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  1. 1. Communication With Customers Allergen Control Information Moira Howie Nutrition Manager
  2. 2. Guiding customers through the changes
  3. 3. Allergens and the ingredient list • FIC requires the allergenic ingredients to be clearly highlighted in the ingredients list • Many ways to do this [bold, italics, colour]. • UK retailers have agreed on bold wheat flour becomes wheat flour semi-skimmed milk becomes semi-skimmed milk butter becomes butter (milk)
  4. 4. The allergen box • No longer able to repeat allergens in a summary box on the back of pack
  5. 5. A Fresh New Look
  6. 6. Brands may do things differently May contain statements not included in the regulation – YET! Barley malt extract has an exemption
  7. 7. Helping Our Customers • We can’t put allergen specialists in every store • But we can support customers to choose products for their dietary needs • And we can be clear on communication
  8. 8. Pointing Customers In the Right Direction with Shelf Edge Tickets
  9. 9. Dedicated Ranges – Free From • Manufactured in a factory where there are no gluten containing ingredients – checked before dispatch
  10. 10. • We offer a number of dietary lists free from particular allergens. These include: – Suitable for those avoiding…. • Gluten • Nuts • Milk • Soya – Low salt – Suitable for diabetics – Suitable for vegetarians/vegans Helping people to shop
  11. 11. •Popular lists available to download •Print at home prior to shopping
  12. 12. Product Information and Filters Customers with special diets can use filters to make sure that they are only shown foods that are suitable for them Select here
  13. 13. Product Information Allergen and nutrition information for our Own Label Foods is available on FIR affects information online as well as on pack
  14. 14. Check That Label – Recipes Do Change
  15. 15. Challenges
  16. 16. Withdrawal & Recalls Withdrawal • Internal communication • Take products off sale Recall • External communication • Take products off sale • Notify FSA • Alert 3rd Parties • Inform ‘known’ individuals • Recall notice in branch • Recall notice in press
  17. 17. The Important Stuff! • Where will this information appear • Clear product title - a picture is helpful • Relevant Date codes • Which customers might be affected • What you are asking customers to do • Contact number • Own label vs. Brand
  18. 18. Helping Our Customers • We can’t put allergen specialists in every store • But we must be clear on communication
  19. 19. Branch Shelf Edge Tickets
  20. 20. Branded Recall Same process BUT Lindt customer service number
  21. 21. Communication Channels
  22. 22. Our Business Grows • Cafes and Hospitality • Counters • On line • Waitrose Deliver
  23. 23. Resources • FSA Allergy pages online and a new customer leaflet • Specific information on allergens • Trusted by customer • Relevant and up to date • Can help with awareness & training • Anaphylaxis Campaign • Other self help organisations • Coeliac UK
  24. 24. Thank you
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