong noxious agent, hair shuft interruption, dystrophic anagen hairs Diffuse telogen effluv. moderate noxious agent, deficiencies, disease, increased conversion in telogen phase Definition
  • 4.  
  • 5. Alopecia areata
  • 6. Alopecia areata
  • 7. Alopecia mechanica
  • 8. Alopecia diffusa
  • 9. Lichen ruber planopilaris
  • 10. Lichen ruber planopilaris
  • 11.  
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15. Hair pull test 50-60 hairs, activity of different areas disease (AGA:pos.frontal) Hair rub test rub hair shafts indication of increased fragility Dermatoscopy exam. Shafts and yellow dots:AA, scalp scars? Trichogram 5 d after washing hair cycle rate frontal-occipital Phototrichogram shaving standardized anagen-telogen rate areas Longitudinal mounting mounting of cut hair hair-shaft structure Overview photography standardized positions monitor course Skin biopsy from active margin histo-immunhisto, scars? in direction of hair growth Diagnostic methods
  • 16. Helpful and practical things for daily living Extensions Hair weaving Bonding Hairpiece, toupee Synthetic wig Real hair wig Permanent make up Sprinkle hair Hair transplantation
  • 17. Thank you for the attention