Order of Merit - LA Marketing Academic Challenge Competition 2008 Ana Vasilache


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Order of Merit for the presentation by Outlet team from Romania, for Marketing Academic Competition 2008.

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Order of Merit - LA Marketing Academic Challenge Competition 2008 Ana Vasilache

  1. 1. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA climatESCU OUTLET campaign on Change climate change CAMPAIGN NAME: Pe gaura cheii – Romanian expression understood as an indiscreet look through the door lock” ( indiscretion leaning towards voyeurism) . SLOGAN: Cine rade ala e! Another Romanian expression that says: when you laugh of someone else, you don‟t laugh of anybody but yourself. ” Or you if make fun of someone else, you are the one who should be made fun of ( think global, act local is really the purpose of the Romanian expressions we used) . LOGO: naturally empowered by OUTLET 1
  2. 2. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA CAMPAIGN STARS: The Escu family SUMMARY STATEMENT Interactive, engaging, fun, witty, memorable, fresh, finger- pointing. That’ s our campaign like. We give Caesar what belongs to Caesar. We tell people what they want to hear. The campaign is consumer- oriented, inspired by the traditional local way of life. Mocking one another is like a national sport for Romanians. Therefore, we draw their attention about the climate change by using specifically this personality trait. We bring the eco- spirit alive in every home. We take householders on our side without even letting them know: with sense of humor. As “Humor is a rubber sword - it allows you to make a point without drawing blood”. ( Mary Hirsch) Or because “Humor is everywhere, in that there's irony in j ust about anything a human does”. ( Aristotle) naturally empowered by OUTLET 2
  3. 3. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA OVERVIEW Focus on: Romania ( South- Eastern Europe) Capital: Bucharest ( biggest city in Romania and the 6 th largest capital of the European Union; 2 million inhabitants) TARGET: Bucharest typical householder profile - usually owns an apartment in a block of flats - mostly has a big numbered family - lives in a typical routine home-work; work-home - owns a pet - interested in gadgets, wants to own every single technology item - the comfort of the home is a must-have - because of the restrictions of the communist era , the Romanian householder now wants to consume as much as possible, have all the items that a Western family owns - likes to buy new modern clothes, accessories, cars, gadgets and properties - willing to have a dream house j ust like in Western Europe ( due to the same restrictions until 1989) - wants to adopt every trend or fashion that may come along - very sensitive to bargains, promotions and sales naturally empowered by OUTLET 3
  4. 4. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - willing to buy more for less - likes to make a collection out of credit cards and every single card as he thinks this is a civilized attitude to be on the same road with the westerns - very independent - doesn’t like being taught what to do, doesn’t serve orders - likes to take its own decisions ( more or less responsible) - curious and engaged when it comes to making fun and taking things less seriously CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND Bucharest is known to be the most polluted capital in Europe. Intense car traffic, few green spaces, lack of parks and industrial polluting areas are j ust some of the factors which confirm this statement. Few people did a few things, willingly or not. Meetings, reports, NGOs, warning signals, call- to- action manifestations, experiments, news, talk- shows. They all talked about the climate change effects; they tried to convince people to recycle, to make them aware, they tried to scary, to put on balance. They used facts, studies, larger or smaller scales, stars and influent people. They all seem the natural thing to do. naturally empowered by OUTLET 4
  5. 5. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA Unexpectedly, they didn‟t work. Because Romanians seem not to care. Global warming in Romania doesn’t come with the territory. It does not feel natural to think about or to act upon it. It seems to be ‘no biggie’. "Besides the companies’ CSR actions, ecology is more like a hobby, a weekend acti vity of some people who have the time to do it. Others have more important problems to solve than the climate change issue. Global warming does not strikes directly into their way of living, therefore they have an indifferent attitude towards the real consequences. There is much more to be done in order for the climate change and implicitly ecology to become an ideology to them, a belief, a way of life. ” naturally empowered by OUTLET 5
  6. 6. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA In the meantime, the consumption of electricity in Romania is constantly rising, from one year to another. In 2007, INS ( The National Institute of Statistics) informed that Romania’s energetic resources dropped in number comparing to the high level of consumption” Not only the primary energy resources, but also those of the electric energy are fewer eve ry day. Romania has 2, 5% less primary energy resources than in 2006. The production and the imports diminished as well. Romania produces 2, 2% less energy and imports 3% less. On the other hand, the electricity consumption has risen. People consume 4% more in 2007. During winter, people tend to heat with electrical devices, which mean higher costs, and during summer, the air- conditioner is being used more and more frequent ’. In 2008, the situation is worse. “In the first 5 months of the year, the electrici ty consumption has surpassed 10% comparing to 2007, with 22 billion kilowatts. This is due to the big number of people and institutions buying more and more electrical machines and devices . Unfortunately, the consumption is considered to rise even more, also due to the old and poor infrastructure. ” ( INS) So Romanians like to consume. A lot. Indifferent to the negative consequences of their actions, they spend more and more on technology, on gadgets, on different things to make their life seem easier. They don’t care about the climate change as they see it as a hypothetical thing, a theoretical problem without a real and practical support. naturally empowered by OUTLET 6
  7. 7. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA They are ignorant to the Eco problems; they live their life in the “carpe diem spirit” and are eager to test new things which can improve their living. They are incapable of understanding the loss of electricity and water and, except the elder segment, they aren’t really interested in the loss of money. MARKETING OBJECTIVES: - influence householders in Bucharest to change their “no biggie” attitude into a wise consume attitude - use local sense of humor to generate a different attitude when it comes to abusive consumption of energy and water - encourage the householder to want more for his home, to evolve in the Western spirit of interests in home-design and technology - use strategic partnerships and design contests to make the Escu family and determinate other families to become Eco-friendly - imprint Romanians the Western Europe Eco thinking: Eco is about being efficient and cool at the same time naturally empowered by OUTLET 7
  8. 8. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA CAMPAIGN STRATEGY Fight household owners and consumers using their own weapons. Not only Romanians like to comment on other people‟ problems, but also enj oy making fun of their own, when they find them hard to bear. In a nice and comic manner, we decided to engage householders in actually seeing the big picture. We invent a family, called the “Escu“ family, representing the typical Romanian family living in Bucharest. They will be j ust as our consumers: indolent and little receptive. We create them a funny image using comics. People will laugh at them and enj oy themselves, till the point when they realize they laugh of themselves, because they are j ust like the “Escu” family. We entertain people, but pointing out the less funny part: the energy loss problem. We use normal people and talk about their everyday habits and life- style. We start by reflecting the nature of these characters, indifferent and careless to the abusive consumption of electricity and water. In the meantime, we help them take responsibilities and waste less. At the end of our six months campaign, we wish to make a model out of the “Escu” characters. The Escu family, finally role model for the Romanian householders should be able to generate the Escu-mania. naturally empowered by OUTLET 8
  9. 9. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA We use humor to illustrate this strategy, as “there is more logic to humor than in anything else. Humor is truth”. As mentioned before, “Humor is a rubber sword- that allows you to make a point without drawing blood”. CAMPAIGN NAME: Romanian expression “Pe gaura cheii” = indiscreet look through the door lock CONCEPT: Rade ciob de oala sparta - = mock or laugh at someone, but you are j ust the same naturally empowered by OUTLET 9
  10. 10. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA Making j okes and mocking one another is an important Romanian particularity. People are finger pointing and make fun of others and actually don‟t see themselves. That‟s why we are finger- pointing to them now. SLOGAN: Cine rade ala e! = when you laugh of someone else, you don‟t laugh of anybody but yourself. ” Or “ if you make fun of someone else, you are the one who should be made fun of. CAMPAIGN EXECUTIONS The Escu* family is a black- and- white cartoon family. We sneak into their lives and point out their weaknesses in terms of electricity and water consumption. Later on, we educate them to care more. Our Escu family will evolve from CONS to PROS, from the ignorant family to the eco responsible and respectable one during the six-months campaign. The black and white option stands for efficient consumption. We decided this is the most appropriate name for our family, as in Romanian the escu” ending in family names is very common. The family names are traditional names, yet memorable. Ion ( the father) , Geta ( the mother) , Deea ( the daughter) , Mis hu ( the son) , Gherghina ( the grandmother) , Costel ( the grandfather) make for the Escu family. They have a dog, called Piki. The Escu family will be promoted as the Romanian version of the Bundy / Simpson’ s family. naturally empowered by OUTLET 10
  11. 11. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA Comic Example ( due to little know- how on graphic design or illustration programs, we have executed one comic only) : 1. 2. 3. naturally empowered by OUTLET 11
  12. 12. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA MECHANICS: Direct Marketing - Daily comics to a certain number of householders in different blocks of flats in every neighbourhood of the 6 districts; also, they will received from supermarkets such as Carrefour, Gima, Billa at the counter or from a special place of distribution as the free newspapers are given and of course, in subway stations - Door mats with the picture of the Escu family, with the site’ s address on, which people can take at promotions in Ikea of Carrefour - Happy Meal toys with sun- charged batteries, puzzles representing the Escu family portrait and different comics sold with each Mc Donald‟s Happy Meal naturally empowered by OUTLET 12
  13. 13. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - The eco page of Escu family in the IKEA catalogues, in which they recommend different things like economic light bulbs - Explanatory leaflets that people receive when buying a certain household item with suggestions from our family on how to consume less Strategic partnerships - IKEA: it embodies Romanians‟’ European standard dreamhouse, especially when it comes to consumption efficiency. Therefore we chose Ikea to be our campaign partner. Depending on the empathy they stir in the public and as soon as the time is right, the Escu‟s will appear weekly at ikea offering the clients a unique show - Altex and Media Galaxy: these stores always have household items on sales and they easily adopt promotion strategies. Furthermore, they are top- of- mind for consumers when it comes to electronic devices - The Sims ( PC game) : make a section in which the gamer could live in the comic Escu family style, in a block of flats, survive all the problems which occur, have economic options and, at the end of a mounth ( every 3 levels) , receive a bill. Sound and graphic signals will be used if the bill is large enough to create budget problems - EcoMagazin. ro, EcoAssist. ro, Copaculdehartie. ro, Responsabilitatesociala. ro and some other Eco blogs that may change their web design into black and white during the campaign ( to illustrate the reduced level of energy consumption) - ING Bank Romania: create a card on the same system with the Personal Needs Card, which will have an option of eco- needs, such as the need of a new washing machine which consumes less, an economical refrigerator and so on naturally empowered by OUTLET 13
  14. 14. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - Romanian National Bank: try to make a special card named “ClimatEscu”. The card will contain all the household bills ( electricity, water and natural gas) and be used to pay all of them in one place, an ATM localized in every hypermarket. This card will evaluate all the consumption people made and have a certain limit to it. There will be some discounts included in stores such as Carrefour, IKEA, Billa and Gima if people haven’t over passed the consumption limit. The idea on which is based the card concept is to give facilities in order to encourage not to cons ume much - Romstal: develop a design contest ( published on the blog) addressed to the Art School Students, with the premise of helping the Escu family become an Eco well- tuned family. Students will have to come up with creative ideas of new shapes, colors , textures and ways of saving for the household details such as switchers, energy consumption control panels and even for electronic devices. The most interesting idea will be implemented on a large scale and sold as the new hot stuff for the families in eco trend, while the winning team will receive economical sensor devices for their homes Digital Marketing - Comics blog. The campaign will have a special created blog ( in the same manner as www. toonlet. com) where people will be able to create their own comic, using our Escu characters. The best comic will be printed and delivered the next day. This blog will have as a purpose to show people that thinking economically doesn‟t refer necessary to money, but it‟s trendy and cool to act responsible, especially when it comes to nature and the threatening climate change - www. climatescu. blogspot. com – a blog about the Escu family, about each member of the family, their stories, life- styles, hobbies and evolution. How are they, what they read and watch. People can comment on the blog and observe the family‟s experiences. naturally empowered by OUTLET 14
  15. 15. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA The blog will sustain basically the whole campaign, illustrate the concept, the evolution of our family, its changing attitude and all the stories in the comics. www. climatescu. blogspot. com will show all the strategic partnerships we make, giving direct links to each one of them and connect to other eco friendly blogs which will appear in the blogroll. It will announce and sustain all the design contests and events on the climate change issue. The blog will be promoted using stickers, badges and flyers and it will also be mentioned on other blogs and online platforms such as hi5 , facebook, MySpace profiles of each young member of the Escu family. Householders will receive an eco- newsletter from our family, giving the link to the blog where they will get all the information about the campaign and its events, the comics and the evolution of our family - Facebook, MySpace and hi5 accounts. As it is a very trendy subj ect, Deea and Mishu ( the Escu daughter and her brother) will have an account on Facebook, MySpace and hi5. These accounts will be updated daily and will be interactive : people can get in touch with them and j oin their eco- friends list - YouTube account. Mishu will have also an account on YouTube where he will upload short films with the Escu family, filmed using his mobile phone, while they aren‟t looking Social Marketing - Flashmobs. Live performances at subway stations. People wearing a T- shirt with the stand- by button on it will literally “stand by’ ( stand near) the people who wait for the train and follow them, doing nothing, j ust to demonstrate people how annoying and senseless is the “stand by“ mode. On the back of the T- shirt, there will be displayed the following message: “Don’t j ust stand by”. naturally empowered by OUTLET 15
  16. 16. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - Weekly stand- up comedy shows with the Escu‟s best week comic for the subway travelers - Mimes representing different characters from the comic will dissipate through the crowd. The mimes will be wearing only black and white clothes and make- up, j ust like in the comic Event Marketing - Eco Escu Home at the Ikea store – the well- known 24 square meters house will be transformed in the Eco Escu Home. Our characters will live their life there every Sunday for about 12 weeks and meet their fans along with the high use of energy problems and sollutions. Their turning into an eco friendly family will happen under the householders‟ eyes - The Consumism Monument in a central place in Bucharest with the presence of the Escu family. It will look like a huge empty basin where people will be invited to throw their burned light bulbs - Musical event where musicians who will use switchers, economic light bulbs, water to make their music, instead of the traditional instruments - Eco- art - - Bridge construction over Dambovita river in Bucharest. It will be made out of recycled elements only: light bulbs, taps, etc. A hydrocycle made out of recycled elements will also float on the river. This way, artists will have all the freedom to create together a piece of art with an eco message - Media Galaxy and Altex in- stores events. Each household item which consumes less energy will have a signal of recommendation from the Escu family - Design contest in collaboration with Romstal and Art School Students ( mentioned at Strategic Partnerships) naturally empowered by OUTLET 16
  17. 17. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA Unconventional media - Stencils and charachers stickers targeted to young people - A comic rolled over a building which you could easily read on your daily routine ways ( we propose the following buildings whi ch are very representative for Bucharest : Unirea Shopping Center, Intercontinental Hotel, BCR Bank, The University) - Comics in subway stations. There will be 3 scenes placed in each of the stations in one direction, so that people would read one part of the story in one station and the others at the next stations - Food menus at Escu’s restaurant ( which, by coincidence or not, really exists in Bucharest http: //www. laescu. ro/) will contain a special page with food made with little energy consumption, recommended by our funny family CAMPAIGN EVALUATION - Media coverage - Online and offline press monitoring: - how many articles and news on our campaign, what kind of newspapers, magazines or websites have talked about it and how - Bloggers feedback: bloggers are asked to give their feedback online and each 500 hundred- word post talking about the campaign wins a t- shirt with Escu family or a particular character naturally empowered by OUTLET 17
  18. 18. July, TEAM: OUTLET 2008 ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL FOR CREATIVE THINKING / BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - Black and white urns: - placed at the ground floor in different blocks of flats in each of the 6 districts, where householders are invited to deposit papers with their feedback and opinions about the campaign - Invite people on a platform with newly poured concrete to leave their fingerprints: we put an invitation on the mail boxes and ask them to come to make a statement. They have to bring their ID in order to enter, so that we know where they live. The number of fingerprints will represent the number of people who got the campaign message right. Who want to do something about it. Give a hand. Otherwise they would not bother to come to this place, rather far from the center of the city - Monitor the participation of the people in each event - Evaluate the effects of each event we implemented: - how many burned light bulbs have people gathered at the Consumism Monument in central Bucharest - Check the memorability rate: after 6 months since the campaign – online quizzes with 10- to 20 questions ( like „What did happen to the mother in the first comic?‟; „What was the name of the grandmother? ‟; „How did the Deea react when their parents refuse to let her on the trip‟ and so on) with different prizes such as dinner at the Escu Restaurant - The Eco- consumption card from ING Bank and the fancy series of consumption control panels will be also used in measuring the efficiency of the campaign naturally empowered by OUTLET 18