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  1. 1. ationalogramme Intern tion Pr Londo n 2012 EducaLondon 2012 Olympic GamesBringing the world together through sportLondon is getting ready for the world’s greatest festivals of sport: theOlympic and Paralympic Games. The Olympic Games will begin on27 July 2012. Athletes from about 205 countries will compete in26 Olympic sports. Ever since Baron Pierre de Coubertin began the Olympic Movement in1894, the Summer Games have moved to a different Host City everyfour years and taken place in venues all over the world. In 2012 it isLondon and the UK’s turn!
  2. 2. The vision to inspire the youth of the worldOn 6 July 2005, the London 2012 bidding team travelled to Singapore to make its finalpresentation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The group included 30 young peoplefrom east London.Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the London 2012 bid, presented London 2012’s vision. The idea thatthe London 2012 Games would inspire the young people of the world to choose sport was centralto our vision.‘To make an Olympic champion takes millions ofyoung people around the world to be inspiredto choose Olympic sport. So London’s vision isto reach young people all around the world. Toconnect them with the inspirational power of theGames. So they are inspired to choose sport.’ Sebastian Coe, 6 July 2005At 12.46pm, President of the IOC JacquesRogge stood in front of the IOC GeneralAssembly in Singapore and announced: ‘TheGames of the thirtieth Olympiad in 2012 are awarded to the city of…London.’London 2012’s ambition is to create a Games for all, where everyone is invited to share and enjoythe experience.The world will come together through sport and culture to celebrate like never before!
  3. 3. Preparing for the London 2012 Olympic Games There was a huge amount to do in seven years vity idea so The London Organising Committee of the Acti Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) Time to prepare were set up. Why do you think the IOC made their The ODA is responsible for planning and decision seven years before the 2012 building the Olympic Park, looking after both Games? What did London have to do the permanent and temporary venues and to prepare for the Games? What sort of developing the transport system. events in your country need a lot of preparation? LOCOG is responsible for staging a Games we will never forget. Organising such an important event is a big challenge!– 6 Olympic sports 2– 19 days of competition– 10,500 athletes– 205 competing teams– 302 Vctory CeremoniesFor more information about the sportsand venues of the Games, see theLondon 2012 International EducationProgramme ‘Sports and venues ofthe London 2012 Olympic Games’resource.To achieve this, LOCOGneeds to employ almost200,000 people:– ,000 paid staff 6– p to 70,000 volunteers U– round 100,000 A contractor rolesAs well as staging the Gamesthemselves, LOCOG is alsoresponsible for the:– pening and Closing O Ceremonies of the Olympic Games– lympic Torch Relay O– ducation programme E– ondon 2012 mascots L– ondon 2012 Festival – L the finale to the Cultural Olympiad
  4. 4. These are the logos for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. What do you think the logos were designed to represent? For the first time, the Olympic and Paralympic logo are part of the same family. e a A ctivity id Emblems Draw a timeline of the Olympic Games using only the emblem of each Games. You can find previous logos on the IOC website (www.olympic.org/olympic- games). What do you think of each design? Which one is your favourite? Do you have a school emblem? WhatThe logo was designed to be simple, distinct, does it represent? Can you design a newbold and buzzing with energy. It spells 2012. emblem for your school?There are a few different versions of theOlympic logo available.
  5. 5. a Ac tivity ide The Olympic Torch Relay Torchbearer For most of us, the build up to the Games The chance to be an Olympic Torchbearer really begins with the Olympic Torch Relay. at the Games comes once in a lifetime. The Olympic Flame will be brought from Imagine that a city in your country was Olympia in Greece (the home of the ancient hosting the Games. Who do you think Olympic Games) to the UK. It will then travel would be a great Torchbearer from your across the UK, ending its great journey in the community? You might want to think Olympic Stadium and the London 2012 Games about the Olympic Values of excellence, will begin! friendship and respect. Does this person have to be popular or could they be One person will be chosen to be the final someone you personally admire? Who Torchbearer who takes the Torch into the do you know that demonstrates the Olympic Stadium. This Torchbearer will make Olympic Values? Show the rest of your one lap around the Stadium and then light the class what you think by making posters, Olympic Cauldron. running presentations or writing stories on your chosen Torchbearer.This moment is the highlight of the OpeningCeremony and everyone watches with greatexcitement. Being the final Torchbearer – or anyTorchbearer – is a very important job and agreat honour.The Olympic Cauldron will stay lit until theClosing Ceremony.
  6. 6. aAc tivity ideCelebrating the arrival ofthe FlameImagine the Olympic Flame was goingto travel through your community. Plana mock celebration for the arrival of theOlympic Flame at your school. Whatthings will you need to consider? Will youhave music? Will the celebration have atheme? The Torch designed for the London 2012 Olympic Games celebrates the tradition of the Olympic Torch Relay and the Olympic Games. At 800 millimetres high and weighing just 800 grams, the Torch is one of the most lightweight in the history of the Olympic Movement. Its gold-coloured form features 8,000 small cut- out circles, representing the 8,000 Torchbearers and their stories of personal achievement. The number three is significant in these Games. It has inspired London 2012’s triangular Torch design. We see the number three everywhere: – three Olympic Values of excellence, the friendship and respect; – fact that the UK has hosted the Olympic the Games three times; and – vision for the London 2012 Olympic the Games to combine three strands of work – sport, education and culture. The Flame will begin its journey on 18 May 2012 and will be carried by 8,000 Torchbearers until it reaches its final destination.
  7. 7. a Celebrating the tivity ide This document and the official Emblems of the London 2012 Games are © London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Ltd (LOCOG) 2007-2011. All rights reserved. LOC2011/IEP/1812Ac London 2012 GamesFollow your teams Not everyone will be in London during theDoes your nation have a team competing Games, but the whole world will feel connected.in London 2012? Do you know who your Each team that competes in the Games will haveteam’s athletes are? Find out statistics about a fan base in their home country and fans inthem such as: London and the UK.– Whether any of your team’s athletes won medals There will be many celebrations in London– Which sport your team is best at; or before, during and after the Games. But they– Whether any of your team’s athletes won’t just be partying in London. People all over have broken a world record. the world will be celebrating the London 2012 Games.The more information you find out aboutyour teams, the more exciting it will make Key celebration dates include:the London 2012 Olympic Games! – 00 days to go to the Olympic Games: 3 1 October 2011 aAc tivity ide – 00 days to go to the Olympic Games: 2 9 January 2012Party time! – 00 days to go to the Olympic Games: 1There are many great reasons to start 18 April 2012celebrating the Games where you live. Howwill you watch the Games? What plans can – tart of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay: Syou make in your community or school to 18 May 2012celebrate? – nternational Olympic Day: I 23 June 2012Set up fun events that can get other peoplein your area excited for the Games. Why – ondon 2012 Olympic Games: Lnot countdown to the Games by organising 27 July 2012 – 12 August 2012an activity on one of the following days!