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  • 1. Halloween(according to a Kiwi)
  • 2. What is ´Halloween´?It is a holidaycelebrated bychildren andadults all aroundthe world on thenight of October31st.
  • 3. Where did it come from?It originated from theSamhain Festival ofthe Ancient Celts inIreland approx. 2000years ago. It is alsocalled ´Summer´sEnd´ because it was acelebration of the endof summer and theharvest season.
  • 4. Saman: Lord of DeathThe Ancient Celts alsobelieved that on thenight of October 31st theborder between the deadand the living worldsdisappeared and thatSaman, Lord of Death,would give the spiritsafterlife if theyrepossessed a body.
  • 5. Bones and masksPeople used to burnbones on bonfires asa way of bribingSaman (nowadays weroast marshmallowson bonfires instead)and they would wearmasks and costumesto mimic evil spirits.
  • 6. Halloween in NZHalloween has notalways been a popularcelebration. It ismostly for kids butanyone can join in! Ithas no religious ornational significancein NZ, it is moreAmerican. For Kiwisit is about having funand being together!
  • 7. Trick or Treat?! What does it mean NOW?The children whosay ´Trick orTreat?!´ want youto give themtreats, but if youdon´t, they mightplay a trick onyou or yourhouse!
  • 8. Kiwi kids love to celebrateHalloween is more Halloween!popular in NZnowadays. Childrenlove to dress up asghosts, witches,vampires, pirates,werewolves andfairies and go ´trickor treating´ and visit´haunted houses´together.
  • 9. Teenagers and adults can celebrate too!Teenagers and adultsdon´t go ´trick ortreating´ but they liketo dress up and go toparties with theirfriends.
  • 10. Bonfires and roasted marshmallowsWe don´t carvepumpkins orburn bones, butwe do like toroastmarshmallowson bonfires!
  • 11. Haunted HousesSome peoplelike todecorate theirhouses likehauntedhouses andthey inviteneighboursand children tocome for afright!
  • 12. School GalasSome primary schools inNZ celebrate Halloweenby holding a School Gala.The children decorate aclassroom like a hauntedhouse for everyone tovisit. There are stalls,face-painting, candyflossand toffee apples. Eventhe teachers dress up! Allfun and games!
  • 13. By the New Zealander/Kiwi Natalie Kemp Cultural Language Assistant at I.E.S. La Rosaleda, 2011-2012