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5 Ways to Boost Your Game Sales with Data -- Giuseppe Bellanca, Managing Director of EMEA at MobileAppTracking & Jean-Vincent Chardon, European Sales Manager at MobileAppTracking (Winter Nights: Mobile Games Conference 2014

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  • Technology platform for attribution analytics and demand side mobile buying
    Introduce G and JV
    Hasoffers provides SAAS for attribution analytics. In 2011 we launched Mobile App Tracking which is really designed for advertisers (The people that own Mobile apps) that want to do marketing with many different partners.
    Mobile App tracking is a very successful product.
    In the US we have become the standard for attribution tracking
    By building great relationships with the right people and they’ve helped us to expand globally
    and we continue to expand our operation in EMEA and Asia
    Over 40 % of our clients are here in EMEA . We opened our European Hqrs in London back in September last year and its allowed us to engage with existing and prospective clientsher on the on the ground. We thank you for welcoming us at this great event.
  • There are a million app on each of the main two App StoresWe all probably would like be the next Rovio or Supercell
    While your job is to build a great and innovative games, once out, your game needs to be discovered and played.Viral success, being featured or just playing luck doesn’t always workYou NEED to have some sort of user acquisition strategy whatever your means are
    The consequences of not having one, can be costly
  • Yet, game developer faces the same challenges when when you embark on your UA strategyIt’s a complex and fragmented ecosystem:- many traffic sources with different business models- many middle men / overlapping propositions- not always a clear leaderManaging UA takes effort which is why one of the important jobs in our industry has become UA managerThat’s also why you have third party analytics tools to help along the way.The common denominator between all these providers is data.
  • The only way to navigate through this complex ecosystem is to harness data that is available to you.Mobile games are churning out a mountain of data that needs to be properly analysed and turned into actionable insight.Many of you are already wise to this, recruiting specialist data analysts for your marketing team
    But you also need third party specialised platforms
  • The bottom line being to understand the cost of acquiring a customer and their LTV
    The insights provided will reduce uncertainty, minimize the risk and allow you the transparency to execute your KPI’s effectivelyAt MobileAppTracking, we work with with a whole range of mobile advertisers at different stages of development, worldwideThis is a great observation point for us to know what works and what’s not when it comes to user acquisition practicesWe have gathered for you what we believe to be the most valuable tips for successful UA campaigns
  • Before we jump in, the caveat is:PAID - Not all user acquisition is paid and understanding where users come from and how valuable they are also means:UNPAID - understanding cross promotion, owned media (website, newsletter, QR code, etc.) +organic traffic is key too
    CHANNELS - All of them can be very efficient acquisition channels in their own right so you need to track them
  • The industry is rapidly moving beyond the historical cost per install model CLICK
    Don’t just look at the cost per install, because a customer’s true value comes over a period of time CLICKThat’s why looking at cost per engagement seems to be a better metric moving forward
    So ideally, a wide range of data should be used to create larger trends and pictures.
    Most game developer understand the value of calculating ARPU, ARPPU, LTV, etc.The question is how you actually use those metrics for your benefits
  • ASSUMING YOUR ATTRIBUTION TRACKING IS IN PLACE: you need to make sure that you’re actually measuring the correct in-app events. But which are the correct metrics to track?
    DEFINE SUCCESS: The most important thing is that you have your KPI’s established early so you have a clear definition of what ‘success’ is CLICKFor most freemium games, the natural in app events will be: open, registration, level-up and purchases - CLICK
    CUSTOM EVENTS – @ MobileAppTracking we also offer a series of pre-defined events (SCREEN) but you can always add your custom events. IN ANY CASE YOU NEED TO CONNECT THOSE TO REVENUE NUMBERS to create a clear benchmark of what success should look like.
    You can now use these metrics to build a fuller picture of the customer over time.
  • Too many game developer rely on a single or a couple of traffic sources for their UA campaigns or go for the top of mind ad networks based on popularity - CLICKWhy?MANY TRAFFIC SOURCES - That’s partly because there are so many traffic sources that it’s hard to understand which one to choose fromMost of you in this room probably receive a few calls or emails each week from people wanting to sell you their inventory.
    You could try and communicate with each of the relevant traffic sources on an individual basis but there are so many that this is a task in itself…OR… - CLICK
    NARROW DOWN THE LIST - Use tools that allow you to filter efficiently the best traffic sources for you based on your current UA strategy
    E.g.: I am looking for CPI inventory on Android in Spain and Portugal > which inventory sources match my criteria?
  • By now you’re tracking a few in-app events…. Make sure you use them not just to report on past campaign but to dynamically re-engage users who have already downloaded your app – CLICK
    WE KNOW FROM OTHER INDUSTRIES THAT - “It costs 6 times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an old one” Ruby Newell-Legner (Understanding Customers)
    PAST INSTALLS - Past installs are users that are waiting to be re-engaged ANALOGY WITH ONLINE ADVERTISING – Mobile app deep linking is possible and should be used - CLICK
    Mobile app deep linking allows users who have previously downloaded your app to click through to specific content within your app
    Most ad network will accept pay-per-in-app-action type of campaign where you only pay when a user (who already have the app) perform a certain action in app!In recent product release from Twitter & Facebook, they both announced features that allow advertisers to include deep links as a destination URL for mobile app ad campaigns
  • We don’t need to tell you that localizing your game increases the chances of it being featured in local markets and boost adoptionYet, many gaming companies with global ambitions continue to have a one-size fits all strategy when it comes to users acquisition
    utilizing local traffic sources
    localising your messaging
    In fact, being a developer from a non-English speaking country can turn to be your best advantage since you almost have to localise from the onsetLet me give you some examples of mobile gaming companies that have successfully adapted their messaging to their target markets: CLICKExample 1: Palma de Mallorca Playspace is the number one mobile gaming company for Spanish & Portuguese speaking communities and had huge success in LATAMExample 2: Belgrade-based Nordeus is well known for having expanded into many local markets by having a very strong focus on localising both its game and it’s acquisition strategy
  • Giuseppe Bellanca & Jean-Vincent Chardon, MobileAppTracking

    1. 1. 5 Tips For Successful UA Campaigns Saint Petersburg, 8th February 2014 Head of Business Development - EMEA Giuseppe Bellanca European Sales Manager Jean-Vincent ‘JV’ Chardon
    2. 2. Agenda ●Current State Of Play ●5 Tips For Successful UA Campaigns ●Conclusion & Key Takeaways ●Questions Time #WNConf @JVChardon @MobileAppTrack
    3. 3. Current State Of Play
    4. 4. A little about us Launched in 2011 to solve attribution for mobile app marketers with unbiased technology. •150+ Employees •Seattle, San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv •Working with the top grossing apps on iOS and Android •Over 1 Billion attributions tracked every month. Venture backed by A few of our clients apps include:
    5. 5. Millions of apps in 2014!
    6. 6. A complex ecosystem
    7. 7. It’s a big data world Source: Gartner, 2013
    8. 8. The holy grail of user acquisition Source:
    9. 9. 5 tips for successful UA campaigns
    10. 10. Tip #1: Look beyond cost per install Cost Per Install Cost Per Engagement LTV, ARPU, ARPPU the key metrics Blend metrics over a period of time for trends &calculations Utilize funnel and cohort analysis Data analysis: a new skill developers must adopt or employ
    11. 11. Tip #2: Define your KPIs
    12. 12. Tip #3: Don’t rely on a single traffic source Source: MobileAppTracking platform
    13. 13. Tip #4: Re-engage existing users “It costs 6 times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an old one” Ruby Newell-Legner (Understanding Customers) Source:
    14. 14. Tip #5: Localize your campaigns Source: Nordeus & Playspace marketing teams
    15. 15. Conclusion & Key Takeaways
    16. 16. Key take aways User Acquisition should be an integral part of the mobile game development cycle: ●Look beyond the CPI model ●Track (the right) in-app events ●Explore different traffic sources ●Re-engage existing users ●Localize your campaigns Data is the “new black gold” - use the right tools to harness its power Source:
    17. 17. Questions Time
    18. 18. The standard in attribution analytics. Prepared by the MobileAppTracking Sales Team ©2013 HasOffers, Inc. | All rights reserved Head of Business Development - EMEA Giuseppe Bellanca European Sales Manager Jean-Vincent ‘JV’ Chardon