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Lr professionals conference liverpool april 2014
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Lr professionals conference liverpool april 2014


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Published in: Healthcare, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Campaign Update: Professional Conference Liverpool April 2014 Lynne Regent CEO, Anaphylaxis Campaign
  • 2. Anaphylaxis Campaign: We are... The only UK wide charity solely for those at risk from severe allergic reactions. A membership service for individuals, healthcare professionals, corporates An information and support provider - helpline, and social media A patient advocate An educator A campaigner
  • 3. Meet the team!
  • 4. • Reaching out to young people • Broadening our work with clinicians • Adding to our AllergyWise training programmes • Influencing implementation of the new European Food Regulations • Development of online channels & communications • Increased campaigning • Supporting research 10 Our Strategy for 2014
  • 5. • 2012 Survey of 500 15 – 25 year olds - Results published - Presentations to BSACI & EAACI • Addressing the key issues - carrying and using auto injectors - lack of specialist support - food issues e.g. eating out, take- aways, labelling • Development and implementation of projects to address each issue Reaching out to young people
  • 6. • Clinical and Scientific Panel- New Chair andVice Chair • Developing Professional membership - now over 500 members • Facilitating research projects at Manchester, Southampton, Birmingham, Brighton ,Surrey & more • Work with iFAAM • Our own small grants project Working with Clinicians
  • 7. WorkingWith Clinicians • Linking withAllergy Clinics –regular contact • Expert support group programme with ImperialCollege- 10 leaders across the UK • Initiative to reach out to Ethnic Groups with Professor JohnWarner & team • Work with EAACI/BSACI/BSI • Fatality & incidence recording
  • 8. • Course for Healthcare Professionals updated and reaccredited • Course for GPs and Practice nurses launched and being taken up across the country • Course for families and individuals being updated • Course developed for Pharmacists with Boots now proposal to spread it to all pharmacists AllergyWiseTraining Programmes
  • 9. • Work on the new European food regulations (FIR) before implementation in 2014 Initiatives with the Food Industry • Work on thresholds /reference doses and patient understanding • Survey on precautionary ‘may contain’ labelling • Consumer/patient voice- addressing current issues • e.g Alpro/Tesco
  • 10. • Continued development of website responsive to hits and user demands - over regularly sees 15 – 20,000 visits a month and growing • New online initiatives and experiments - Internal:Tried &Trusted, Outlook now available as an online ‘flip book’ - External: Google Ad words, expanding social media • Growing social network communities - Almost 2,500Twitter followers - 3000 Facebook ‘likes’ - Growing presence on Linkedin, including our company page and company group, AllergySavvy: May Contain Facts (please feel free to join!) • Increased online presence has lead to more features in publications, requests for interviews and expertise and more awareness Anaphylaxis Campaign Online
  • 11. • New YouTube Channel launched in May 2013: • Content including: - Clinical explanation of anaphylaxis with Professor John Warner - Emergency care video demonstrating ABCDE procedure - Interviews with members – families, young people and those diagnosed later in life - Information films on the Anaphylaxis Campaign and how to support us • Over 4500 total views of our content and increasing Anaphylaxis Campaign on YouTube
  • 12. Campaigns in 2014 • Valentine’s Day 2014 Awareness Campaign – brilliant engagement on social media including over 200 ‘shares’ • Latex Allergy Awareness – numerous pieces of regional & online press coverage as well as features in Marie Claire magazine and the Daily Mail’s health section • Childrens and Families Bill involvement • Prescription charges coalition • Postcard Campaign with the NASG
  • 13. Campaigns • Young People & adrenaline carrying rates • Availability of adrenaline injectors • Generic adrenaline injectors in Schools • Working with caterers on the new food regulations
  • 14. Our 20th Anniversary 2014 • We are celebrating the work of the Campaign over the last 20 years • Watch out for special events and initiatives • A big thank you to everyone who has enabled the Anaphylaxis Campaign to make achievements – both past and present
  • 15. • Help us to reach the newly diagnosed & raise awareness of our existence with all your patients • Renew your membership and encourage others to join us • Fundraise or undertake a challenge for us • Buy your Christmas cards from us • Donate using payroll giving • Spread the word! 17 What can you do?
  • 16. Thank you for your on-going support! Any questions? Lynne Regent Anaphylaxis Campaign CEO 01252 546100